In truth almost everybody has product, commissions and technology. What makes us “Special” of course is the “Value Added” knowledge, experience, service and SALES TRAINING we provide!

 What remains desperately needed is HOW to sell more Long Term Care Insurance!

All agents, regardless of their experience, can profit directly from sales assistance. Veterans need current updates with constantly evolving information on Underwriting, Multi-Life and Combo policies. Many agents who may have sold LTCI in the past are returning to the fold and need a refresher on Corporate Tax issues, the mechanics of Combo policies, as well as how to start a sales conversation and hopefully finish it. And perhaps most importantly, many more agents are joining the struggle and must have immediate in depth sales training to come up to speed quickly on how to make and complete LTCI sales.

The LTC FOUNDATION PLAN combines all the needed ingredients for Sales Success. The Sales information available at the HB Sales Training Solutions Website is totally GENERIC LTCI sales assistance. For the past 7 years, Hagelman-Barrie 24/7 online Sales Training has been helping 100’s of Agents learn the basics of LTCI sales, understand the philosophy of LTCI needs based selling, and has provided access to an ever expanding library of successful Marketing and Sales knowledge . We have recently created a new inventory of our recorded Greatest Hits Sales Webinars to provide even more current information. And, I have just published a collection of 58 of my most popular LTCI Sales articles from Broker World magazine: “NO OPINIONS”.

 We have combined access to all of the above for an Annual Subscription fee of only $19.95. As a promotion, CPG will reimbures you if you submit 1 LTCI application. Visit www.hbltci.com and sign up. Use BGA code CPLTC123 to register.