February 8, 2017


Upcoming Webinars

  • PUL & LifeTrack: Keeping Your Insurance Plans On Their Intended Path
    • February 22nd at 1:00 PM CT – Join the meeting here.
      Meeting #: 631 422 962  PW: TMA123
      Dial-in #: 866-518-0783  Passcode: 185874
  • Introducing Orion IULCOMING SOON!
    A flexible death benefit is just one of the great features. Attend one of the upcoming webinars to learn even more!  Attend one of the webinars below to learn even more.

  • Smart Money Using Rapid Builder IUL
    Smart money is money your clients want to control and be able to access during times of need. While there are several places to store smart money, one option to consider is indexed universal life insurance. Learn how to help your clients make their smart money even smarter!

  • Retirement Planning Using IUL
    Help your clients protect what’s important now while giving them a way to enjoy financial freedom later. Find out how the concept works, learn how North American’s Builder IUL can provide additional stability for the retiree and get illustration software tips to help build a compelling case.

  • A Tale of Two Incomes
    Are your clients looking for a storybook ending? The NAC IncomeChoice fixed index annuity series can help cover their retirement needs and wants.

  • How to Reach the Next GenerationREPLAY
    Get tips on how to reach the next generation of a client’s family, or introduce yourself to the successor of a business owner client.

  • Recharge your social media with GainfullyREPLAY


  • Learn about the Quest Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Monday and Wednesday at 2:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!
  • Learn about the Wealth Builder Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!


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  • How to up your email game with clients, prospects
    Here are more than two dozen ideas for moving beyond superficial business communications. Read more.
  • Secrets to selling life insurance to millennials
    Although many millennials are burdened by student loans and underemployment, their buying power will only continue to increase as they inherit businesses, estates and jobs from retiring baby boomers. Read more.


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  • Major website enhancementsCOMING FEBRUARY 13th
    Details to come! Watch your email to learn what the “revamped” northamericancompany.com will have to offer.


  • Updated LTC Tax Guide
    This piece was designed to help clients understand the taxation and tax benefits of asset-based LTC products in individual and business settings. View it now.
  • Recent Articles

    • Chicago Tribune cites OneAmerica among 3 dominating companies
      According to the Chicago Tribune, OneAmerica is one of three companies that dominate the single-premium market for hybrid LTC policies. This article (dated January 3, 2017) addresses other LTC insurance options available to consumers besides traditional policies.
    • OneAmerica article in Broker World
      The January issue of Broker World magazine features an article by OneAmerica Individual Life and Financial Service President Pat Foley. “Ready to navigate our industry’s changing landscape” features Pat’s 2017 carrier forecast.


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  • SALES TIPS for selling life insurance
    Most people will accept the need for health, auto, and homeowners insurance, but selling life insurance can be more challenging. Read this article to learn good solid sales techniques that enable a sale – regardless of economic conditions.



  • Life in Motion – You Do the Math




  • List of MetLife life insurance products that are no longer available
    Click here for the list of products that MetLife discontinued on February 3, 2017. These products will NOT be available through Brighthouse Financial.



  • WriteFit Underwritinga simplified process for your agents and their clients
    Since the introduction of WriteFit, Minnesota Life now provides underwriting decisions within 48 hours for qualified clients.

    • 37 – Average age
    • $575,000 – Average face amount
    • 50% – Approval rate
    • 48 Hours – Average approval
    • Learn more.
  • Changes to life insurance applications
    Life applications have a new format, are easier to use and require less follow-up. Transition rules:

    • Starting February 13, 2017, you will have access to the updated applications on all form websites. Updated applications will be available via eApp on April 1, 2017.
    • Old applications will be accepted until March 31, 2017. Applications received April 1, 2017 and later must be submitted on the updated application form only.



  • Product suspensionseffective March 1st IMPORTANT
    Effective March 1, 2017, sales of the following products will be suspended:

    • Guaranteed Universal Life Plus-designed for larger first-year premium dump-ins
    • Guaranteed Universal Life Survivor-designed for second-to-die, survivorship sales
    • Read the bulletin for complete details and transition rules.
  • New Table Tents are available
    Life insurance plays a vital role in every financial plan. These table tents can help you showcase two potential sales solutions.

  • The Importance of the GRO Rider on Income Advantage IUL
    Learn how the GRO rider can help provide an additional layer of protection for your clients – especially in an unpredictable market.
  • February is Insure Your Love month
    Every February, the non-profit Life Happens promotes life insurance through its Insure Your Love campaign. You can use the campaign to market life insurance throughout the month of February.


  • Changes to guaranteed premiums for Custom Guarantee ULLearn more.
  • IUL product revisionsreminder
    Learn more about important updates made to the single life IUL products: Builder, Guarantee Builder and Rapid Builder single IUL products.


  • Indexed Choice UL benefits clients…and a great cause
    When your agents choose Protective Indexed Choice UL, Protective Life will make a contribution to one of three worthy causes. Learn more.
  • 2017 products available for conversionView the announcement.


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  • Help give clients confidence for whatever comes
    Reduce risk, guarantee interest earning and protect clients with a flexible, reliable financial strategy. Retired boomers and those who are about to retire have unique financial needs. By providing your clients with a financial strategy, you can help them:

    • IDENTIFY retirement needs and goals
    • EVALUATE investment options
    • GUARANTEE retirement income
    • Get started now.
    American Pathway Immediate Annuity and American Pathway Deferred Income Annuity rates increased on February 6, 2017. Download the updated rate sheet.
  • Mailing/lockbox & wiring instructions for American Pathway annuities
    The American Pathway series of fixed and income annuities have updated lockbox mailing addresses and wire transfer instructions. Remember, using outdated instructions could result in delayed premium processing and commission.


  • Illustration updateseffective February 1st
    • ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 10
    • Palladium Century
    • Palladium MYG
    • ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 10
    • Palladium Century
    • Palladium MYG
    • ExpertIllustrator
      In response to recent California Regulations, California illustrations have been updated and added back into the illustration software. The changes include new surrender charge schedules on the following products:
    • LPES
      In response to recent California Regulations, California illustrations have been updated and added back into the illustration software. The changes include new surrender charge schedules on the following products:



  • BenefitSolutions approved in CA
    The NAC BenefitSolutions 10- and 14-year annuities have been approved in California – with changes. Get details.
  • Have clients looking to maximize their Social Security benefits?
    Get concepts and strategies to help advance your business. Watch the video below.  And, download this new concept flyer.



  • Suitability & Due Diligence Questionnaireupdated
    An updated Consumer Suitability and Due Diligence Questionnaire went into effect January 1, 2017. The form was updated due to a California law requiring an additional suitability review question which reads: “California annuitants only – do you intend to apply for means-tested government benefits, including but not limited to, Medi-Cal or the veterans’ Aid and Attendance benefit?” Only California annuitants are required to answer the question.
  • Suitability training required for agents in DE
    Beginning June 1, 2017, an insurance producer may not solicit the sale of an individual annuity product in Delaware until he/she has completed insurer-provided product-specific training. Read the memo.



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  • LTC Underwriting & other requirementsDEADLINE EXTENTION!
    John Hancock will continue to process pending applications with the following extensions:

    • February 15, 2017: By this date, all outstanding underwriting and other requirements required to assess the application – including lab tests, medical records and other administrative items – are due in the service office. (Documents must be received by 11:59 ET if they are submitted electronically.)
    • March 3, 2017: By this date, all policies must be issued and paid for.
    • Read the complete announcement.
  • In-Force Rate Action notifications taking place in late FebruaryGet details.



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  • Critical Advantage PortfolioNEW PRODUCT!

Critical Advantage is a new Critical Illness, Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke portfolio. Learn more about it.


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No bulletins this week.


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401(k) PLANS



  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans – best for business-owners
    Since their inception in the mid 1980’s, 401(k) plans have become the most popular retirement plan in the United States. They have replaced the traditional defined benefit plan as the plan of choice by employers because they shift the funding and investment risk to the participants from the employer. So they are relatively inexpensive plans for a business to sponsor compared to traditional defined benefit plans. Read more. And, learn more by attending one of the February webinars. See the webinar schedule above.


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CASH IS KING – annuity incentive 

(Qualification period: January 1 – March 31, 2017 )

Earn a CASH BONUS for your annuity sales.


Get complete details.

2018 IMG Conference – Riviera Maya

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2017)

Earn your way to the 2018 Independent Marketing Group Conference at the Grand Velas Resort in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya Mexico.

Get complete details.






2016 EPIC Reward – Elite Producer Club

(Qualification period: EXTENDED to March 31, 2017)

Receive a 1% commission bonus on your annuity business this year.


Learn how.




2018 Independent Leaders’ Conference

Spend five days and four nights from May 15-19, 2018 at one of the finest hotels Maui, Hawaii has to offer – the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. Stay tuned for ongoing details; including eligibility rules.

Download the venue brochure.
See the producer qualifications.
See the Marketing Organization qualifications.
Check out this video to learn more!



Elect To Sell SIUL This Fall!

(Qualification period: September 15, 2016 – March 31, 2017)

Prudential is giving you the opportunity to earn an additional 20% compensation on new Survivorship Index UL business.

Get complete details.




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