February 14, 2018


  • Baby Boomer Prospecting Tools
    Baby Boomers appreciate the time and attention your agents have to offer. Help them appreciate the value they can bring with these customized prospecting tools. Then they can follow up with the meeting prep tool called “Generation Station” which provides a fast track to tailored sales strategies for Baby Boomer’s specific life stage needs, income and more.
  • AG NewsFebruary 8th
    In this issue:

    • Life Insurance Sales Essentials
    • Lower term rates
    • Quickly show agents how to attract any generation client!
    • Policy Dating and Draft Timing
    • IRS Form Update: 4506T-EZ





  • Product training just got easier!
    On February 10, we’re discontinuing the Athene RegEd training site and moving to the industry standard RegEd Annuity Training Platform (ATP). Your producers will be able to go directly to RegEd, or click through from the redesigned Training Status page on Athene Connect. Get complete details.
  • Rate increases on Performance Elite & Ascent Pro BonusGet details.
  • The Bottom LineFebruary 2018
    In this issue:

    • A fresh perspective on new tax reform legislation
    • Your 2018 Tax Guide is here!
    • Stay front and center with your clients
    • The right document types get business processed faster!
    • Why risk the cost of waiting? Lock in strong rates today!



  • Insider Tips on Comparing Life Insurance Illustrations
    Life insurance illustrations are meant to help clients see how their policy might perform over time, based on assumptions that won’t change. But illustration assumptions do change-sometimes a lot! Check out this article for ways to level the playing field among carriers when comparing indexed universal life insurance illustrations.



  • Indexed rateseffective February 15thDownload the rate sheet.
  • 2018 Retirement Planning Guide
    This guide covers contribution limits, eligibility requirements, target markets, tax implications and much more. Take a look.
  • 5-Year Period Certain Option now available with IncomeSource
    A 5-Year Period Certain option is now available on new IncomeSource Series contracts and for annuitizations of existing deferred annuities. Illustrations are updated to support this enhancement. Continue to use existing IncomeSource applications until revised versions are available.



  • John Hancock enters the Critical Illness Market!
    Now, with the new Critical Illness Benefit rider there’s a living benefit that can offer your clients a lump-sum, income tax-free2 payment — up to $250,000 — that’s separate from, and in addition to, their life insurance benefit.
  • Spotlight NewsFebruary 5th
    In this issue:

    • Leadership Announcement
    • John Hancock Enters the Critical Illness Market
    • Vitality and Apple Watch
    • Explore How Critical Illness Riders Work
    • Beyond Tax Reform: Wealth Transfer Planning Opportunities
    • 2018 Fingertip Tax Guide
    • Love is … A Powerful Motivator
  • SmartProtect Term w/Vitality discontinued in brokerage marketeffective February 9th
    Read the bulletin for complete details and important dates.







  • Help your clients get the most out of their LTC benefits
    Check out this new case study comparing reimbursement plans to indemnity plans and how SecureCare can help your clients get the most out of their policy.
  • Changes to Advantage Elite Select productseffective January 16th
    Get details and transition rules.



  • Life & annuity products discontinued in New Yorkeffective March 5th
    Read the announcement.
  • New Term Life Answers ratesLearn more.
  • Use Age Last Birthday to your client’s advantage
    They are one of the only carriers to use Age Last Birthday rates. Have your agents promote this great feature with clients.
  • Term Life Answers Conversion compensation updateLearn more.
  • Grow your LTCi sales
    LTCi is a product with incredible potential for growth. Mutual of Omaha is committed to helping grow your LTCi business by providing the tools you need, the strength of our brand and products that offer substantial benefits to your clients. Learn more.
  • Priority Income Protection as mortgage protection
    Make sure your clients are prepared and can cover their mortgage payments if they become unable to work and earn an income due to disability. Learn how.
  • 2018 MedSupp rate adjustments for OK, NE & TXGet details.



  • Help your clients get accelerated underwriting decisions
    What if your healthiest clients could get faster life insurance underwriting answers? With the new WriteAway process currently available on ADDvantage Term, they can. Using information provided from a phone interview and publicly available data, North American is now able to provide the opportunity to eliminate a paramedical exam and labs for qualifying clients. See the benefits of this new process.
  • It’s like three products in one!
    The optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit will be added to VersaChoice 10 next month. See why you’ll want to make VersaChoice your new go-to product, starting with your next case.



  • Care Solutions now has a Ticket submission process!
    In three key steps, this new process will take you from submission to the client interview to policy delivery with ease.
  • Care Solution interest rateseffective February 15th
    Annuity Care, Annuity Care II and Indexed Annuity Care new money rates are increasing. All other rates remain unchanged. View all rates.





  • Introducing Wealth + Health
    People are living longer lives, and the quality they expect from those years is making a big impact on their financial security. That’s why Transamerica is changing the way they talk about financial strategies with the introduction of Wealth + Health.
    Wealth + Health is about connecting financial wellbeing to personal health. This new conversation focuses on how healthy habits may help add years to your clients’ life and increase their savings for a more purposeful retirement.



  • News from VoyaFebruary 9th
    In this issue:

    • Vermont Insurance Bulletin 198 & Securities Bulletin S-2018-01
    • Reminder: Maximize 2017 IRA Contributions
    • Classic Choice New York Closure
    • President’s Day holiday hours
    • Help clients to & through retirement with Select Advantage IRA