December 6, 2017


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  • When the IRS Wants Your Life Insurance Policy
    The government can establish a lien against a policy. It can also foreclose. Read more.




  • Pitch the right solution at the right time, in the right way
    The Generation Matters website demonstrates HOW to communicate to each generation. This powerful client meeting prep tool directs agents to WHAT they should sell based on a client’s current life stage needs.  Agents can customize their next client meeting plan with:

    • Sales ideas based on a client’s life stage
    • Conversation starters for each generation
    • Financial calculators & useful checklists
  • AG NewsNovember 30th
    In this issue:

    • Finish 2017 strong!
    • New AIG Campus course
    • Licensing, New Business & In-Force Business updates









  • Fixed Annuity rateseffective December 1stDownload the rate sheet.
  • Interesting SPIA Information
    • New, higher premium limits
      The maximum premium limit (without H.O. approval) is increased to $2 million on most IncomeSource Series payout options. See the product points.
    • A Barron’s Best
      Integrity SPIA is rated a Barron’s “Best.” See the report.
  • Hike clients financial knowledgeShare this Chris Collilnsworth video.
  • J.P. Morgan Index allocation options now in Indextra
    New one-, two- and three-year point-to-point allocation options based on the J.P. Morgan Strategic Balanced Index are now available in the Indextra Series Fixed Indexed Annuity. Begin using revised applications and product disclosures immediately. Older versions will not be accepted after Jan. 19, 2018. Download the client brochure. See the J.P. Morgan client overview.



  • Apple Watch Series 3 for as little as $25
    Build stronger relationships. With Apple Watch and John Hancock Vitality, life insurance has never been so engaging. And that means more opportunities for you to keep the conversation going long after the sale is done!  Policyholders who have the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch benefit:

    • Walk more – taking 2,000 additional steps each day compared to policyholders without an Apple Watch
    • Engage more – with John Hancock’s mobile app and are twice as likely to record daily activities
    • Do more – with 50% of them achieving a $0 Apple Watch payment each month
  • Help agents reach more prospects with consumer-approved social content
    Prospect, engage and grow your agents client base by getting them active on social media. Login to John Hancock to download and share these posts on Facebook and LinkedIn pages:

    • Apple Watch Series 3 with John Hancock Vitality life insurance
    • Life insurance solutions for people living with diabetes
    • Life insurance planning for women





  • Comparing IUL Policy Costs
    While IUL products with elaborate marketing features may be appealing, it’s important to look further when you are choosing which product to recommend to your customers. This new Cost Comparison Flyer helps you uncover one of Income Advantage’s greatest strengths – its low cost structure.
  • E-Applications:

    • Updated Living Promise e-AppCOMING DECEMBER 9th
      Find out how the updated Final Expense e-App will make it easier for you to conduct business.
    • Save Time with the Priority Income Protection e-App
      The Priority Income Protection e-App allows you to offer quotes plus complete and submit applications online. Learn more.
  • LTC Inflation Protection Buy-Up Option
    The Mutual Care Custom Solution policy includes an inflation protection buy-up option that allows clients to increase their inflation protection percentage once a year.
  • Medicare Supplements:
    • 2018 Medicare Premiums and Copay/DeductiblesGet details.
    • 2017 MedSupp Marketing Credits Redemption Deadline
      You have until December 14, 2017 to request reimbursement for your Medicare supplement marketing credits earned from January 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017. Also keep in mind, credits earned from October 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 will roll into your 2018 credits and will not need to be redeemed until December of 2018.
  • Mutual Dental Insurance:
    • Vision Benefit Rider
      Mutual Dental Preferred and Mutual Dental Protection insurance policies also offer a vision rider. Besides great dental coverage that fits a client’s needs, these policies offer a vision benefit rider that will reimburse them for their vision expenses. And, it works in conjunction with any other vision care benefits they may have.



  • Multigenerational marketingpodcast
    This “Case by Case” talks about multigenerational marketing; how to help expand your block of business by extending your services to your clients’ parents, kids or grandkids. Listen now.
  • Legacy Portrait

    • New microsite
      Have you shared the Legacy Portrait with any clients yet? This program could help you turn a simple annual review into a multigenerational sales opportunity. The client-friendly microsite is a great tool to educate and equip clients on the Legacy Portrait materials. Pay special attention to the ‘Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves’ infographic on how family wealth could disappear in 3 generations.
    • Webinar Replay
      Click here to listen to the webinar replay that looks at the benefits of multigenerational family meetings to discuss topics like wealth transfer, estate plans, etc. You can learn how to incorporate The Legacy Portrait into your practice and help bring added value to your clients and their families.
  • Legacy Optimizer – Minimize A Hardship
    Legacy Optimizer IUL includes an accelerated death benefit feature, so if a client were to be diagnosed with a qualifying chronic illness, they could access a portion of their death benefit to use towards their expenses so they can focus on what matters most. Use this new consumer flyer to share information on how clients can optimize their legacy and minimize the financial hardship of a chronic illness.
  • North American NewsNovember 2017
    In this issue:

    • Order Legacy Portrait materials to help you set up client family meetings
    • New NAC VersaChoice state approvals bring total to 45 states
    • Legacy Portrait webinar replay
    • Case-by-Case podcasts



  • Care Solutions NewsNovember 2017
    In this issue:

    • Campaign update: The Great Retirement Income Gap
    • Care Solutions Calculator: All Asset-Care products are now available!
    • State Life and OneAmerica brochure
    • OneAmerica in the news
    • Operations updates
    • Sales ideas
    • And more.
  • Simplify applications and illustrations with iGoLearn more.



  • Life Essentials NewsletterDecember 4th
    In this issue:

    • New PruXpress
    • PruLife Founders Plus UL: a simpler story in 2018
    • Reduced pricing for Term Essential – coming in January
    • Clients relying solely on a Market-Based Retirement Plan?
    • Additional Storm Relief Measures



  • Sales FlashNovember 2017
    In this issue:

    • Understanding the JPMorgan EDF Efficiente 5 Index
    • Accumulator IUL – a competitive product for agents and clients
    • Enhancements to Chronic Illness and Chronic Illness Plus Riders



  • Financial Foundation IULwebinar replay

This informative webinar walks you through the features:

    • Federal income tax free death benefit
    • Potential to accumulate policy value
    • Policy owners can modify the amount – and frequency – of premium payments