• AIG Advanced Markets: Key Person Insurance
  • Unleash the Power of IUL
    Learn how life insurance can be the key to achieving financial goals by simultaneously growing and protecting your clients’ retirement security.

  • Estate Planning 101
  • Executive Bonus Basics
  • AIG Advanced Markets – Executive Bonus Arrangements
  • AIG Advanced Markets – Deferred Compensation
  • AIG Advanced Markets – Split Dollar


  • Indexed Annuities – from Origins to Alts
    • March 16th at 10:00 AM CT – Register here. (Dial-in #:  888-228-0568)
  • Athene Compliance & Suitability Update
    • March 23rd at 2:00 PM CT – Register here. (Dial-in #: 800-926-4481)
  • SecureCare – a new way for clients to leverage assets for a more secure future


  • Introducing Orion IULNOW AVAILABLE!
    A flexible death benefit is just one of the great features. Attend one of the upcoming webinars to learn even more!  Attend one of the webinars below to learn even more.

  • A sneak peek of the redesigned pending business tool
  • Demo of the redesigned illustration system and pending business tool
  • North American’s New Web Based Software – Demo
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Solutions
  • Social Media Automation and LinkedIn Prospecting


  • Learn about the Quest Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Monday and Wednesday at 2:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!
  • Learn about the Wealth Builder Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Tuesday at 2:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!


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  • How to streamline the disability insurance claims process
    For a client who is ill or injured, filing a disability claim may come during a challenging time in his or her life. Read more.
  • The secret to client retention
    Of course you have to market to your clients. But to what end? Read more.
  • Agents and advisors: Salespeople or problem solvers?
    Customers are much more interested in addressing their needs than being sold on your solutions. Read more.
  • Digital assets and estate planning in 2017
    Being able to manage a client’s online personal and financial records is now essential to comprehensive estate planning. Read more.
  • 10 alarming facts about women and retirement risks
    In recognition of National Women’s History Month in March and International Women’s Day on March 8, Transamerica released a study on retirement vulnerabilities unique to women. Read more.


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  • Referral Program
    Get and stay connected with a strong network for more client referrals. The math is simple: quality plus quantity equals a powerful client referral program to help build your business. It starts with learning how to develop referral partnerships and the best way to ask for referrals. AIG’s Referral Ready – Client Referral Program could help.



  • New website for financial professionalsCOMING SOON!
    Click here for the announcement. Attend an upcoming webinar for sneak peeks. See the webinar schedule above.




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  • Underwriting
    As previously communicated in January 2017, resting EKGs are no longer required for applicants under age 71 or for policies of $10 million or less. This change was made to improve competitive position and to help remove a roadblock from the insurance purchasing process. Download the Field Underwriting Guide.
  • Direct Billing Notifications Guide
    This guide outlines Direct Bill notifications by product, with timeframes for when you and your customer can expect a notice from AIG regarding billing, grace, or lapse; use it to help avoid lapses and conserve policies.
  • Select Income Rider DISCONTINUED in Compact states  – effective March 24thRead the bulletin.



  • Lifetime Provider IUL
    The Increased Participation Strategy – available on all of Global’s IUL products – boosts indexed interest credits in periods of modest index growth. This could extend your client’s coverage even longer – without assuming a higher interest rate. The 1-Year Point-to-Point Increased Participation Strategy guarantees a 200% participation rate for the life of the policy, subject to a stated cap rate. Download this Lifetime Provider IUL sales idea example to learn how the Increased Par strategy can help clients and help your agents win cases.



  • Automated UnderwritingEXPANDED ELIGIBILITY!
    Clients applying for up to $1 million of coverage through AppAssist may be eligible for approval with no medical exams, labs or APSs required. Get details.
  • New consumer-approved materials for NEW Term ratesGet them now.



  • Advanced Perspectives Newsletter February 2017 edition
    This newsletter can help take your advanced markets practice to the next level. This quarters topics include:

    • Life insurance solutions for a variety of needs – the EPIC tool arc
    • What to watch for: potential new regulations on valuation discounts for family businesses
  • SecureCare – a product that helps secure your clients’ future, today!
    The high cost of long-term care is a growing concern and top-of-mind for clients. Help secure their future with SecureCare; which offers long-term care benefits, a death benefit and more. Get product highlights. Learn more by attending one of the upcoming webinars.  See the webinar schedule above.



  • Disclosure Statement for Maryland
    Universal Life policies with a No Lapse Guarantee of 20 years or more no longer require a Maryland Disclosure Statement. Read the bulletin.


  • PruLife UL Protector premium increase
    The price increase on March 6, 2017 was necessary to maintain the sustainability of UL Protector during this ongoing period of historically low interest rates. Prudential will continue to monitor pricing on their entire suite of products and exercise the financial discipline that has helped Prudential provide enduring value to its clients for over 140 years. The reprice details are:

    • Level pay increases ranging from 4 – 10%; varying by cell. The average increase was 6% for ages 55 – 75.
    • Single pay increases ranging from 9 – 19%. The average increase was 12% for ages 55 – 75.
    • CTPs increased. Generally, CTPs are higher than level pay premiums.
    • Face amount limits have been removed on applied for policies using the new rates.
    • Be sure to read the transition rules as different rules and dates apply.


  • Recruit and retain top agents!
    It’s easier to do when you can share news that inspires and motivates them!

    • For twenty-five to fifty, they offer very affordable protection and are #1, 67% of the time for 30-year term!
    • 83% of the time we’re in the top 3 and 33%² of the time we’re #1.


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  • Social Security Videos  – NEW!
    Get Social Security info in bite-sized pieces. View our new, client-friendly, multi-part series shorts. See the first three below:

  • Give your clients the power of knowledge on financial topics that impact them
    Share these easy-to-read intros to annuities and retirement.


  • DISCONTINUED Fixed Index Annuity productseffective April 10th
    North American Charter and North American Precision Series will be discontinued on April 10, 2017. Applications for these products must be received in the Home Office April 9, 2017.
  • New Suitability Regulation for MissouriGet details.


  • The NEW Voya Journey Index Annuity
    It features 2.25% Annual Performance Interest Credits plus 100% participation in dynamic indices from citi and J.P.Morgan. Watch the video below for more information.


  • The DOL Fiduciary RuleRead the Voya “Rules of the Road”.
  • Join Voya’s Key Partner Online Community
    This interactive digital platform will allow members to share their opinions on a number of initiatives Voya has in the pipeline. Activities may range from short multiple choice surveys to online discussion boards and ideation sessions – with the expectation that they will take no more than 10 minutes each week to complete.  If you are interested in helping to shape Voya’s future products and services and would like to learn more about this community, please send an email to AnnuityAndLifeVOC@Voya.com.
  • Fixed Indexed AnnuitiesView the current interest rates.


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  • Getting the most from LTC insurance policies
    Some insurance companies offer LTC policies based on a daily benefit amount. Mutual of Omaha’s policies are based on a monthly benefit. Here’s why that matters.


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  • Critical Advantage lump sum payment
    The lump sum benefit can be used in any way the client needs; such as filling the gap in their current health coverage. Learn more.


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  • Rate adjustments for AZ, CA, LA, MS, NM, OR & UTGet details.


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CASH IS KING – annuity incentive 

(Qualification period: ENDS March 31, 2017 )

Earn a CASH BONUS for your annuity sales.


Get complete details.

2018 IMG Conference – Riviera Maya

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2017)

Earn your way to the 2018 Independent Marketing Group Conference at the Grand Velas Resort in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya Mexico.

Get complete details.






2016 EPIC Reward – Elite Producer Club

(Qualification period: ENDS March 31, 2017)

Receive a 1% commission bonus on your annuity business this year.


Learn how.




2018 Independent Leaders’ Conference

Spend five days and four nights from May 15-19, 2018 at one of the finest hotels Maui, Hawaii has to offer – the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. Stay tuned for ongoing details; including eligibility rules.

Download the venue brochure.
See the producer qualifications.
See the Marketing Organization qualifications.
Check out this video to learn more!



Elect To Sell SIUL This Fall!

(Qualification period: ENDS March 31, 2017)

Prudential is giving you the opportunity to earn an additional 20% compensation on new Survivorship Index UL business.

Get complete details.




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