October 16, 2013



21 timeless marketing tips – part 2
Marketing advice gleaned from 21 years in the business.
5 ways life insurance agents are increasing sales in 2014
A full 72 percent of life insurance producers plan to boost sales in the year ahead. Here’s how.
Do you have time for success?
What do successful people have that others don’t? Time.
Spinning the wheel of fortune
Prospecting is your business. Once you stop getting leads, you stop writing business.
2013 Life Insurance Survey: The results
What product trends are agents seeing? Which obstacles are they facing? The answers may surprise you.
5 reasons clients buy life insurance
Life insurance is a product that wears many hats – and all of them are salable.


American General:
TOMORROW, October 17th – Secure Lifetime GUL II
No caps, large lump sum and 1035, and illustrating ROP feature. Product Overview and Updates
October 23rd – NEW Index Annuities: Power Index Plus & Choice Index 10
Product differences and similarities, Innovative Income Rider.
October 31st – Secure Lifetime GUL II with LIS Illustration
Lifestyle Income Solution details, illustrating the LIS and sales concepts
November 6th – Critical Care Plus
Product overview and updates.
November 7th – Understanding IUL
IUL value proposition, IUL how does it work and interest crediting options
November 20th – Overview on Immediate & Delayed Income Annuities
SPIA & DIA, Platinum Income and Future Income Achiever, How it works, Sales Concepts.
November 21st – Elite Global Plus II
Target Market, Index Strategies and Sales Concepts
TOMORROW, October 17th – Indexed Crediting Strategies and Resources
October 22nd – Aviva’s Life Product Suite
October 31st – Identify Your Client’s Retirement Income Gap
October 30th – Long Term Care or Chronic Illness Rider?
John Hancock:
LTC Captivate training webinars
Learn about this online system that supports an entirely paperless sales & application process. As a result, it enables producers and their clients to conduct business in settings and time frames that better suit both of their needs. Register now for an in-depth webinar training session by clicking a date below:
October 29th – 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
October 29th – 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
November 21st – 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST
December 19th – 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
Minnesota Life:
TODAY, October 16th at 10am CT – 15-minute sales strategy call
Business Owner Life-Stage Design
Teleconference Number: 800-910-2399 Pass Code: 224032
TOMORROW, October 17th – Business Owner Life-stage Design (BOLD) Webinar
North American:
TOMORROW, October 17th – The NEW Guarantee Builder IUL
TOMORROW, October 17th – Product Features and Hot Spots
October 24th – Software Tips and Hints
November 5th – Funding Health Care with Life Insurance
November 7th – Funding Health Care with Life Insurance
November 19th – The Smart Money Sale
November 21st – The Smart Money Sale


Aviva USA transaction completed
Financial options for same sex married couples are expanding
Two new consumer flyers are available to help explain the benefits and protections now available.
Supreme Court Rules on DOMA (Lesbian)
Supreme Court Rules on DOMA (Gay)
North American:
Maximum credit card limit


American General:
Increased death benefit rates from Inheritance Creator
Single premium universal life product turns $50,000 into $87,810 upon policy issue for a 70 year old female, preferred class.
IUL-Protector now available in AZ
Individual life products currently available for ERISA Plan sales
ING’s underwriting niches
Required indexed training for AR & IA
Legal & General:
New OPTerm rates
Lincoln Financial:
Treasury Indexed UL – the innovation clients have been waiting for
5 opportunities with Treasury Indexed UL
Protecting a Special Needs Trust
These days, parents of children with special needs have some difficult decisions to make. How do they provide for their child, both now and in the future? How can they ensure their child continues to qualify for state assistance? And how do they budget for so many competing priorities like day-to-day expenses, saving for retirement, funding a special needs trust, and maintaining enough life insurance coverage? MetLife can help make at least one decision easier. MetLife One Year Term with the Convertible and Renewable Options rider gives parents the opportunity to get the amount of insurance protection they need at a premium that fits their budget. Plus, they can convert the policy within five years, resulting in a lifetime of coverage and the potential to build cash value.
Minnesota Life:
Securian Life Indexed Account announcement
Effective November 16th, Securian Life will discontinue the Dow Jones Global ex-U.S. Indexed Account and replacing it with the EURO STOXX 50 Indexed Account. Please note, all clients with Securian Life Eclipse Indexed Universal Life policies will be receiving this letter, regardless if they have funds in this account, notifying them of this change.The following provides details regarding these changes:
The Dow Jones Global ex-U.S. will be discontinued for Indexed Account segments beginning November 16, 2013.
The EURO STOXX 50 will be available for Indexed Account segments beginning November 16, 2013.
North American:
IUL as Retirement Supplement – sales concept
Riders & Endorsements – a handy guide
New Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Critical Illness
This month, hear from Randy Shaull, Assistant Vice President of Product Development, about the new critical illness benefit.
October product changes- view the eKits!
Automation of older age underwriting requirements
TransACE LTC Rider now available in DE
The LTC Rider provides long term care protection in the event that the insured becomes chronically ill, and is designed to accelerate the TransACE death benefit up to the LTC Specified Amount to provide benefits to offset long term care expenses.
Transition Rules: TransACE policies still within the delivery period may be returned for reissue to a TransACE policy with the LTC Rider with submission of the supplemental application, a new illustration, and underwriting approval of the LTC Rider. If a TransACE policy has already been placed inforce without the LTC Rider, producers will have until November 9, 2013 to get signed paperwork to the Cedar Rapids Administrative Office, provided the TransACE policy application date is not older than 6 months. If the TransACE policy application date is older than 6 months as of the date that the LTC Rider paperwork is submitted to the Administrative Office, we will need new evidence of insurability on the TransACE policy. Reissue of the TransACE policy with the LTC Rider will be treated like a replacement and an internal 1035 exchange, and will require 1035 exchange and replacement paperwork to be submitted with the LTC Rider paperwork.
United/Mutual of Omaha:
Initial payment of money orders, starter checks & cashier’s checks – reminder
Mutual of Omaha no longer accepts money orders, starter checks or cashier’s checks as initial premium payment for a life insurance policy.
Telephone sales now accepted for Living Promise
Why Quote Term Life Answers?
Life insurance is essential to your clients’ planning. They rely on you to guide them and provide solutions. Term Life is basic, affordable protection that is essential to a family’s overall financial planning.
New application packets
Please check your existing stock. If you have application packets with a revision date prior to September 1, 2013, or without a date listed, please destroy and order new application packets ASAP.


American General:
Offer clients 50 basis points more in retirement income
Joint life withdrawal rates for Lifetime Income Plus/Lifetime Income Plus optional guaranteed living benefit rider with the Power Index Plus and Choice Index 10 index annuities have increased by 50 basis points for all age bands. Clients who elect the joint life option in contracts issued on or after October 1st, have the potential to guarantee lifetime withdrawals of up to 5.50% per year.
Indexed Annuities Can Play a Key Role in Retirement Planning – Broker World article
American National:
Palladium Century 7 Fixed Annuity
New suitability requirements for FL
Optional Income Protection Rider enhancements for SecureLiving Index 7 & SecureLiving Index 10 Plus
NAIC Suitability Model Regulation Requirements of Producers
Current annuity rate flyers
SecureLiving Index 7 – add stability, reduce volatility
Stand-alone SPIA multi-quote tool
North American:
Choice series quick reference guide


How PPACA affects long-term care insurance
The CLASS Act is long gone, but health care reform will still impact your clients’ long-term care decisions.
Did they budget for dinner?
People getting LTC services need a bed, caregivers — and food.
In-Force Rate Action implementation for: DC and NY
November is LTC Awareness Month
PC Flex II launching in additional states
John Hancock:
Benefit Builder Portfolio rate of return
New Custom Care III policyholder statements to mail on October 14th
Custom Care III and Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder Policyholder statements will be mailed (beginning on October 14) based on policy anniversary dates. Beginning with October, 2013 anniversary dates, current statements of benefits will be mailed weekly on an ongoing basis (inclusive of all policies with Benefit Builder since inception).
Four Quick Tips on LTC Planning – Kiplinger article
$69 early-bird special for Long Term Care Solutions Summit
The American Association for LTC Insurance (AALTCI) is offering a special $69 early registration fee to attend the organization’s 11th National LTC Solutions Sales Summit. The early registration special offer is a limited time special offer.
The conference will take place May 18-20, 2014 at the Westin Hotel in Kansas City, MO, and the program includes top producers and industry experts focusing on marketing and sales strategies. Highlights of the conference will include the industry CEO panel, featuring heads of top LTC insurers as well as a panel of directors of underwriting from top LTC carriers. Attendees range from newer producers to seasoned long-term care insurance sales veterans, so take advantage today!
LTC Consumer Reports article
In its September 2013 issue, Consumer Reports published an article written by Orly Avitzur, M.D. about the need for long-term care insurance.
Mutual of Omaha:
LTC underwriting & processing – update


United/Mutual of Omaha:
New application packets
Please check your existing stock. If you have application packets with a revision date prior to September 1, 2013, or without a date listed, please destroy and order new application packets ASAP.


Win a trip to the Big Game! (June 1 – December 31, 2013)
Be among the top five producers of issue/paid Symetra Classic Universal Life Insurance from June 1 through December 31, 2013, and you could join Symetra in the Big Apple for the Professional Football Championship Game on Feb. 2, 2014!

American General:
It’s Game Day (October 1, 2013 – February 2, 2014)
Submit Select-a-Term paid applications to win BIG prizes. Agents can win gift cards PLUS drawings for Sony 55- inch flat screen TVs. BGA’s win a staff recognition event.
American National:
Annuity Cash is King (June 1 – November 30, 2013)
Receive a cash bonus for Strategy Indexed Annuity (ASIA) PLUS sales.
Lincoln Financial:
Flex-Pay MoneyGuard Incentive Programs (May 1 – December 31, 2013)
Earn an extra 20 points on paid first year target premium AND double PAP credit on all Flex-Pay MoneyGuard cases placed between May 1st and December 31st. Learn more about this and the Double Your Credit incentive.
North American:
The Great Escape (August 1 – October 31, 2013)
Write IncomeChoice Fixed Index Annuity business with North American and earn travel rewards! The more IncomeChoice Fixed Index Annuity business you write, the farther you can go! Receive a travel reward along with concierge travel services.
Protective Life:
Custom Choice UL sales promotion (September 23 – November 22, 2013)
Any agent who has never submitted a Custom Choice UL application and does so during the promotion period can receive a $50 American Express gift card.
iGo for an iPad Sales Contest (October 1 – December 31, 2013)
SBLI will award an iPad to agents and case managers who meet specific criteria by using iGO eApp.
Bonus Program (EXTENDED to December 31, 2013)
Transamerica is offering this limited-time incentive bonus program on TransACE and TransACE Survivor life insurance policies.
2013 Finish Strong Multi-Life Sales Contest (September 1 – December 15, 2013)
Heat things up this fall with this special Executive Advantage Program sales contest. It focuses exclusively on Employer Pay All (EPA) sales. You will receive entries just by submitting your EPA cases through the Executive Advantage Program. You can receive entries based on cases and applications generated. There will be a new prize and winner every month and a grand prize at the end. You can win multiple times!
TransCare III Sales Contest (October 1 – December 20, 2013)
Transamerica LTC would like to help your agents kick off their sales of TransCare III (TCIII) with their largest, most exciting sales contest ever! But this contest is a little different. Prize Levels do not depend on how much an individual agent sells, they depend on how much EVERY agent sells – combined!

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