October 25, 2017



  • Best Practices for Salespeople Who Work at Home
    Putting your feet up and staying in your pajamas are both ways to sabotage your productivity when telecommuting. Read more.
  • What Do Millennials Really Want?
    They’re out there looking for a suitable path through a challenging, confusing world. Read more.






  • Provide more liquidity options for your client
    Guarantee clients financial longevity with the Lifestyle Income Solution; an ABR available on Secure Lifetime GUL 3 and Value+ Protector IUL. Tell prospects, “If you don’t die early, you have the option to spend your entire death benefit on virtually anything you want.” Yes it’s true and…

    • It’s not a loan
    • It’s not based on dividend projections
    • It’s not based on an index projection
    • It’s guaranteed!
  • Introducing the PIMCO Global Optima IndexNEW
    Download this brochure to learn about this new index; designed exclusively for the Power Series of Annuities.
  • American Pathway Solutions MYG AnnuityView current rates.
  • American Pathway Immediate and
    Deferred Income annuity rates are changing
    effective October 30th
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  • Signature IUL has 4 one-year strategies – and more! Learn more.
  • Signature Guaranteed UL with Cash-Out RiderLearn more.



















  • Underwriting Sweet Spots VideoNEW
    Check out this new video; which outlines medical and non-medical risks that can be considered for our top three underwriting classes.









  • Amazing Term Life Express updates
    Two things clients love – lower premiums and knowing how much money they can get back. Guess what. Term Life Express has both. First, 10T premiums were lowered on October 1, 2017. Second, 20 and 30T ROP policies now provide an on-the-spot calculation of what the return of premium would be for clients.
  • Simple product design and client-friendly features are what make this IUL different
  • Roadmaps to Social Security Success
    Clients need advice on how to navigate the new world of social security benefits. “What are My Social Security Options” and “Bridging the Social Security Gap” are handy tools for clients.
  • Accelerated Benefits can provide value for clientsLearn how.
  • Medicare Supplements
    • Working with Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplements
      Click here to identify the dedicated resources and people you’ll rely on throughout your relationship with Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplements.
    • Maneuvering through MedSupp Annual Open EnrollmentGet the guide.
    • Rate adjustment for CO & VTGet details.
  • Dental Insurance
  • Long Term Care





  • Discuss the current low interest rate environmentand possible alternatives to CDs!
    If clients intend to leave money to loved ones, let them know that Legacy Optimizer Indexed Universal Life insurance is a great alternative.  It provides guaranteed death benefit protection with a single premium. Can you think of a client who would like to leverage money into a larger death benefit for loved ones? Who do you know that…

    • Needs death benefit protection?
    • Is 50 – 80 years old?
    • Has sufficient retirement resources and emergency funds?
    • Has $25k to $200k in a low interest account?
    • Anticipates they will not use all of their wealth during their lifetime?
    • Wants to pass on a legacy to their loved ones?
    • Use this quote tool to find out how much your client could leverage.
  • Guarantee Builder IULSee the competitive comparison.
  • Introduce clients to a new annuity built for liquidity
    Learn more about the innovative, first-to-market design of the NAC VersaChoice 10 fixed index annuity and how it can help clients prepare for retirement while its optional enhanced liquidity benefit rider helps them stay prepared for the unexpected.

  • Podcasts for practice management tips and more
    Listen here to learn how you can make a great first impression with clients; and get the answer to one of life’s enduring questions, “What’s an annuity?”
  • Revised dates
    • The Sign at Paramed option will no longer be available as of October 28, 2017 when using SimpleSubmit.
    • The paramedical requirements recently announced will now be effective October 30, 2017.
    • The changes regarding the maximum acceptable funding level, TIA changes and Statement of Health change will still be effective October 23, 2017.





  • Sales help
    Two of the biggest obstacles for clients when it comes to life insurance: they don’t understand it, and they think they can’t afford it. Enter Protective Classic Choice term-an easy-to-understand policy, built to fit client needs without breaking the bank. Use this prospecting letter to start the conversation.





  • Symetra Accumulator IUL and Symetra UL-GNEW VIDEO
    This new video highlights Symetra’s entry into the BGA distribution channel five years ago and reviews the competitive features of their flagship Symetra UL-G and their newest offering, Symetra Accumulator IUL.