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January 8, 2014

  • Minnesota Life:
    • Weekly 15-minute sales strategy calls – every Wednesday at 10:00 AM CST
      Hosted by expert life insurance case designers, you’ll learn actionable sales ideas in a short, easily digestible format. Each week, the sales idea call will create a valuable opportunity to add a new sales tool to your practice.
      Teleconference Number: 1.800.910.2399 Participant Pass Code: 224032
      • TODAY, January 8th – Life Insurance New Years Resolutions
      • January 15th – Utilizing Express Issue and Quick eApp to make the sale
      • January 22nd – Psychology of Buying
  • American General:
    • AIG’s “We’re Here” Advertising Campaign
      American General has launched a new multi-media campaign to help you position AIG’s insurance and retirement solutions to your clients and prospects for brighter tomorrows and a world of possibilities.
  • American General:
    • Why should clients pay for more coverage they don’t need?
      Click here to learn how customizing clients’ needs with AG Select-a-Term can save them money. Don’t forget to play in the AG Select-a-Term sales contest and win BIG prizes. Contest ends February 2, 2014 so hurry now!
    • Tax Law Changes May Mean Higher Taxes for YOUR Clients
      American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 means higher-income taxpayers pay higher taxes. Details about ATRA and its impact on advanced markets can be found in the “Reference Library” section on www.agadvancedmarkets.com. Site also contains consumer and producer presentations, sample documents, training and video tour.
  • Prudential:
    • New state approvals on re-priced PruLife ROP Term & Index Advantage UL
      PruLife Index Advantage UL is now available in California (without Enhanced Disability Benefit), Oregon and Wyoming. PruLife ROP Term is now available in New York. View the complete listing of approved states for each product. For California only: click here for some important information regarding the temporary suspension of Waiver of Premium Benefits.
    • Founders Plus UL
      This is a flexible premium permanent life insurance product that offers an Index feature and is designed to meet the changing needs of your clients, particularly those considering a Guaranteed Universal Life product. View state approvals. Go to the eKit. Founders Plus can give clients:

      • Cost-effective death benefit protection with the potential for cash value accumulation
      • Competitive premiums-especially when compared to other permanent life insurance products
      • Two interest crediting account options, a Fixed Account or a Plus Account with an index interest option for more upside potential
      • An extended No-Lapse Guarantee
      • Protection against the financial impact of chronic or terminal illness. Clients can choose, for an additional cost, to add the BenefitAccess Rider that advances up to 100% of the death benefit should they become chronically or terminally ill as certified by a licensed health care practitioner.
  • American National:
    • ASIA PLUS now available in PA
    • Why You Should Be Selling the Value-Lock 10 Annuity
      Do you have clients who are looking for opportunity to earn higher interest but want the protection of the premium paid not declining? The ANICO Value-Lock Annuity may be the answer. The Value-Lock 10 Annuity is a single premium indexed deferred annuity that credits interest based upon the performance of the S&P 500 Index.
  • North American:
    • Increased rates for Guaranteed Choice Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity
      • 3.75% guaranteed 10 years – interest rate for initial premium of $200K or more
      • 3.55% guaranteed 10 years – interest rate for initial premium less than $200K
      • 2.50% guaranteed 5 years – interest rate for initial premium of $200 K or more
      • 2.30% guaranteed 5 years – interest rate for initial premium less than $200K
  • 5 predictions for the LTC insurance industry in 2014
    As we look ahead to the New Year and ponder what changes lie in store for our beloved long-term care insurance industry, this author finds it easiest to place into five categories the major influences which impact whether 2014 will be sweet or sour.
  • Transamerica:
    • New Point-of-Sale Requirements for Trendsetter LB in CA
      Producers selling Trendsetter LB in California must provide clients with a new Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) Disclosure Form, along with a new ADB Replacement Question Form that the client is required to answer indicating whether he or she intends to replace any LTC insurance. If the ADB replacement question is answered “yes”, then the applicant must also be provided with a third form – an ADB Replacement Notice, which needs to be signed by the applicant and included with the final new business paperwork. These new forms apply to sales in California only.
  • American General:
    • It’s Game Day (10/1/2013 – 2/2/2014)
      Submit Select-a-Term paid applications to win BIG prizes. Agents can win gift cards PLUS drawings for Sony 55-inch flat screen TVs. BGA’s win a staff recognition event.
  • American National:
    • Cash is King 2014 (1/1/2014 – 4/30/2014) NEW!
      Earn a CASH BONUS for annuity sales! Total of all fixed/ indexed annuities paid. Minimum of 3 applications.
      • $500,001 – $750,000 = $750 cash bonus
      • $750,001 – $1,000,000 = $1000 cash bonus
      • $1,000,000+ = $1500 cash bonus
  • Minnesota Life:
    • Earn an extra $700NEW! (1/1/2014 – 3/31/2014)
      Beginning January 1, 2014, through March 31, 2014, you have the opportunity to receive up to $700 in Visa gift cards for the business you place with Minnesota Life.