November 15, 2017



  • 4 Critical Retirement Planning Tips
    If clients ignore these basic principles… maybe they will have to buy lottery tickets and hope for the best. Read more.
  • Retirement Saving Checklist: 15 Things to Know That Can Lead to Success
    Using this checklist, clients can be better prepared for retirement by assessing their behavior and actions around retirement saving. Read more.




  • New client prep tool prepares sales concepts & strategies with just a few clicks
    Generation Station puts your agents on the fast track to success with clients of every generation, every time. Meeting with a new prospect? They can go in with a powerful first impression by leveraging this online client meeting prep tool that does two things:

    • Instructs on how to communicate in the right way, specific to their clients generation
    • Helps them choose the right life insurance solution, specific to their clients life stage needs
  • AG NewsNovember 9th
    In this issue:

    • Get targeted life insurance options for clients by simply inputting their age and answering a few questions about their life stage.
    • Not your parents life insurance
    • Newly re-designed generational marketing support materials
    • Sales ideas galore



  • Guaranteed UL with the Cash-Out Rider has
    benefit maximums among the highest in the industry! Learn more.
  • Why sell American National SPIA? 8.72% Cash Flow!  Get details.
  • Internal Exchange Commission Program for annuitiesGet details.





  • Life Insurance NewsNovember 10th
    In this issue:

    • Introducing the Brighthouse Financial Insights Panel
    • Introducing Brighthouse Conversion Whole Life
    • News and Reminders





  • Lifetime Builder Elite IULNEW PRODUCT available November 20th
    Global’s illustration software (LPSS) has already been updated to include this upcoming product. Click here to get the fact sheet and a Spotlight on Sales piece that outlines how they’ve taken one of the best IUL products of all time and made it ELITE.
  • Fitch publishes “A” IFS rating for Global Atlantic insurance companiesRead the bulletin.



  • Annuity Distribution GuideNEW!

It’s new and full of annuity distribution and taxation information. Get it now.



  • Insurance planning for women: Find success with the long-term care rider
    Use the John Hancock Long-Term Care rider to help you address the unique needs and challenges women face. Learn more.
  • John Hancock Vitality & diabetes make headline newsRead more.



  • ePolicy Delivery
    LGA’s flexible eDelivery solution makes it easy for customers to sign and receive their life insurance policies electronically, and saves trees!





  • Clients impacted by California wildfiresRead the emergency bulletin.
  • Why clients should consider purchasing LTC insurance
    When Vernon Duckett first heard about long-term care insurance, his wife, Helen, talked him into it. Years later, that decision not only provided financial security – it provided peace of mind and independence. Share the Duckett family’s story, and help your clients learn why they, too, should consider buying long-term care insurance.
  • Protect your clients with chronic Illness coverage faster
    Now available! Add the Chronic Illness Conversion Agreement (CICA) or the Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness Agreement (CIA) to your client’s policies even when using WriteFit Express (face amounts of $100,000 or higher.) Learn more.



  • An IUL policy can help clients live life full throttle
    Find out how Income Advantage IUL can help clients protect their family while also accumulating cash that can be used to supplement retirement income.
  • Make the move to Term Life Answers
    Looking for a top-ranked carrier, offering competitive pricing, and product features your clients need? Look no further. Discover Term Life Answers.
  • Dental Insurance product release
    Effective November 11, 2017, you may begin selling our Mutual Dental Preferred and Mutual Dental Protection insurance policies with an optional vision care rider in AR, AZ, GA, MN, NJ and TN. Learn more.
  • Critical Illness offers Return of Premium
    Remind your agents about the Critical Illness Return of Premium benefit. Learn more about this built-in benefit that can reassure clients who are concerned about possibly never using their policy.
  • MedSupp rate adjustments for MO & LAGet details.
  • MedSupp eApp & Mobile Quote AppLearn more.



  • Revised Agent & Agency ContractsRead the bulletin.
  • VersaChoice 10 now available in AZ, MT, NC & VTGet details & materials.
  • A family meeting to bring the future into focusNEW!
    Introducing the Legacy Portrait; designed to help encourage your clients to start communicating important, timely topics with their families. Watch the video to see how the Legacy Portrait can play an important role in your clients’ futures and in your business.




  • Care Solutions interest rateseffective November 15thView them now.
  • Upcoming Care Solutions product changes for MA & NMGet details.



  • Teach clients about Life Insurance in 2-minutesvideo

Protective Classic Choice term is a great option for your clients who may be starting out or just need solid, inexpensive life insurance protection. But before you start talking product, help educate clients about the importance of life insurance with a quick video first. Then download more term resources to include in your follow-up plan with clients.


  • Products available for conversionRead more.



  • Life Essentials NewsletterNovember 6th
    In this issue:

    • Consumer-Approved Case Study Talks Life Insurance and Market Volatility
    • New State Approvals for SUL Protector and BenefitAccess Rider
    • New Cervical Cancer Underwriting Guidelines





  • Annuity rate updateseffective November 15thGet details.