May 10, 2017



  • Website demo of sales tools


  • Learn about the Quest Series of Annuities
  • Learn about the Wealth Builder Series of Annuities


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  • Modified Endowment Contracts and the 7-Pay Test
    The rules can lead well-meaning clients without good advisors into tax-rule maze. Read more.
  • How Advisors Can Help Clients Age in Place
    As clients age, staying in their homes may require significant upgrades. Read more.


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  • Brighthouse Financial airs first national advertising
    National advertisement results in over 500 million views in less than a month.







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  • In The Know NewsletterMay 4th
    In this issue:

    • Helpful resources for “In Good Order” submissions
    • Updates to Key Underwriting Guides
    • Form revision: Agent Certification Form
    • Select Income Rider (SIR) reactivated
    • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training
    • Pitfalls preventing LTLIA coverage





  • Enhanced Rate Plus – say goodbye to traditional underwriting
    Watch this video to learn about Enhanced Rate Plus. It provides eligible clients with:

    • A policy in less than a week
    • A rating boost to best possible class


  • Chronic & Critial Illness
    Global’s new Accelerated Access Rider can offer the flexibility to access a portion of a clients life insurance death benefits during a life-altering event – like a chronic or critical illness. Download this flyer for more details.


  • Spotlight NewsletterApril 28th
    In this issue:

    • NEW SmartProtect Term with Vitality!
    • John Hancock is removing first year premium limits
    • May 2017 Prospectus update
    • John Hancock’s Vitality Program – now available in 49 states
    • New Video!  An IUL that’s in a class of its own


  • Underwriting Advantages for clients with Hepatitis CNEW!
    Read about the new underwriting opportunities presented for clients with Hepatitis C.
  • Lincoln LifeElements Level Term (2017)
    Effective May 15, 2017, pricing improvements will be madeto Lincoln LifeElements Level Term (2017) which will solidify key competitiveness at ages 45 and above with face amounts of $500,000 and above. Premiums either decreased or remained the same in all cells. Read the announcement.



  • Term life – Competitive rates. Faster pay.
    Securian’s competitive Advantage Elite Select Term Life rates make it easier for your clients to get the coverage they need at a price they can afford. Coupled with the WriteFit Underwritingprogram, qualified clients could be approved for coverage within 48 hours, so you can get paid faster. Learn more.



  • Life Protection Advantage – offer clients protection through life
    Learn more about this new IUL; and see how it relates to Mutual’s other products.
  • A Way to Build Wealth Outside of a Businesssales idea
    Learn how life insurance can help business owners protect their families and build wealth outside of their businesses.
  • Children’s Whole Life
    Promote it with these two customizable mailers:



  • Critical Illness is now available in CA
    Life Insurance with an Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Critical Illness is now available in California. Watch the video below for details.


  • Delivering the Difference NewsletterMay 2017
    In this issue:

    • Critical Illness in California
    • Mitigating Risk
    • Confidence in North American
  • Updated Reinstatement GuidelinesRead about the changes.




  • Underwriting changes to Trendsetter Term SeriesGet details.


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  • Customize your clients’ financial strategy
    Wherever your clients are on their path to retirement, you can help them generate predictable income for the future. AIG has ideas to help you customize a financial strategy for every phase of their life.

    • Design an income solution that offers:
    • Guaranteed lifetime income choices
    • Principal protection
    • Tax-deferred growth
    • Asset accumulation
  • New process for large case annuity exception requests & quotesLearn about the new process.


  • WealthQuest Citadel Diamond 7 – a flexible premium annuity
    This fixed deferred annuity offers flexible premiums with the ability to add additional premiums at any time. Learn more about WealthQuest Citadel Diamond 7; and download materials.
  • ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 7 & 10Get complete details!







  • Annuity & Asset Sales NewsletterMay 5th
    In this issue:

    • 100% participation in dynamic indices, plus 2.25% annual performance interest credits
    • 2017 Journey product launch update
    • Annuity Rate Change: Effective 05/01/2017
    • Delaware Adoption of the 2010 NAIC Model Suitability Regulation


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  • Inflation Protection on MutualCare Custom Solution
    With a variety of inflation duration and inflation percentage options, it’s easy to make adjustments to arrive at your client’s desired LTCi premium amount. Learn more.


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  • One company for Utah
    Effective June 1, 2017, only Medicare supplement in Utah underwritten by Omaha Insurance Company will be available for new business and conversions through individual agents. Get details.
  • E-mail marketing program available
    Save $50 on your next email marketing campaign through May. Get details.
  • Rate adjustments for several statesGet details.


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2018 IMG Conference – Riviera Maya

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2017)

Earn your way to the 2018 Independent Marketing Group Conference at the Grand Velas Resort in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya Mexico.

Get complete details.

Earn an Apple Watch

(Qualification Period: May 1 – August 31, 2017)

Earn a chance to win an Apple Watch by submitting life applications through ExpertApp.

Get complete details.


2018 Independent Leaders’ Conference

Spend five days and four nights from May 15-19, 2018 at one of the finest hotels Maui, Hawaii has to offer – the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.

Download the venue brochure.
See the producer qualifications.
See the Marketing Organization qualifications.
Check out this video to learn more!


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