December 7, 2016





  • Learn about the Quest Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Monday and Wednesday at 2:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!
  • Learn about the Wealth Builder Series of Annuities
    • This webinar is held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM CT.  Click here to register for a date that works best for you!


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Finish Strong in 2016!

Year-end dates have been added to the TMA website and continue to be updated.

Simply log in to the TMA website and choose “Year-End Deadline Dates” from the menu on the left.


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  • A long-term care plan for clients who have failed to plan
    Cash from a life settlement can be used to fund a long-term care benefit plan or a medically underwritten immediate annuity guaranteeing an income for life. Read more.
  • Super-charge clients’ protection: Life insurance with DI
    Together, life and disability insurance can provide a sufficient level of human life value protection to a family or a business, a benefit overlooked in asset protection. Read more.
  • 3 options for long-term care planning
    Discussions about long-term care planning can be uncomfortable, but they are necessary to protect your clients during unexpected life and health events. Read more.


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  • Office Closure – Office will be closed after 4:30 PM on December 9, 2016


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  • Lower term rates, improved conversion options, and a 35-year term!ALL NEWLearn more.
  • Easily convert existing term clients to permanent policiesUse this playbook.
  • Inforce Policy Alerts & Correspondence Notifications
    • Bank draft/EFT failures included in eStation notifications
      Here’s another great reason for your agents to manage their business on eStation: Alerts about bank draft and EFT failures are now included in the nightly Inforce Policy Alerts & Correspondence Notifications they receive, so they can notify their clients of potential issues before they escalate. Read the bulletin.
    • New for A&H on eStation: “Not Taken” Alerts
      The Inforce Policy Alerts & Correspondence Notifications now includes Not Taken notifications when a client has requested a policy cancellation and a refund of all premiums paid on their recently purchased A&H policy. This gives your agents more opportunities to conserve their cases! Read the bulletin.
  • Acceptable forms of payment for initial premiumRead the reminder.
  • Foreign Travel guidelines changedView the reminder.
  • Show clients how IUL supplements retirementHave your agents share this video with them.



  • Living Benefits are changing real lives
    • What is a Living Benefit?
      In insurance terms, Living Benefits are Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs)1 which provide the potential to recieve a partial or full accelerated life insurance benefit if the insured is diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition.
    • What is a Living Benefit to a family?
      To an individual or family facing the trials of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness, a Living Benefit can mean the freedom to make choices, provide for a family, and peace of mind.
  • Signature GUL – Family Business Succession Planning
    It can take years for a client to build their business, risking everything, every day. It can be their greatest accomplishment and they have worked hard to make it what it is today. The last thing they want is to see it all lost if something happens to them. Make sure they have a plan.


  • Lifetime Foundation – real utility at the right cost
    Can Emily, a single mom, find the right insurance solution to cover her needs now and in the future? Lifetime Foundation offers the right mix of flexibility and guaranteed death benefits at a very attractive price. Download this flyer to see how Lifetime Foundation can help satisfy all needs of a single mother at a reasonable price point compared to other options on the market.


  • Vitality
    • Term with Vitality is now available in CTLearn more.
      • Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch
        The Vitality solution already rewards your clients for healthy living. Now, by exercising regularly, they can earn an Apple Watch Series 2 for as little as $25. Whether your clients enjoy walking, running, biking or swimming, the more active they are, the more Vitality Points they’ll earn towards funding the full cost of their watch. It’s just another way John Hancock is helping people live longer, healthier lives. Tell your clients about how they can earn an Apple Watch by sharing this consumer piece with them. Learn more about Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch.
      • Offering incentives for people with Diabetes to live healthy
        John Hancock is the only company to offer a life insurance solution that allows people with type 2 diabetes to save money and get rewarded for the everyday things they do to manage their diabetes. Share the John Hancock Vitality solution with your clients and offer them powerful incentives to help manage their condition.

  • Updated Field Underwriting Guide
    Download the updated version of John Hancocks’ Field Underwriting Guide. The printed guide also includes the following inserts:

  • History of the Estate TaxNEW!
    The federal estate tax has undergone many changes since its earliest inception and its fate constantly remains a point of discussion. During his campaign, President-elect Donald J. Trump proposed a repeal of the estate tax. This flyer gives a historical perspective of this tax to offer insight into what the future may hold for the estate tax under the Trump administration.
  • Tax Proposals of President-Elect Donald J. Trump
    After the recent election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, many taxpayers are wondering what changes, if any, to expect in federal tax laws from the coming Trump administration. Here is a summary of some of the most significant tax proposals published by the Trump campaign in the months leading up to the election.
  • Year-End Planning Strategies 2016
    Whether you desire to minimize estate taxes, income taxes or transfer more wealth to heirs, it is not too late to take advantage of many planning opportunities before the end of the year. Learn more.



  • Get clients additional coverage with limited underwriting
    MetLife Class Match may be able to issue your client a new policy matching their original policy’s underwriting class and face amount, up to $1.5 million. Remember, applications must be completed in good order and received by December 31, 2016 in order to qualify for this program.  For all the details regarding the underwriting process, eligibility and qualification, see the Program Guide.


  • Apptical Mobileinstructions
    Here are instructions to make your first time logging in to the new Apptical Mobile app for Living Promise even easier.
  • Using life insurance to satisfy the Requirements of a divorce decree
    When a couple gets divorced, the court often requires alimony or child support payments. But what if the spouse who is responsible for the court-ordered payments dies? Learn how different types of life insurance can help satisfy the requirements of a divorce decree.
  • Income Advantage IUL
    • Income Advantage IUL is now available in NYLearn more.
    • Update to Income Advantage IUL Winflex Software for NY
      The December 1, 2016 download of Winflex Software contained an error which resulted in inaccurate surrender values being illustrated. This error has been corrected.

      • If you are using Winflex Desktop, we ask that you re-download the Winflex software as soon as possible in order to receive the correct values.
      • If you are using Winflex Web, there is nothing additional you need to do. Your illustration software has been updated automatically with the correct values.





  • Custom Choice UL rate decreaseGet details.
  • Indexed Choice UL loan interest rate reduction & illustration updatesGet details.
  • 2017 Accelerated Death Benefit Increase for ExtendCareGet details.



  • Guaranteed UL premium changes for CA & FLeffective December 12thGet details.
  • BenefitAccess Rider enhancementseffective January 4thGet details.
    Also learn about the illustration enhancements.
  • Revised New Business Formseffective December 12thGet details.
  • Help clients plan for retirement
    Talk to your clients about how life insurance can not only leave a death benefit, but can also help supplement their income in their retirement years. Watch this video to learn more.


  • Great rates for higher face amounts
    SBLI ranked in the top 5 90% of the time for females and 83% of the time for males, in 10, 15, 20, and 30 year term. Click here to see for yourself, and start quoting SBLI Level Term today!


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  • Annuity rates increasedeffective December 1stDownload the rate sheet.
  • How a SPIA can save a retirement!
    Here is the story of a husband and wife who retired in 2004 at the age of 60 and 58 respectively with approximately $450k. The husband had worked at the same company for 35+ years of his life and the wife was a stay at home mom of 3 kids. A few years prior to retirement, the husband had the opportunity to roll a pension into an IRA that became available when the company he retired from acquired his then current company. Read more.
  • 3 and 5 year indexed crediting strategies on ASIA PLUSNOW UNAVAILABLE
    Due to economic conditions, all 3 and 5 year indexed crediting strategies are temporarily unavailable on ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 7 & 10 (ASIA PLUS), effective December 1, 2016. All four of the 1-year strategies continue to be available.

    • New sales: New ASIA PLUS applications with a 3 or 5 year allocation must have been dated by November 30, 2016 and received by December 5th in order to have received those strategies.
    • Current Contracts: If a client is currently allocated to a 3 or 5 year strategy, they will continue to have premium allocated to that strategy until the end of the 3 or 5 year segment term. If a segment matures and the strategy is no longer available, the segment value will be placed in the strategy most similar, in American National’s opinion.


  • Fixed Annuity rates increasedeffective December 1stDownload the rate sheet.
  • Flat COLA? Put some POP in retirement paychecks
    Social Security’s Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is nearly flat for 2017. It will rise only 0.3%. That may leave a bad taste in the mouths of many retirees. Integrity’s SPIA can help with an annual Increasing Payout Option (IPO) of up to 5%. To learn more, watch this SPIA video and download this IPO flyer.
  • With Indextra GMAV, you can count on guarantees
    Uncertain times call for certain guarantees. Indextra’s Guaranteed Minimum Account Value helps clients know their premium will grow over the withdrawal charge period. See how.
  • Social Security Know-HowHelp your clients make Social Security work for them.
  • Indextra has your favorite asset class – PLUS 5 MORE
    $54 billion in premium was invested in FIAs in 2015. Should it all be in one asset class? Diversify withthe Indextra Annuity series and its’ Goldman Sachs Index of 6 asset classes:

    • US Equity
    • International Equity
    • US Bonds
    • International Bonds
    • Commodities
    • Money Market



  • Annuity Care discontinued in VTeffective December 30th
    OneAmerica will be shifting focus to newer, more competitive products in Vermont, including Annuity Care II and Indexed Annuity Care.  As of December 30, 2016, they are discontinuing the sale of Annuity Care in Vermont.

    • Illustrations for the original Annuity Care will be available until December 15, 2016; after which the product will no longer be available in the desktop illustration software.
    • Applications must be received in the Home Office by 5PM ET on December 30, 2016. Any applications received after that time will be returned to the agent unprocessed.
    • This change has no impact on inforce business. They will continue to administer and support existing Annuity Care contracts, but will no longer accept applications for new business.



  • Rate update – featuring Wealth Builder Plus at 4%Get details.


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  • Element launch & updated Privileged Choice Flex Coverage Selection Form for CARead the bulletin.
  • Element launch and enhance Privileged Choice Flex 3 for MTRead the bulletin.


  • The Cost of Waiting
    It’s easy to put things off until tomorrow. But waiting to purchase a long-term care policy is too important to ignore. Learn more.


  • Care Solutions
    • Care Solutions and the new DOL rule
      The Department of Labor’s Conflict of Interest Rule, also known as the fiduciary rule, will go into effect April 10, 2017. As OneAmerica prepares for the new regulations, there’s some good news: The OneAmerica Care Solutions product suite will remain largely unchanged after the rule goes into effect, so Care Solutions will continue to be a nice fit in the new environment as a wealth protection tool. Read more.
    • Charge up your Care Solutions knowledge
      Get sales ideas and see how OneAmerica’s LTC products shine against the competition. Go now.


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  • Help educate your clients on Priority Income Protection
    Priority Income Protection is able to pay your clients a monthly benefit when they suddenly become unable to work because of a disability. Download the brochure.


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  • National Medicare Supplement Insurance Summit
    Attend the 9th National Medicare Supplement Insurance Summit April 11-13, 2017, in Dallas, Texas, for an in-depth look at all aspects of selling this viable product. Learn more.


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2017 Marketing Conference in Los Cabos, Mexico
May 7-11, 2017

(Qualification period: ENDS December 31, 2016)


Get complete details.

 iPad Pro Contest

(Qualification period: ENDS December 31, 2016)

Qualify for as few as 9 life sales.  (Only policies sold through ExpertApp are eligible.)

Get complete rules and details.





Leaders of Olympus in Prague

(Qualification period: ENDS December 31, 2016)
Get details.




Perfomance LTC 2016 Producer Bonus Program

(Qualification period: ENDS December 31, 2016)  
Earn an additional 10% Bonus by selling

John Hancock’s Performance LTC product within the qualification period.

Get complete details.



Year-End Crunch Contest

(Qualification Period: Cases submitted after November 1 and paid for by December 31, 2016)

Get complete details.


Earn up to $500 for selling CareShield!
(Qualificaton period: ENDS December 31, 2016)

Within the qualification period, agents will receive a $300 Visa gift card for two paid CareShield applications or a $500 Visa gift card for three paid CareShield application.

Get complete details.






2016 EPIC Reward – Elite Producer Club

(Qualification period: EXTENDED to March 31, 2017)

Receive a 1% commission bonus on your annuity business this year.


Learn how.






2017 Independent Leaders Conference 

June 4-8, 2017 

(Qualification period: ENDS December 31, 2016)

Discover the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, a luxury resort in the Cayman Islands where sparkling turquoise waters blend seamlessly with the cerulean sky to create your perfect Caribbean oasis. Learn more about the luxury that awaits you.

View the brochure. Get qualification details.


Elect To Sell SIUL This Fall!

(Qualification period: September 15, 2016 – March 31, 2017)

Prudential is giving you the opportunity to earn an additional 20% compensation on new Survivorship Index UL business.

Get complete details.




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