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August 7, 2013

  • American General:
      • TOMORROW, August 8th – Quick Ticket: Quick Ticket Process Overview & Online Entry
      • August 22nd – Term Conversion: Rules, Guidelines & Available Products
  • Aviva:
    • August webcast schedule and instructions
      • TOMORROW, August 8th – IUL Crediting Strategies
      • August 13th – IUL Strategy Selection Tool
      • August 14th – Custom Marketing Center
      • August 15th – Retirement Path Roadmap – An Introduction to the system
      • August 20th – IUL Crediting Strategies
      • August 22nd – IUL Strategy Selection Tool
      • August 27th – Annuity Illustration Center
      • August 29th – Target Series Annuities
  • ING:
    • Term Policy eDelivery Training
      • August 20th at 1pm CT – Click here to add to your calendar.
      • August 21st at 10am CT – Click here to add to your calendar.
      • August 22nd at 3pm CT – Click here to add to your calendar.
  • John Hancock:
    • Rate Action training webinars for producers with policies issued in AR Arkansas has asked John Hancock to hold rate action training webinars for producers with Arkansas-issued policies in order to better prepare them to support their policyholders affected by the rate increase. These webinars will provide an overview of the rate action, including affected policy series, customized landing spots and the communication process and timeline.  To register for a training webinar, click one of the links below:
  • MetLife:
  • Minnesota Life:
    • Weekly 15-minute sales strategy calls – every Wednesday at 10am CT Teleconference Number: 800-910-2399 Pass Code: 224032 August 7th – How life insurance can be useful when working with S corporations
    • August 22nd: NEW index crediting bonus webinar
  • North American:
      • Session 1: IUL Mechanics August 13th at 10am CT August 15th at 2pm CT
      • Session 2: Covering Index Credits August 20th at 10am CT August 22nd at 2pm CT
      • Session 3: Compelling Features August 27th at 10am CT August 29th at 2pm CT
      • Session 4: Illustration Tips September 3rd at 10am CT September 5th at 2pm CT
      • Session 5: How to Sell September 10th at 10am CT September 12th at 2pm CT
  • Prudential:
    • August 20thQ&A Session on UL Protector featuring Benefit Access Rider Teleconference times: 11am AND 2pm ET Dial-in #: 800-398-9367
  • AIG downgrades its thrift The move is the first apparent action by AIG following its July 2 designation as a SIFI.
  • Benmosche: We want to be in top quarter of insurance companies The AIG CEO also offers this advice to Eliot Spitzer as he runs for city comptroller: Leave the regulation to the regulators.
  • American General:
    • Quick Ticket – the flexibility to work online or offline Quick Ticket is a simple online process to submit American General term and universal life cases nationwide. We recognize that you may not always be working online when visiting clients, so we created the Term Request Form, a short form that allows you to capture key information offline and later complete the case in Quick Ticket.  View this success story!
  • Legal & General:
  • MetLife:
    • NAIC Replacement Model Regulation for CT Connecticut has adopted replacement regulations that are substantially similar to the most recent version of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Life Insurance and Annuities Replacement Model Regulation (NAIC Replacement Model).
    • Important updates to MetLife Solutions for Life and DI
  • Prudential:
    • Moody upgrades Prudential’s ratings resulting in Comdex increase
  • American General:
  • Aviva:
  • Genworth:
    • Asset Builder IUL & Accelerated Benefit Rider for LTC Services available in additional states
  • ING:
    • Term Policy eDelivery Still sending your term policies through the mail?  Term Policy eDelivery makes it easy to get the policy into the hands of your consumers electronically!  Forget costly envelopes, labels and postage, save time and money by sending policies with a click of a button. – Get answers to your questions
      – Take a tour
    • Shared Dollar Life Insurance: Insuring Adult Children to Build Retirement Funds
  • Legal & General:
    • Value women’s work!sales idea Whether a woman works outside the home or inside the home, the value of her contribution cannot be underestimated. If a family only bought coverage for the man of the house, his family is only half protected.
    • Do all women really need life insurance?sales idea The answer is yes; working women, stay-at-home moms, single mothers, and even golden girls need life insurance! And did you know that dependent, non- wage-earning spouses of current policyholders are routinely eligible for at least $1 million in coverage? Coverage amounts based on several factors including what’s in force for the spouse.
    • Streamlined process for Delivery Receipt Requests for Date Change No longer a reason to send brokers back to their customers.
  • Lincoln Financial:
  • MetLife:
    • Underwriting Solutions – 3 impairments that could now be Preferred
  • Minnesota Life:
    • Clients get more out of our indexed life policieseffective August 19th   On August 19th, a new index crediting bonus may enhance all indexed life policies for both new and existing policyholders. The bonus will help increase clients’ index crediting potential which could contribute to increased distribution potential in future years.  At no additional cost to your client, the index crediting bonus:
      • Provides a one percent annual bonus based on index credits received.
      • Is based on the index credits received over a 120-month rolling period.
      • Is applied to the accumulation value and compounds each year.
      • Helps increase index credits and distribution potential.
    • Advantage Elite Term replaced with Advantage Elite Select Term in NYeffective August 16th   Existing policy holders will not be impacted by this change. In order to take advantage of the current Advantage Elite Term product, the following requirements must be met:
      • Applications must be signed and received in the Home Office by 4pm CT August 16th
      • Policy must be approved and premium must be paid by 4pm CT October 16th If the policy is not signed and received by August 16th, and premium paid by October 16th, your client will be issued an Advantage Elite Select policy. For any case that does not meet both requirements, you will receive a new Advantage Elite Select policy.
  • North American:
    • IUL that is fully loaded! North American’s Indexed Universal Life products come fully loaded with features like a protected death benefit and guaranteed interest rate bonuses-offering protection in death and flexible benefits for life.  Click the link above for more information and be one of 50 to earn a $100 gas card!
  • Protective:
    • Help put an end to Shock Letter Syndrome! Shock Letter Syndrome (SLS) occurs when unsuspecting term insurance policy owners receive expiry notices and target their rage at the nearest object – their mailbox. Fortunately, Custom Choice UL is a potential cure to this growing epidemic.
  • Transamerica:
  • United of Omaha:
    • Policy output package change – Good Health Statement A change has been made to the Good Health Statement (Delivery Certificate) to print on a separate page than the application amendment. It will now require its own signature and will also show as a separate requirement on the delivery instruction sheet.
  • American National:
    • Annuity Cash is King (June 1 – November 30, 2013) Receive a cash bonus for Strategy Indexed Annuity (ASIA) PLUS sales.
  • John Hancock LTC:
  • Lincoln Financial:
    • Flex-Pay MoneyGuard Incentive Programs (May 1 – December 31, 2013) Earn an extra 20 points on paid first year target premium AND double PAP credit on all Flex-Pay MoneyGuard cases placed between May 1st and December 31st. Learn more about this and the Double Your Credit incentive.
  • North American:
    • 1% Commission Blitz Bonus (EXTENDED: February 11 – September 30, 2013) Receive 1% Commission Blitz Bonus Special on all RetireChoice applications received between February 11th and September 30th.
    • Annuity Sales Sizzler (July 10 – August 30, 2013) Don’t miss out on these great specials!  Premium Bonus Increases 1% between July 10, 2013 and August 31, 2013 on specific annuities.
    • The Great Escape (August 1 – October 31, 2013) Write IncomeChoice Fixed Index Annuity business with North American and earn travel rewards! The more IncomeChoice Fixed Index Annuity business you write, the farther you can go!  Receive a travel reward along with concierge travel services.
  • Transamerica:
    • Spring Bonus Program (April 1 – September 30, 2013) Transamerica is offering this limited-time incentive bonus program on TransACE and TransACE Survivor life insurance policies.