October 26, 2016






  • Making the sales process easier & faster10-minute webinar


  • Performance LTC Road Showcoming to a city near you
    Ignite your sales with Performance LTC – the best solution for your clients’ long-term care needs. John Hancock is on the road COMING TO YOU to provide the latest sales techniques on how to sell this innovative product. Hear about recent consumer research for insights into Long-Term Care Insurance.


  • Learn about the Quest Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Monday and Wednesday at 2:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!
  • Learn about the Wealth Builder Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!


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  • 2 good reasons to move IRA funds to permanent life insurance
    The ideal time to transition funds from an IRA to permanent life insurance is in a client’s 60s. Read more.
  • Why advisors are still relevant in a digital world
    One young agent is fighting the notion that advisors are becoming obsolete in an environment where clients have access to endless information. Read more.


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  • Life Term & UL Conversion Deadline for 2016 CommissionGet details.





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  • Secure Lifetime GUL 3 is now available in New York
    The product has unique Partial Withdrawal and Return of Premium features; offering options your clients can’t get from any other GUL product.

    • The unique Partial Withdrawal Capability allows policy holders access to cash while preserving the death benefit guarantee and reducing premium commitments.
    • Return of Premium is available in year 20 at 50% or year 25 at 100% (at no additional cost) for those that no longer need their policy.
    • Learn about the products available in New York.



  • Fast Lane Accelerated Underwriting – View the flyer. Visit the website.




  • Life Insurance – an asset that doesn’t play hard to get
    While it’s most widely used to provide death benefit protection, life insurance can be an asset in a clients financial portfolio. Sure life insurance provides a death benefit…

    • BUT HAVING LIQUIDITY in a life insurance policy can make all of the difference.
    • CLIENTS NEEDS CAN CHANGE, and they may want access to their cash value to help them meet unforeseen expenses.
    • SO DON’T SETTLE for any policy when MetLife Premier Accumulator Universal Life can give clients access to almost 100% – and in some cases over 100% – of their money at the end of the first policy year.
    • Learn more.


  • Accelerated Underwriting – a simplified, less invasive processCOMING SOON!
    Soon you’ll have the option to send your healthiest clients through Accelerated Underwriting, which can eliminate lab requirements and provide a faster decision. Learn more.
  • Provide your clients chronic illness protection
    The Chronic Illness Conversion Agreement (CICA), available on Advantage Elite Select Term policies, has recently been approved in: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey and North Carolina. Learn more.
  • Accelerated Benefit Agreement update for UL policies
    Applications received November 1, 2016, or later requesting the Accelerated Benefit Agreement will receive the new Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness Agreement. Terminal Illness Agreement Highlights

    • More accelerated death benefit available – can accelerate all but $10,000 of the death benefit.
    • Dollar-for dollar reduction in death benefit.



  • Sales scenario your agents can useSee it now.
  • Income Advantage IUL Maximum Loan Charge
    When advising clients about an Indexed Universal Life policy, it’s important to point out the differences among loan provisions; as they may significantly impact policy performance and income potential. Income Advantage IUL has one of the lowest charges on index loans in the industry. Learn more.
  • Internal Rate of ReturnView the advanced Markets special.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Riders included on Unisex Policies
    Effective November 1, 2016, the Accelerated Death Benefit Riders for Terminal and Chronic Illness will be available on Income Advantage IUL, AccumUL Plus and AccumUL Answers Unisex policies. Read the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider flyers to get up to speed on how the rider works. View the National flyer. View the California flyer.


  • Lapse notifications
    Beginning October 21, 2016, North American will begin sending lapse notification letters on all UL and IUL policies projected to lapse within five years. Learn more.
  • SimpleSubmit eApp has a new lookLearn more.



  • Explore tax-advantaged strategies for high net worth clients
    Life insurance provides a death benefit; and it can also help  clients generate more retirement income and confront emerging challenges, like:

    • Plan for the impact of taxes by accessing the cash value of some types of policies for supplemental retirement income, generally income-tax free.
    • Help manage the unpredictable by generating additional income to address risks like rising healthcare costs, outliving assets, market volatility and low interest rates.
    • Have your agents download this eKit for a client brochure, webinar, podcast and other tools to help your life insurance sales.
  • Changes to Guaranteed UL productsGet details and FAQ.
  • Three Reasons to Consider Cash Value Life InsuranceRead the article.




  • The Value of Living Benefits
    While a devastating illness or injury can have a serious financial impact, term life insurance with living benefits can help. Get 4 sales ideas and materials to help you provide the right solutions for your clients.


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  • Value-Lock 10 will be WITHDRAWNeffective November 1st
    Effective 11/1/2016, Value-Lock 10 Indexed Annuity will no longer be available for new sales. New Value-Lock applications must be dated by October 31, 2016 and received by November 3, 2016.




  • Fixed Indexed Annuity Resource Guide
    The FIA Resource Guide can help to get you in front of more clients or even make it easier to show the benefits of FIAs. This guide includes:

    • Prospecting Tools
    • Client Approved Literature
    • Advisor Literature
  • Lincoln Leader for Fixed AnnuitiesOctober 18th editionRead it now.



  • Indexed Annuity Care – help clients enjoy today while protecting tomorrow
    Your clients work hard to accumulate retirement assets and leave a legacy for the people and charities they love most. But their assets could be jeopardized if they ever need long-term care. LTC doesn’t just carry a financial price tag. There’s also a high emotional price that is often paid by the entire family. But it doesn’t have to be that way – thanks to Indexed Annuity Care.


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  • Performance LTC
    • Updated Investment Strategy Materials
      The Performance LTC Investment Strategy Brochure and Closer Look Flyer provide you with an overview of John Hancock’s investment approach that includes a broad array of fixed income and alternative long-duration assets.
    • Policyholder Statements
      Performance LTC statements provide policyholders with a snapshot of the benefits and features of their long-term care insurance policy and also include an in-force illustration. An annotated sample statement has been created to be used as a training tool, which highlights specific rules around how the Flex Account feature works.
    • An existing client could be your agents next best prospect
      This flyer shows that every client has relationships that your agents can leverage to help them easily gather additional leads.
    • Delivering Value: In Good Times and In Bad
      This flyer shows how Performance LTC is equipped to deliver lower net premiums for clients.
    • Producer Guide
      The Producer Guide provides complete product and marketing information for the sale of Performance LTC and includes in-depth information on how the Flex Account works.
  • LTC Cost of Care Survey
    This year’s survey revealed that the cost of long-term care services continues to rise. To learn more, review the Key Findings Brochure and use the interactive calculator to view long term care costs by state and project what costs could be in the future.


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  • Save Time with the DI Tele-Application
    The DI TeleApp facilitates a faster application process, limits asking medical questions, and reduces the need for call-backs to your customers by allowing our trained nurses to gather your clients’ medical information. Learn more.


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2017 Marketing Conference in Los Cabos, Mexico
May 7-11, 2017

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2016)


Get complete details.

 iPad Pro Contest

(Qualification period: September 1 – December 31, 2016)

Qualify for as few as 9 life sales.  (Only policies sold through ExpertApp are eligible.)

Get complete rules and details.





Leaders of Olympus in Prague

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2016)
Get details.




Perfomance LTC 2016 Producer Bonus Program

(Qualification period: March 1 – December 31, 2016)  
Earn an additional 10% Bonus by selling

John Hancock’s Performance LTC product within the qualification period.

Get complete details.



Earn up to $500 for selling CareShield!
(Qualificaton period: September 20 – December 31, 2016)

Within the qualification period, agents will receive a $300 Visa gift card for two paid CareShield applications or a $500 Visa gift card for three paid CareShield application.

Get complete details.






2016 EPIC Reward – Elite Producer Club

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2016)

Receive a 1% commission bonus on your annuity business this year.


Learn how.






2017 Independent Leaders Conference 

June 4-8, 2017 

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2016)

Discover the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, a luxury resort in the Cayman Islands where sparkling turquoise waters blend seamlessly with the cerulean sky to create your perfect Caribbean oasis. Learn more about the luxury that awaits you.

View the brochure. Get qualification details.


Elect To Sell SIUL This Fall!

(Qualification period: September 15, 2016 – March 31, 2017)

Prudential is giving you the opportunity to earn an additional 20% compensation on new Survivorship Index UL business.

Get complete details.


Illustrate UL-G and SUL-G’s ROP riders and win Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones! 

Symetra’s UL-G with ROP and SUL-G with SROP offer lower premiums, longer windows, higher caps and advance policyowner notifications. Be among the top 20 case designers who run the most ROP and SROP illustrations through WinFlex Web between September 1, 2016 and October 31, 2016 and win a set of Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones.
Get details.



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