March 21, 2018


  • Non-medical underwriter for IUL
    Beginning April 16, 2018, Max Accumulator+ can be processed with non-medical underwriting!  See the flyer. This makes the process simpler for your client, faster for us to support, and easier for you to complete.

    • No labs, APS’s, Para-meds, or physical exams
    • Easy processing with fewer requirements to gather
    • Same competitive products – no changes to compensation, product, or price
  • A picture is worth 60,000 words
    The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Click here for consumer-approved visual conversation starters ready to go into your next prospecting campaign.
  • GUL 3 rate increasecoming April 14th
    The price of GUL 3 will be increasing an average of 3 to 4%. Adjustments to the target premiums will also be made. Read the bulletin.
  • Annuity rateseffective March 19th
    American Pathway Immediate Annuity and American Pathway Deferred Income Annuity rates have improved. Download the new rate sheets.
  • American Pathway Solutions MYG
    Take a look at this great current rate to help put your clients in control of their retirement.





  • The Bottom LineMarch 2018
    In this issue:

    • Deadline is near for 2017 IRA contributions
    • Important updates to Athene paperwork
    • How to stay front and center with your clients
    • Guidance on securities and insurance products sold in Vermont
    • Quick quiz added to Athene product training
  • Updated Customer Identification & Suitability Confirmation Worksheet
    The updated form is available on Athene Connect and should be used immediately. Applications with an outdated or missing form received after March 30, 2018 will be considered “not in good order.”



  • Money in Motion: The Great Wealth Transfer and You
    Click here to read about:

    • Why it’s important to form an estate plan for clients
    • How to build relationships with GenX & Millennials
    • Helping clients manage their inheritance
  • Simple Underwritingfast, easy, and convenientFind out more.







  • Accidental Death Marketing CampaignGet details.
  • Shortened transition period for term business in New YorkGet details.



  • WealthPreserve IUL with the LifeAssure ABR
    Now your clients can have the assurance of long term guaranteed death benefit protection from a simple IUL and an optional no up-front cost rider for a permanent chronic illness. See why you’ll want to recommend this powerful combination.
  • Lincoln LifeElements Level Term rates are simply betterLearn more.
  • Life Product Portfolio Availability ChartsGet them here.
  • Marketing Matters
    Lincoln has created a fast-paced, fun and educational video series to explain how the digital, social and content tools available through LFN can help you create awareness, stay relevant and make a positive, lasting impression on clients and prospects. The Age of Digitization (don’t be scared by the name) kicks off the five-part “Marketing Matters” video series.



  • Updates to Life Cap & Participation RatesGet details.
  • Life Lines NewsletterMarch 2018
    In this issue:

    • Faster underwriting process for more clients
    • Underwriting experience now enhanced
    • Connecticut joins the Compact



  • Case study for a 42-year-old smoker with health issuesSee the smokin’ deal!
  • Get the most momentum with TLA
    Term Life Answers offers competitive pricing and great features. Make sure you are quoting it for your clients.
  • How Life Insurance can help satisfy requirements of a Divorce Decree
    When a couple gets divorced, the court often requires alimony or child support payments. But what if the spouse who is responsible for the court-ordered payments dies? Learn how different types of life insurance can help satisfy the requirements of a divorce decree.
  • Reduce the burden of caregiving with Long Term Care Insurance
    Help clients plan for the care they may need someday. Show them how an LTCi policy can help them and their families.
  • Critical Advantage Underwriting Guide updates
    A new Critical Advantage Underwriting Guide is available. Here are several updates you’ll find.
  • Medicare Supplements
    • Outline Correction for Idaho
      The outline contained in the Idaho Mutual of Omaha App book MAP551 with print date 1/01/18 incorrectly labeled the High Deductible Plan F column on the rate pages. Learn more.
    • April Modernized Rate Release for NV & UTGet details.
    • Upcoming Rate Adjustments for UTGet details.
    • MedSupp Services & ResourcesLearn more.
  • Dental Insurance product now available in IL, KS, ME & UT
    Effective March 16, 2018, you may begin selling our Mutual Dental Preferred and Mutual Dental Protection insurance policies with an optional vision care rider underwritten by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company in IL, KS, ME, and UT. Learn more.
  • Severe weather notices
  • Broker compensation statements
    Effective immediately, you will be receiving your Broker Compensation Statements in the Excel format as well as the current PDF format you are used to.  For those of you who are on daily pay, you may have already noticed this new enhancement.
  • USADATAdiscount on list orders and a chance to win
    Don’t miss out on this special promotion and a chance to win now through April 20th, 2018. Learn more.



  • Changes to Cap, Participation, Spread & Illustrated Rates for IUL Life Policies
    The changes are applicable to Builder IUL Generation 8 and Rapid Builder IUL Generation 4. Get details and important dates.
  • Medical Reference Library
    We are excited to announce our Medical Reference Library has been updated to make it easier and quicker for you to quote clients with common medical impairments. Read more.
  • Maryland trainingLearn about the anti-fraud training requirement.
  • Leverage your client’s funds into a bigger death benefit
    See the hypothetical case study about Sam, a 50 year old who recently lost his father and ended up having to pay for most of the funeral expenses out of his own pocket. Sam decides that he does not want to leave the same type of burden for his children.
  • RMD concepts you can share with clients
    While agents should always leave the tax implications of required minimum distribution (RMD) decisions to experts like CPAs or attorneys, nothing is stopping them from informing clients of alternative ways to help meet their obligations. One possible solution is an annuity from North American. Share these client-friendly flyers offering annuity concepts that could be a potential fit for clients; and give them time to discuss the ideas with their tax advisers.

  • An informative video on RMD basicsWatch it now.
  • Great rates on Guarantee Choice 5 MYGALearn more.
  • RetireChoice will be discontinued

North American is in the process of sun setting one of their “oldest” FIA products – RetireChoice.  While there is no official date yet, they expect this to occur over the next couple months. They are providing this information today so you have ample time to transition to the VersaChoice FIA – a comparable product that offers several of the features available on the RetireChoice; as well as several other features that are first of their kind in the market. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two products; along with the VersaChoice brochurePlease note: VersaChoice is not yet approved in CA; therefore they will continue to offer the RetireChoice product until it is approved.



  • Update to approved vendors for medical requirementsGet details.





  • Life EssentialsMarch 12th
    In this issue:

    • A Single Deposit Solution that Pays Premiums Over Time
    • Now Available: Lower Cost, New Bonus for IAUL
    • New Regulation in NY, Effective March 19, 2018
    • Fast App Product Selection Now Available for All iPipeline Users
    • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: Opportunities for Individuals and Businesses
    • Help Clients Build Their Legacy in 2018



  • How are you preparing your clients for the unexpected?
    Financial Foundation IUL is truly a flexible product. With Living Benefit** riders to choose from, at no additional cost to your client, they can have peace of mind knowing they have laid a firm foundation for their future and their family.

  • Electronic Application Signature Rules
    In order to clarify the various electronic signature methods, this helpful Grid/Checklist has been developed to outline the rules for various products.