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September 17, 2014

  • Genworth:
    • How to be confident in your Index UL illustrated rate
    • Index UL 101 LIVE webinar series Designed for busy financial professionals, these short yet packed-with-information sessions will give you an introduction to Index UL, tips to starting the conversation and closing the sale, the confidence and know-how to serve your clientele and insightful sales tips to improve your sales volume immediately.  Conducted the same day and time every week, these live and interactive webinars are just what you need to gain a competitive edge. By investing less than an hour a week, you’ll have access to this sharply focused sales education series along with several bonus sales tools.  Register here!
      • September 18th – 2:00 PM ET – Introduction to Index UL: A Protection, Accumulation and Retirement Solution.
      • September 25th – 2:00 PM ET – The Mechanics of Index Universal Life Insurance: A Closer Look Inside an Index UL Policy
      • October 2nd – 2:00 PM ET – Retirement Income Strategies: Starting the Conversation and Addressing Objections to Help Close the Sale
      • October 9th – 2:00 PM ET – Beyond the Death Benefit: Building Cash Value with Index UL Insurance
      • October 16th – 2:00 PM ET – Index UL Insurance Advanced Sales Concepts: Beyond the Death Benefit
  • John Hancock:
    • LTC Captivate Training Webinars Learn more about the advantages of using John Hancock’s LTC Captivate online application system.c
  • MetLife:
    • Life Insurance Live Tune in to this complimentary webcast to hear about key sales ideas that will help grow your business.
  • North American:
    • Longevity Planning As life expectancy increases, your clients might face “longevity risk,” or the potential for assets to run out during retirement. In addition to providing death benefit protection, permanent life insurance can help your clients manage that risk. Attend this webinar to learn more!
    • A Place to Call Home Looking for a carrier that can offer a broad portfolio to meet your diverse list of client needs, competitive compensation for you, and the support and training to help you succeed? Then North American is the place to call home for your business. Attend this webinar to learn more.
  • AIG:
    • Throughout September, AIG will highlight a variety of tools available for use with clients Check out their customized web page consolidating several AIG and “Life Happens” life insurance tools.
  • Genworth:
    • Help your clients close the gap Index Universal Life insurance helps offer the flexibility to close the gaps in your clients’ insurance – to meet protection needs, help build supplemental retirement income and protect these savings from a long term care event.  Learn more about these and other important life insurance features at Genworth.com.   Check out the consumer website. Or, go to The Index Institute for handy tools and materials you can use to help your clients mind the gap.
  • Legal & General America:
    • LIAM microsite now available LGA is helping you kick off this important time in the life insurance industry with a microsite you can share with your brokers. It’s filled with tools (like a consumer-approved video) and marketing materials (like Facts of Life infographic, web ads and more)!
  • Lincoln National:
    • Make sure your clients are protected 36% of retirees reported that taxes were a larger expense than they had anticipated.  Help clients protect their wealth with life insurance.  Changes in the tax laws have taken a toll on your clients’ portfolios and have eroded their retirement income.  With proper planning, life insurance protects wealth from taxes by providing an income tax-free – and potentially estate tax-free – death benefit.
    • Help protect your clients’ wealth In recognition of Life Insurance Awareness Month, Lincoln has developed a new resource for you to show your clients.  It’s only available this September, so check it out today!
  • MetLife:
    • Tools & Resources The work that you do every day is meaningful.  You help clients understand the importance of life insurance and you’ve undoubtedly helped many clients and their families protect what matters most.  MetLife has a number of tools and resources available for you to leverage when engaging clients during LIAM and beyond.  They can be found on metlife.com/moretolife; a website designed exclusively for sharing all of the life insurance-related activities available to support the important relationships you have with clients.
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
    • Take a Moment to Celebrate Mutual of Omaha encourages you to take a moment to celebrate what you do.  You help protect clients’ loved ones should the unthinkable happen.  It’s an important job and you should be proud of what you do.  They also encourage you to use the new Concept Marketing Portfolio to talk with clients and prospects about their specific life insurance needs. This guide provides you with an overview of the concepts, how they work, how they can benefit clients and what materials are available for each concept.
  • North American:
    • Want a ready-made marketing campaign? In today’s turbulent economy, consumers can no longer afford to put off protecting their financial futures. Every September, Life Insurance Awareness Month reminds us all how life insurance can provide financial stability for loved ones-even through the shakiest of economic times. LifeHappens.org is full of free, downloadable resources.
  • Protective Life:
    • LIAM resources Check out Protective’s website for Life Insurance Awareness Month.  They also have a poster you can order – Life Insurance – Perception versus Reality.
    • Win an autographed football from Boomer! Protective Life has teamed up with Life Happens, the non-profit organization coordinating this awareness program, to help you share the importance of life insurance protection with your clients and community.  Register for access to free LIAM resources between now and September 30th and you will be entered to win an autographed football from this year’s LIAM celebrity spokesperson, Boomer Esiason.  Make sure you choose Protective Life when asked to select your company or association. Only registrations associated with Protective Life will be entered in the drawing.
  • Transamerica:
    • Transamerica Gets (Even More) Social for Life Insurance Awareness Month  September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and Transamerica is taking the opportunity to highlight life insurance in their blogs.  The Transamerica blog debunks eight life insurance myths, while Michael Babikian talks about the important role life insurance can play in the lives of families.
  • Before annual meeting, NAIFA’s McNeely takes 11 questions The interview explored NAIFA’s goals and challenges and McNeely’s vision for the association as she takes the helm.
  • Life Happens “Fund a Dream, Live the Dream contest Win a trip to NYC to meet Boomer and go behind the scenes with him.  The “Fund a Dream, Live the Dream” contest is now underway. When you donate to the Life Lessons Scholarship Program, you help students who are struggling to realize their dream of an education, due to a parent dying with little or no life insurance. Plus, when you give $25 or more, you’re automatically entered to win some great prizes. Check it all out here: www.lifehappens.org/dreams.
  • Real Life Stories Client Service Recognition Programnow accepting applications Now in its 20th year, Life Happens is are currently accepting online applications for the Real Life Stories Client Service Recognition Program. It’s a great way for you to give back to the industry and help educate consumers across the country by telling the story of how you helped a client with life, disability or long-term care insurance.  Your story will be told in video and flyer, which will live on for years to come. Plus you and your client will win a trip to New Orleans to appear at next year’s NAIFA annual meeting.  Info and the application can be found here: www.lifehappens.org/reallife.
  • AIG:
    • Symbols of strength On September 1st, Peter D. Hancock assumed the role as AIG president and CEO. Hancock spent his first days in this new role in Asia where employees presented him with a bamboo bike, a symbol of strength and community, and samurai helmet for leadership.
  • Voya Financial:
    • Ads on CBS & ESPN during NFL Football Throughout the fall, Voya ads will be seen on ESPN Monday Night Football and Sunday and Thursday night NFL games on CBS.   As part of our NFL package, Voya sponsored a new “Planning for the Future” segment during the pre-game show of CBS Thursday Night Football on Sept. 11th.  This feature focused on Dick LeBeau, Defensive Coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, as he prepares for retirement after a 55-year NFL career as a player and coach.  Voya ads will continued to run during both the pre-game show and the Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens game.  Voya TV spots also appeared on CBS and ESPN coverage of the U.S. Open.  And more advertising will also appear on CBS This Morning, CNBC and Late Night including the Late Show with David Letterman, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Late Night with Seth Meyers.   And Voya sponsored David Letterman’s nightly ‘Top 10’ list!  Check out the consumer ads here!
  • AIG:
    • Are your clients concerned about taxes in retirement? For your clients owning IRAs who want to protect loved ones and maximize wealth transfer, there are innovative uses of life insurance to minimize IRA inheritance tax burdens on beneficiaries.  Learn how to leverage two different strategies to maximize the after-tax value of clients’ IRAs or even eliminate taxes paid on the IRA inheritance.
    • Would that beneficiary designation hold up in court? The latest OnTopic bulletin, from AIG Advanced Markets, discusses a recent court case that may make you think twice about beneficiary designations.
    • AG Asset Protector now available with Quick Ticket Access to living benefits just got easier! Get paid faster using AG Quick Ticket to submit your cases today.
  • Genworth Financial:
    • Foundation Builder Index UL & Overloan Protection Riderenhancements These enhancements have made Index UL products more competitive and flexible.
    • Help your clients have productive conversations about retirement New “Let’s Talk” materials available!
  • North American:
    • Get paid faster! Submit life cases in good order Write it right! Avoid the top ten Not In Good Order (NIGO) errors.  72% of North American’s Universal Life applications are not in good order when they arrive. This can result in six extra days of turnaround time on your cases, and may directly affect your pay as well as your placement ratio.  You’ve made the sale.  Avoid delay by evading these pitfalls!
    • Stay Top-of-Mindsales tip Getting in front of clients is one thing. Try these four tips to stay fresh in their minds.
    • The Most Effective Answer to “What Do You Do?” sales tip Respond with a question to turn a new acquaintance into a potential prospect.
    • College Funding video Share this video with clients to show them how life insurance can help pay for college.
  • Prudential:
    • Open your door to a newly enhanced PruLife Custom Premier II Prudentials newly enhanced Customer Premier II can give clients more of what they need and want. Clients can now have permanent life insurance with meaningful no-lapse guarantees, over 60 underlying investment options, improved cash value growth potential, and the comfort of a new chronic/terminal illness rider.
    • Gear up for 4th quarter with Term Conversions Fourth quarter is fast approaching and now is a good time for you to revisit the Term Conversion process for term products.  Review this highlighter prior to submitting paperwork to help ensure a smooth conversion process.
    • Buy/Sell Arrangement Using A Cross Purchase StrategyAdvanced Marketing Concept Sarah and Susan own a business together and want to protect their beneficiaries and the business in case one of them were to die unexpectedly.  The PruLife UL Protector can offer a solution to help them achieve their goal of transferring the value of their interest in the business to beneficiaries, while allowing the surviving partner to retain 100% ownership and control.
  • Transamerica:
    • New HIPAA BAA form required by September 23rd to continue selling TransACE w/LTC RiderIMPORTANT There are a significant number of producers who haven’t yet submitted the updated Amendment
      to all Agreements Contracts HIPAA BAA form. This form has new Omnibus language and is required for producers who sell or plan to sell TransACE with the LTC Rider.  As of September 23rd, producers who haven’t completed and sent in the new amendment will no longer be able to submit HIPAA-covered business.  Producers have been sent reminder letters throughout 2014. The form can be filled out online in less than two minutes.  As a secondary option, the form can be downloaded, signed and emailed to ascl@transamerica.com or faxed to (888) 837-2820 (allow 5-7 days for processing).  For additional information on TransACE with the LTC Rider, please see the Product Guide or updated Guide to Doing Business.
No new bulletins to this week.
  • AIG:
    • American Pathway DIA is becoming QLAC friendly AIG’s American Pathway Deferred Income Annuity (DIA) will soon be made available as a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) for your clients in connection with recent final Internal Revenue Service regulations.  AIG has been preparing all along!  Their DIA was thoughtfully designed to accommodate the new IRS regulations.  That’s why, in the very near future, they’ll offer it as a QLAC, which allows qualified income streams to commence at an advanced age, such as age 80 or 85. This will enable clients to postpone taking a portion of their required minimum distribution (RMD).  AIG systems and processes are being updated and they’re preparing introduction materials for you.
  • American National:
    • ASIA PLUS Lifetime Income Rider sales idea ASIA PLUS LIR with 4% Fixed Rate + Index Credit – The 4% fixed rate compounds interest for ten years. – Any interest earnings based on the performance of the index continue to be credited to the LIR Income base. If you have a client looking to retire after the 10 year accumulation period has ended, this could be a great tool to allow them to continue to earn interest based on the performance of an index.
    • Palladium Single Premium Immediate Annuity – 7.70% Cash Flow Palladium Immediate Annuity with Cash Refund Option:
      • Great for conservative clients looking for security
      • Guarantees income that the client cannot outlive
      • Guarantees repayment of remaining principal upon death
      • Access option (partial/full surrenders after 3 contract years)
  • Athene:
    • Going our way? The push for greatness doesn’t have to be an individual pursuit. Now you’ve got an entire company behind you.  Atene is relentless when it comes to creating an innovative portfolio of fixed annuities that help you perform at a higher level.  Get information on Athene and their products at www.Athene.com.
    • The “current” Athene Benefit 10 discontinued in 33 states You only have a couple of days left to submit “current” Athene Benefit 10 applications.  View the transition guidelines.
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
    • How to start the Disability conversation with prospects This flyer has all the information you need to start the conversation with your DI prospects.
  • AIG:
    • Win $1,000 gift card or iPad  (8/1/2014 – 10/31/2014) Now is a great time to explore how accident and health (A&H) products can strengthen  clients’ financial resources while creating new income streams for your business. View the contest rules and a 15-minute training session are available on the contest website.
    • AIG Better Ride Contest  (8/1/2014 – 1/31/2015) Now is your chance to rev it up, get in gear, and gain some traction!  Producers will receive points based upon the sale of our permanent products, and additional points for selling AG Asset Protector on Secure Lifetime  (AAS Rider & LIS Rider), and the AAS Rider on Elite Index II. For every 5 points a producer earns they will get a raffle ticket towards the drawing of a 2 year lease on a BMW 528i.  Get complete details.
  • American National:
    • 2015 Marketing Conference  (qualification period 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014) You and your guest will enjoy five days and four nights at The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas from May 17-21, 2015 if you are one of American National’s top 80 qualifiers.  Click here for details.
  • Athene:
    • Top Producers Dublin 2015  (1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014) Produce $3.5 Million or more (received during the qualification period of January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014) with Aviva or Athene products and then get ready to pack your bags for Ireland.  Click here for details.
  • Genworth:
  • Lincoln National:
    • Double Your Credit  (July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014) Help your clients prepare for the future and earn double PAP credit on all Lincoln MoneyGuard Solutions cases placed in force between July 1 and December 31, 2014.  Click here for complete details.
  • SBLI:
    • Cash for Cases 5-5-5 Bonus Program  (ENDS 9/22/2014) For every 5 term or whole life policies with a premium of $500 or more, received between June 21 and September 22 and paid for by October 24, agents will earn a $500 bonus cash award. Selling 5 additional policies which meet these criteria will earn them another $500!   If 5 or more of your agents qualify for the $500 bonus, then we will gift you an additional $500 for an agency lunch party.  Click here for details.
  • Transamerica:
    • Break Away and Travel with Transamerica  (4/1/2014 – 12/19/2014)
      • Agents who place $25,000 of premium (minimum 3 TLIC life applications) will earn a 3-day vacation package valued up to $1,400 for yourself and a guest.
      • Agents who place $75,000 of premium (minimum 5 TLIC life applications) will earn a 5-day vacation package valued up to $5,000 for yourself and up to 3 guests.
      • Click here for complete details.
      • Long Term Care production can help you win the above trip! THIS JUST IN! Now earning your Break Away is even easier. Long Term Care production is being included towards qualifying!  View the Break Away travel site for complete details.
      • Break Away and Hit the Links! THIS JUST IN! Transamerica is excited to announce new destination options for Break Away.  By popular demand, singles golf outings are now available!  That’s right, by qualifying for a three-day Break Away prize package, you could find yourself teeing off under the blue skies of Palm Springs, California or enjoying the sea breeze on Amelia Island, Florida. Sell more, go farther! By qualifying for the second level Break Away prize package you can take your pick from the world famous courses of Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, and six TPC courses including Sawgrass and Scottsdale! All golf packages are for one person.  Challenge your friends to qualify for their own trip and meet you on the greens!  Start planning your outing today! View the new golf packages here.
    • Leading Distributors Convention in Barcelona  (1/1/2014 – 12/31/2015) This is your opportunity to experience one of the world’s top destinations in an entirely unique way-the Transamerica way! Sun-filled days, exciting nightlife, and the breathtaking beauty of Barcelona await, when you qualify for the 2016 convention – held May 11-15, 2016.  Click here for details.  View the producer flyer.