February 7, 2018



·         Brooks Tingle to Lead John Hancock Insurance
As the interim head gets the permanent post, the focus is on life insurance. Read more.
·         3 Must-Ask Questions for Annuity Clients
Here’s advice about a simple approach to making sure the consumer gets a contract that fits. Read more.
·         What to Say Now About LTCI Rate Increases
A longtime LTCI specialist returns with a column about those premium changes. Read more.




  • Prospecting never ends!
    Save a ton of time by using content that is ready to use with the click of a button. No matter what age your client is, AIG has tailored content that will work for them. Are they a Generation Xer? A Baby Boomer? A Millennial? No problem. Check out the prospecting tools on Generation Matters to engage prospects in the life insurance conversation.
  • Updated Sales Practices ManualSee what’s new.
  • In the Know NewsletterFebruary 1st
    In this issue:

    • Select-a-Term Reprice
    • Lifestyle Income Solution in Delaware
    • Foreign National Guidelines and Underwriting Updates
    • IRS Form Update: 4506T-EZ (Request for Transcript of Tax Return)
    • New! Guide to Partial Surrenders and Loans for GUL and IUL Products
    • Reminder: Key Licensing Forms and Contracts Consolidated
    • An Important Update on Policy Dating and Draft Timing
  • Annuity rates have improvedDownload the new rate sheet.
    Download this flyer to view the exciting change to American Pathway rates.



  • Independent Voice NewsletterJanuary 31st
    In this issue:

    • Underwriting Case Studies: Impairments Rated by Underwriters
    • Sales Tips for Selling Life Insurance
    • Buy-Sell Agreements
    • Webinars and incentives
  • Annuity rate increasesDownload the updated rate sheet.
    And, don’t forget the Life and Annuity CASH incentive programs going on through April 30, 2018. View the incentives link above for details.



  • AM Best upgrades financial strength rating to “A” (Excellent)Read the bulletin.





  • Insure Your Love materials – a must see! Visit the microsite.
    Once again, Legal & General has created an arsenal of different and meaningful materials for you to promote life insurance.



  • Lincoln Leader for Life NewsletterJanuary 29th
    In this issue:

    • Coming Soon – LincolnWealthPreserve IUL (2017) – 02/12/18
    • Coming Soon – Lincoln LifeAssure Accelerated Benefits Rider
    • Coming Soon – Lincoln LifeGuarantee UL (2013) – 02/12/18
    • Coming Soon – LincXpress Tele-App Process Enhancements
    • Coming Soon – Financial and Medical Underwriting Updates
    • Coming Soon – MoneyGuard What Care Costs Report Enhancements
    • New York Regulation 210 – Non-Guaranteed Elements Illustration Disclosure
    • Per Diem Limit for 2018 – Reminder
    • Coming Soon – DesignIt Sales Concept Updates
    • Self-Service In-force Illustrations Awareness Campaign –  beginning in February



  • Statistically speaking, WriteFit means a fast, simple customer experience
    Since the introduction of WriteFit, advisors have been able to close more business and get paid faster. Learn more.



  • A.M. Best affirms Mutual of Omaha’s financial rating
    Our financial rating has been affirmed as A+ (Superior), the second highest of 16 ratings issued by A.M. Best. Read the bulletin.
  • Term Life Answers has been repriced!
    Now, the repriced Term Life Answers combined with Mutual’s age-last-birthday rates will keep you cool and fast in competition. Customize the new flyer for your agents.
  • Have you seen the updated Childrens Whole Life e-App?
    Find out how some of the new features can make your life easier.
  • Accelerated Benefit Rider2018 materials updated
    The Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Chronic Illness is capped by the IRS per diem limit. Materials have been updated to reflect that the per diem limit will remain the same for 2018. Read the notice.
  • Max Illustrated rate for Income Advantage IUL
    The Income Advantage IUL maximum illustrated rate in Winflex increased on February 1, 2018. Learn more.
  • Have you tried the LTC e-App?
    Producers are saying the LTC e-App is the easiest way to submit LTC applications. Find out why.
  • Lump sum payment for Critical Advantage Insurance
    Help clients understand the value of a lump sum payment upon diagnosis. This benefit can help fill gaps in health insurance coverage, reduced income and much more. Learn more.
  • Medicare Supplement updates
    • New Medicare Cards
      There are changes coming to clients’ Medicare cards starting in April 2018. Get details.
    • Broker Bonus Program
      View details of the Broker Bonus Program beginning February 1, 2018.
    • April rate adjustment for NevadaGet details.



  • WriteAwayNEWUnderwriting decisions in 48-72 hours!
    How can your healthiest clients have the opportunity for faster underwriting decisions? North American’s new WriteAway process (currently available for ADDvantage Term cases) could help accelerate the process. Watch this video to learn how WriteAway works!
  • Additional Lab Testing
    North American has added two additional tests to our routine blood panels. Learn more.
  • North American Annuity NewsJanuary 2018
    In this issue:

    • Most illustrated rates improve with new 10-year range
    • New, client-friendly allocation snapshot tool
    • Explore the one-stop resource for all your training needs
    • Sales Tools: Advertise about family ties
    • Upcoming events
    • Spousal continuance document change
  • VersaChoice 10 fixed index annuity updates
    • Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal benefit added
      Clients interested in the accumulation potential and flexibility of the VersaChoice 10 FIA will have the option to turn it into an income solution too. Learn more.
    • VersaChoice 10 FIA now available in MAGet details and join the webinar.
  • MYG rate increaseeffective February 6thGet details.
  • Required Product Training is simpler than ever
    Did you know North American Academy has all your training needs in a one-stop shop? Log-in to see the training you have completed, what is outstanding, and access RegEd.



  • Changes to Care Solutions new business submission processeffective February 12thLearn more.



  • Indexed Choice UL-a more realistic approach to an IUL solution
    When a client needs affordable lifetime coverage, you probably think GUL. But what if you offered a solution with similar guarantees, and even more cash value? Enter Protective Indexed Choice UL. Customize this sales idea in just a few clicks.
  • Enhancements to the TeleLife ApplicationLearn more.
  • Updated Evidence of Insurability GuidelinesLearn more.
  • From the Desk of Dave Sheridan
    In this newsletter:

    • Offer agents new tools that will help grow your business
    • Welcoming new distribution leadership



  • SBLI will help you impress agents with their unparalleled Accelerated Underwriting ProcessLearn more.