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August 13, 2014

  • AIG:
    • Summer Webinar Training
      Click here for the Life and A&H Webinar Schedule. Click here for the Annuity Webinar Schedule.
      • August 21st – A&H: Critical Illness Insurance – Add to Outlook Calendar
      • August 27th – The Good, The Bad and The Opportunities
  • Athene:
    • 2014 CARE Program
      Register and attend this short webcast to learn: How CARE 2014 can benefit you, Qualification requirements, levels and guidelines and How CARE credits equate to contributions to your plan.

    • Come Grow With Us! Our Company Story.
      After registering and attending this webcast, you will have a greater understanding of the “Athene Story” including: An overview of our parent company, Athene Holding Ltd., Athene Annuity’s goals and focus for the future and A clear and concise message to share with your clients.

  • John Hancock:
    • LTC Captivatetraining webinars
      As an online system that supports an entirely paperless sales & application process, LTC Captivate helps to eliminate the geographic and logistical hurdles that often exist in today’s busy world. As a result, it enables producers and their clients to conduct business in settings and time frames that better suit both of their needs. Register for a session now by clicking below:
  • North American:
    • North American’s Fast Track
      Get up-to-speed with North American’s latest features. This webinar will put you on the inside track to sales with the latest information on illustration software, and website features like videos and sales concept kits.

    • A Place to Call Home
      Looking for a carrier that can offer a broad portfolio to meet your diverse list of client needs, competitive compensation for you, and the support and training to help you succeed? Then North American is the place to call home for your business. Attend this webinar to learn more.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)!
Get ready for Life Insurance Awareness Monthresources available now!
As spokesperson for LIAM, Boomer Esiason’s got a message just for you. Watch Now!
  • ING/Voya:
    • Rebranding updatesimportant upcoming dates
      • Life PromoCenter temporary blackout period – August 20th – September 1st
        There will be a blackout period for new requests (print & email) from 5:00 pm ET on August 20th to September 1st. Any campaigns delivered between those dates will need to be scheduled ahead of time by submitting the request before August 20th. Please refer to the user guide for details on scheduling.
      • Kit & Individual Orders temporally suspended – August 15th – September 1st
        There will be a temporary freeze for all ING Life Companies’ kit and individual orders from 4:00 pm ET August 15th to September 1st. After September 1st, any marketing material ordered will be rebranded to Voya.
    • ING continues to support Winflex Web
      After careful consideration, ING has decided to eliminate support for the desktop version of the system to provide more focus on the Winflex Web system. Winflex Web is a highly used website by independent distribution.
    • ING Presents Illustration System to discontinue Insmark Link
      Effective September 1st, the link to the Insmark Illustration system currently available in ING Presents will be discontinued. Many of the primary tools used in the Insmark system are available using the ING Presents illustration system alone without requiring the link to Insmark.
  • Legal & General America:
    • Get on board with eDelivery
      eDelivery advantages:
      • It’s fast. Cycle time is reduced by more than 2 weeks!
      • It’s easy. The DocuSign portal is easy and PayPal lets applicants pay online.
      • It’s free. No cost to start using eDelivery.
      • It’s money. If daily EFT is used, commissions are processed the same day, and send funds to the bank within 24 hours.
      • It’s complete. All documents necessary are collected to place the case (including payment) in good order.
  • ING:
    • High Net Worth Foreign Nationalpresentation series
      • Part 1 gives a brief overview for reps who are new to the market.
      • Part 2 covers underwriting guidelines, jurisdiction classification and more.
      • Part 3 focuses on producer eligibility and solicitation guidelines.
  • Legal & General America:
    • Underwriting hypertension
    • Life Step UL rate change for New York – effective August 28th
      There is no change to Life Choice UL.
  • MetLife:
    • LASUL shown interest rate changed in MetLife Solutions
      The shown interest rate for Legacy Advantage Survivorship Universal LifeSM (LASUL) changed from 3.75% to 3.00% in the MetLife Solutions illustration software. This change in the shown illustration rate is due to the anticipation of lump-sum premiums being paid into the policy.
    • Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) materials
      LIAM is an excellent opportunity for you to reach out to clients and prospects to ensure they have the right amount and type of insurance to protect their families.
    • Whole Life Up Close iPad App new security update required
      As part of a routine software upgrade, a new security update is required for the Whole Life Up Close app. In order to correctly install the update, you will need to re-download the app. From your iPad, please visit metlife.com/promisewholelife and click on Whole Life Up Close and then Download Now. Because this security update is required, your current app may not work until you download the app again.
  • Minnesota Life:
    • NEW life insurance productCOMING AUGUST 18th!
    • Lower Premium Deposit Account (PDA) Agreement minimum – effective August 18th
      The PDA will only require a minimum deposit of $2,000 for children under the age of 15. With the PDA, clients can enjoy discounts on the total premium paid into a life insurance account and worry-free premium payments.
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
    • Underwriting Diabetes
      A case involving Type II diabetes shows how Fit Credits provide a standard rate for this 58-year-old male.
    • Top Things to Remember About GUL
      Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) can be your go-to product for coverage with the right mix of balance and flexibility for clients.
    • Key Features of GUL
      Check out the key details about United of Omaha’s Guaranteed Universal Life product and the flexibility it offers your clients.
    • Do you know your client’s story?
      September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. This is a perfect opportunity to contact clients and prospects, learn their story and help them understand the importance of life insurance. This new Concept Marketing Portfolio makes it easier than ever to talk to clients about their specific life insurance needs. There are a number of concepts available to use throughout the month of September.
  • SBLI:
    • SBLI’s term life insurance is tough to beat
      SBLI ranks in the top three 9 times out of 10. See for yourself.
    • Whole Life case studies
      • Case study 1 – Combining the flexibility of Whole Life with the affordability of term
      • Case study 2 – Which is the better solution; Whole Life or Guaranteed Universal Life?
      • Case study 3 – Get a guaranteed death benefit for life. Get your premiums back while you’re living.
  • Transamerica:
    • Final Expense Products now available in Puerto Rico
      The Immediate, 10-Pay and Easy Solution final expense products are now available in Puerto Rico. These products offer competitive premiums, straightforward underwriting, face amounts up to $50,000 and a Children’s/Grandchildren’s Benefit Rider with Immediate Solution. Please note: The Puerto Rico Department of Insurance is requiring Transamerica to issue life insurance policies in Spanish rather than English. This action affects only the policy document and not the application. For applications submitted on or after July 18th, proposed policy owners who want policy documents in English must specifically note it in the remarks section of the signed application, or provide the producer with the request in a signed letter.
No new updates.
  • AIG earnings reportarticle
    Jay Wintrob said that sales of indexed annuity products drove AIG’s Retirement Income Solutions Group to another record quarter.
  • AIG:
    • New lifetime income benefits calculatornow available online!
      Determine the annual income clients can receive through the Lifetime Income Plus guaranteed living benefit rider with the Power Protector Income Estimator. Use this quick, simple tool to run a hypothetical illustration for the Power 7 or Power 10 Protector Plus Income index annuity with Lifetime Income Plus.
  • American National:
      • Flexible Premium with ability to add additional premiums at any time
      • 7-year Surrender Charge Period
      • All premiums received in the first three years will receive a 2% Interest Rate Enhancement for one year
      • Declared rate on initial and each subsequent premium guaranteed for two years and declared annually thereafter
      • Single premium with add-in feature in the first 12 months
      • 5-year Surrender Charge Period
      • All premiums received in the first year will receive a 1% Interest Rate Enhancement for one year
      • Declared rate guaranteed for two years and declared annually thereafter
    • ASIA PLUS Lifetime Income Ridersales idea
      Your client can continue to receive interest earnings after the 10 year accumulation period…ASIA PLUS LIR with 4% Fixed Rate + Index Credit. If you have a client looking to retire after the 10 year accumulation period has ended, this could be a great tool to allow them to continue to earn interest based on the performance of an index.
  • North American:
    • Changes to materials later in 2014
      Over the next few months, you’ll notice the following changes when you download or order North American materials:
      Product Brochures:
      – Redesigned brochures in a more user-friendly format
      – New generic consolidated brochure (no 10- or 14-year versions)
      – New Product Details insert with easy-to-read state specific product features for the selected surrender charge period
      Disclosures and Replacement Forms:
      – Redesigned disclosures for ease of completion
      – New consolidated/combined booklet format
      – Eliminated multi-part format to save print and paper costs
    • MYGA rates have increased
  • John Hancock:
    • Sponsored Group Program Highlighter
      You can insert the Program Highlighter into any of the consumer product or needs-based marketing pieces in order to promote the Sponsored Group discount. The Program Highlighter includes space for your business card, making it ideal for use in your Sponsored Group employer or affinity prospecting efforts. View the appropriate version for your client: for compact states, for non-compact states, and state versions for Florida and Arizona. The Program Highlighter is not currently available in Hawaii.
  • Transamerica:
      • Five Ways to Find Multi-Life Prospects
        How can you grow your multi-life sales? It could be as simple as reviewing your existing client list.
      • New Enrollment Materials for California
        Six new email-friendly PDFs have been released for worksite and association enrollments in California, extending Transamerica’s commitment to the California multi-life market.
      • Announcing Scott Thevenet, Internal Wholesaler
        Transamerica is pleased to announce that Scott A. Thevenet, LUTCF, has joined their Long Term Care team as an Internal Wholesaler.
      • Clarification on Applicants Declined by Other Carriers
        To protect your placement ratios, applicants who have been declined by other carriers should not be submitted to New Business.
      • Updates to Contracting Packets
        To make it easier for you to do business with Transamerica, they’ve redesigned their LTC contracting packets. There’s now fewer forms and improved processing for faster service.
      • Think About Value
        With premium rates among LTCi carriers leveling, it’s time to focus on value instead of price.
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
  • AIG:
    • Win $1,000 gift card or iPad (8/1/2014 – 10/31/2014)
      Now is a great time to explore how accident and health (A&H) products can strengthen clients’ financial resources while creating new income streams for your business. View the contest rules and a 15-minute training session are available on the contest website.
    • AIG Better Ride Contest (8/1/2014 – 1/31/2015)
      Now is your chance to rev it up, get in gear, and gain some traction! Producers will receive points based upon the sale of our permanent products, and additional points for selling AG Asset Protector on Secure Lifetime (AAS Rider & LIS Rider), and the AAS Rider on Elite Index II. For every 5 points a producer earns they will get a raffle ticket towards the drawing of a 2 year lease on a BMW 528i. Get complete details.
  • American National:
    • 2015 Marketing Conference (qualification period 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014)
      You and your guest will enjoy five days and four nights at The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas from May 17-21, 2015 if you are one of American National’s top 80 qualifiers. Click here for details.
    • LIR Dash for Cash (5/15/2014 – 8/15/2014)
      Apps submitted and paid between 5/15 and 8/15, earn cash for ASIA PLUS annuities sold with a Lifetime Income Rider!

      • Annuity Level: $500,001 – $750,000 = $750 Bonus
      • Annuity Level: $750,001 – $1,000,000 = $1000 Bonus
      • Annuity Level: $1,000,000+ = $1500 Bonus
  • Athene:
    • Top Producers Dublin 2015 (1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014)
      Produce $3.5 Million or more (received during the qualification period of January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014) with Aviva or Athene products and then get ready to pack your bags for Ireland. Click here for details.
  • Genworth:
    • 2015 Distribution Leaders Summit (1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014)
      Discover South Africa – April 15 – 24, 2015! Click here for details.
    • Flex Effect LTC Sales contest (7/21/2014 – 9/30/2014)
      For every Privileged Choice Flex, Privileged Choice Flex 2 and Privileged Choice Flex 3 Long Term Care Insurance application received between July 21st and September 30th, and placed by December 31st, your producers win VISA gift card(s). Click here for details.
  • Legal & General America:
    • Go Figure Contest (3/1/2014 – 12/31/2014)
      This agency incentive begins March 1st and runs through 2014, BUT the qualifications restart again on July 1st, and then again on October 1st. To win an iPad or Android Tablet, you need to focus on financial institutions! Click here for details.
  • North American:
    • Elite Agent Bonus Program (1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014)
    • Triple Pay Program is Back! (3/1/2014 – 8/31/2014)
      Recruit new agents and earn $100 for each of your first three paid life insurance cases! Click here for details. View the video.
    • Sizzle Summer Sales Incentive on RetireChoice (EXTENDED to 8/29/2014)
      Applies to applications received from May 19, 2014 to August 29, 2014. Transfers and 1035 Exchange premiums must be received by October 15, 2014. Click here for details.
      • Level 1
        Produce between $250,000 and $499,999 in NAC RetireChoice Issued Premium and choose between a $300 Omaha Steaks gift card -or-Maui Jim gift card
      • Level 2
        Produce between $500,000 and $999,999 in NAC RetireChoice Issued Premium and choose between a $750 PGA Superstore gift card -or- Apple gift card.
      • Level 3
        Produce $1,000,000+ in NAC RetireChoice Issued Premium and choose between a $2000 Travel Voucher -or- Cabela’s gift card.
  • SBLI:
    • Cash for Cases 5-5-5 Bonus Program (6/21/2014 – 9/22/2014)
      For every 5 term or whole life policies with a premium of $500 or more, received between June 21 and September 22 and paid for by October 24, agents will earn a $500 bonus cash award. Selling 5 additional policies which meet these criteria will earn them another $500! If 5 or more of your agents qualify for the $500 bonus, then we will gift you an additional $500 for an agency lunch party. Click here for details.
  • Transamerica:
    • Break Away and Travel with Transamerica (4/1/2014 – 12/19/2014)
      • Agents who place $25,000 of premium (minimum 3 TLIC life applications) will earn a 3-day vacation package valued up to $1,400 for yourself and a guest.
      • Agents who place $75,000 of premium (minimum 5 TLIC life applications) will earn a 5-day vacation package valued up to $5,000 for yourself and up to 3 guests.
      • Click here for complete details.
    • Leading Distributors Convention in Barcelona (1/1/2014 – 12/31/2015)
      This is your opportunity to experience one of the world’s top destinations in an entirely unique way-the Transamerica way! Sun-filled days, exciting nightlife, and the breathtaking beauty of Barcelona await, when you qualify for the 2016 convention – held May 11-15, 2016. Click here for details. View the producer flyer.