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March 5, 2014

  • American General:
      • March 6th – 10:00 AM CT – Illustration Training: Choice Index 10 and Power Index Plus
      • March 18th – 3:00 PM CT – Product Enhancement: Choice Index 10 and Power Index Plus
      • March 26th – 3:00 PM CT – Product Enhancement: AG Choice Index 10 and Power Index Plus
      • April 9th – 1:00 PM CT – Immediate and Delayed Income Annuities Overview
      • April 23rd – 1:00 PM CT – Accident & Health
      • May 28th – 1:00 PM CT – Accident & Health
  • Protective Life:
    • Working with Widows webinar series
      One of the hardest conversations you may have with your client is the first one after her spouse dies. With more than one million women becoming widows every year, it’s likely that one of your clients may become a widow this year. Finding the right words, making her feel at ease, honoring the memory of her husband… these are all difficult moments in the advisor/client relationship. Featuring author and grief expert, Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP, this 3-part webinar series reveals practical tips that you can implement in your day-to-day business right away. Receive five free copies of “Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows” when you attend a session.
      • March 19th – Communicating With Widows
        Knowing what to say-and what not to say-is one of the hardest parts of working with grieving clients. Find out how to handle communication from the wake to your one-on-one meetings.
      • April 2nd – Three Stages of Widowhood
        It is important to understand where your client is in her grief journey. Adjust your approach to help her make certain financial decisions when she is best able to make them.
  • Dealing with blended family issues
    Most estate plans assume a simple, linear movement from generation to generation, but the reality is more complicated.
  • 5 tips to break the ice with prospects
    Your new client or prospect is staring you down. How do you break the ice? Here are five tips to build rapport and bring on the thaw.
  • 25 Best Insurance Movies
    • 21-25
      Murder-for-hire; corrupt corporate America; idealistic, young lawyers: Why it must be time to look at Hollywood’s best insurance movies.
    • 16-20
      A journalist investigates an insurance scam; a father takes on the system for his dying son; and, an insurance investigator hires a thief to help her solve a crime–all in today’s movies.
    • 11-15
      A man without a memory; a deadly game of cat-and-mouse; and the dawning of the insurance industry are among the selections in today’s films.
    • 6-10
      An international playboy living a double life; a man stuck reliving the same day; and, an insurance agent faced with retirement, are among this batch of best insurance movies.
    • 1-5
      Insurance industry parties; a case of mistaken identity; and, a superhero insurance adjuster are on our countdown to the top insurance film of all time.
  • 5 ways the silver tsunami is impacting advisors
    Baby boomers are getting older and that means a lot more seniors on the scene.
  • Boomer, Gen X retirement readiness get a boost
    Having access to annuities and LTCI can help, EBRI says.
  • Legal & General:
    • What more do you get from Amar Bose and LGA?blog post
      In this blog post, Frank Gencarelli writes about one of his heroes, Amar Bose, LGA’s ongoing “What More Do You Get” campaign, and your chance to win a Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker.
  • Transamerica:
    • California Fee Increase
      Effective March 17, 2014, the California Department of Insurance is raising fees by 10% for all insurance producers, insurance adjusters, and insurers operating in California. Please reference the information below for additional information.
  • American General:
    • From issue to in-force in 5 hours!
      Click here to read about a recent case where ePolicy Delivery reduced standard delivery time from two weeks to five hours!
    • Chronic illness happens more often than you think
      Raise client awareness of this important issue and help them be prepared. Download helpful infographics on longevity & retirement and the prevalence of chronic illnesses in America. Your clients are living longer, American General can help them retire stronger.
    • Increased State Capital Gains Tax Rates
      Did you know that the average state capital gains tax rates increased from 4.1% to 4.7% in 2013? Check out the latest sales concept on minimizing potential tax on capital appreciation.
    • Accelerated Access Solution approved in KS & WA
      Accelerated Access Solution (AAS) helps protect against the unexpected expenses that may arise from chronic illnesses. The only states where AAS is NOT available are California, Connecticut, New York and Oregon. Product may also be purchased as part of the AG Asset Protector bundle which includes the Lifestyle Income Solution. See map for availability and RetireStronger.com site for more information.
    • AG Quick Ticket – Prepare your clients
      When using the AG Quick Ticket model, share the Client Preparation Guide with clients to make sure they are prepared before the process begins. Preparation is critical to a successful experience plus it can help the case be processed as quickly as possible.
  • ING:
    • What rate should I illustrate for IUL?
      Refer to history to create a level playing field when illustrating and comparing indexed universal life products. Use this updated Historical Percentile Rate Guide.
    • Underwriting – Sleep Apnea
      Healthy applicants with sleep apnea can go from Standard to Preferred.
    • Advanced Sales White Paper: GRATs and Rolling GRATs
      GRATs are among the techniques that are more efficient in the low interest rate environment. This white paper has been updated and is approved for use with clients.
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
    • Life Product Changeseffective March 1st
      • Term Life Answers (TLA)
        Introducing an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider with one of the highest benefit amounts in the industry for terminal illness AND an improvement of the monthly modal factor from .089 to .0875.
      • Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL)
        In addition to the new Accelerated Death Benefit Riders, a new disability rider has been introduced that offers a continuation of the planned premium.
    • Improvements in Underwriting
      Make sure to take advantage of recent underwriting changes designed to help you bring in more sales.
      • Jumbo limits have increased to $65,000,000 for ages 18-80.
      • Still one of few companies to offer age last birthday underwriting to make your clients’ premiums even more competitive.
    • FIT and GUL team up to save a sale
      Have you been surprised recently? Your client seems like the picture of good health, but during underwriting you are surprised to learn otherwise. This case study illustrates how the FIT credit program, along with the dial-down feature on our GUL, can offer flexibility and help you save your sale.
  • Protective Life:
    • Learn how Protective Indexed Choice UL can help this client (Ted) address his concerns
  • Symetra:
    • Turn your client’s IRA into a greater legacy
      A stretch IRA can be an effective tool for increasing the wealth that passes to your clients’ beneficiaries. By using a portion of IRA assets to purchase a life insurance policy held inside an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT), a client’s stretch IRA can result in a larger legacy and more control over trust assets. To see how, check out the latest IRA Maximization materials, which have been enhanced for the new 2014 tax law.
    • Increased retention and jumbo limits for Level Term Life Insurance
      Symetra recently increased the retention limit from $1 million to $3 million, and the jumbo limit from $25 million to $65 million, on Level Term Life Insurance. Please refer to the Retention and Automatic Reinsurance Guide for additional details, including Symetra Classic Universal Life limits.
  • American General:
    • Choice Index 10 & Power Index Plus w/Lifetime Income Riderproduct enhancements
      AG Choice Index 10 and Power Index Plus now offer the Monthly Average Index Crediting Strategy. Click here for additional details. Click here for the rate sheet. The Lifetime Income Plus Optional Guarantee Living Benefit Rider now offers the ability to receive “Guaranteed Rising Income”; which gives the
      • potential to earn partial income credit, even in years withdrawals are taken (“Keep the Difference”).
      • opportunity to lock in the greater of an annual step-up or 7% income credit during income credit period.
      • opportunity to “stack” 7% income credit on stepped-up income base during the income credit period.
  • Genworth:
    • Help your money work hardersales tool
      This Consumer approved point-of-sale idea can show your clients how a SecureLiving Index 5 Annuity with 104% GMAB compares to current CD rates (0.80% for a 5-year CD). For example, assuming the S&P 500 is up at least 4.5% annually during a 5-year term; SecureLiving Index 5 has the potential for $20,554 more growth than a traditional CD – a great way to reposition their cash that’s currently sitting on the sidelines.
    • Repositioning Cash on the Sidelinesvideo
      This video compares a CD to SecureLiving Index 5 and 7 using a fixed account strategy and also combines it with a Performance Trigger.
    • The Index Institutevideo in the news
      On January 27, 2014, A.M. Best TV featured Charlie Gipple speaking on behalf of the recent Genworth “The Future of Retirement Income” study and The Index Institute “In the News” page picked up the story.
  • Genworth:
    • New York Partnership BrochureCORRECTION
      There was a typo in the New York Partnership Brochure that was ordered between February 10 and February 21 (Form 143782NYP). On page 10, Total Asset – Plan 5 (4/4/100) shows an incorrect Daily Benefit Amount (DBA) maximum. The DBA maximum shown is $400; however, the correct amount is $300. Revised brochures now available for download.
  • John Hancock:
    • Claims fliersupdated
      • Claims process flier outlines the claims process in six steps, making it easy for you to have a conversation with your client and answer any questions.
      • Claims experience flier helps educate producers about John Hancock’s LTC claims experience (claims paying history, demographics, most common care settings, etc.)
    • Kiplinger LTC workbookupdated
      This workbook is an educational piece for consumers developed by Kiplingers, designed to help people understand LTC and options for coverage and policy design.
  • Transamerica:
      • Compelling reasons to sell LTCi – Benefit Increase options for all your clients
        Inflation protection may be the most important benefit to have in a long term care insurance policy.
      • Proud sponsor of the 2014 ILTCI Conference and the AALTCI Sales Summit
        Transamerica is pleased to announce their sponsorships in 2014.
      • What is your spreadsheet not telling you?
        What are you missing by focusing solely on price? Download a policy comparison chart to see why all policies are not created equal and why the differences matter.
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
  • American National:
    • Cash is King 2014 (ENDS April 30th)
      Earn a CASH BONUS for annuity sales! Total of all fixed/ indexed annuities paid. Minimum of 3 applications.
      • $500,001 – $750,000 = $750 cash bonus
      • $750,001 – $1,000,000 = $1000 cash bonus
      • $1,000,000+ = $1500 cash bonus
  • Minnesota Life:
    • Earn an extra $700 (ENDS March 31st)
      Beginning January 1, 2014, through March 31, 2014, you have the opportunity to receive up to $700 in Visa gift cards for the business you place with Minnesota Life.