December 20, 2017

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·         4 Key Buy-Sell Agreement Basics
Businesses will be better clients if you help keep them in business. Read more.




  • Guarantee client earnings with these great rates
    See the current rates for the American Pathway SolutionsMYG Annuity.
  • Annuity business service enhancementsRead more.
  • Check out all the recent happenings with AIG Annuities!
  • AG NewsDecember 14th
    In this issue:

    • Learn how to cross the bridge from a GUL sale to a death-benefit-focused IUL sale
    • Sales Tools & Concepts
    • Tailored client pitches
    • Product, new business and licensing updates



  • Xpress Plus Accelerated UnderwritingSee tips and success stories.
  • Competitive Cash-Out Rider
    Clients shouldn’t have to sacrifice features or guarantees for price. With Signature Guaranteed UL, they don’t have to.
  • Continuing Education requirement for Virginia
    The state of Virginia adopted the NAIC Suitability Model on April 1, 2017. Agents licensed before January 1, 2018 in Virginia are required to complete a one-time 4-hour annuity suitability continuing education course prior to the effective date of January 1, 2018. Any agents licensed after January 1, 2018 are required to complete the 4-hour continuing education course prior to the solicitation of an annuity contract.
  • Advertising complianceGet details.
  • Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 10Learn about the 5 one-year strategies.



  • Smart Strategies
    In this issue:

    • Retire Debt Free
    • Four changes that can significantly boost your retirement savings
    • Crafting Is Good for Your Health
    • Easy Holiday Recipes to Make with Your Grandkids





  • Application and related forms for ConnecticutGet the update.
  • Go Green with eDelivery!
    Take a moment to review these updated eDelivery flyers – GA version and Producer version – to learn more about the advantages of going green and how to use the process on your terms. The eDelivery microsite includes these flyers along with many other informative training materials.



  •  Buy-sell Funding and Personal Planning in One SolutionRead more.



  • Help clients assess the Indexed Interest Rate potential
    The IUL look-back calculator provides clients with information that can help them assess the indexed interest rate potential for an allocation to each of the S&P 500 crediting options. Learn how the calculator works.
  • Living Promise iPipeline e-ApplicationSee the recent updates.
  • New LTCi sales ideas
    These new sales idea flyers were created to help you promote several great benefits to your clients.
  • Priority Income Protection updates
  • Three products designed with a client’s recovery in mind
    The Critical Advantage portfolio is Critical Illness, Cancer, and Heart Attack and Stroke. Learn more.
  • Medicare Supplement updates
    • 2018 Marketing Materials now availableLearn more.
    • 5 more states added to Broker Bonus Program
      Now you can make even more bucks on your Medicare supplements underwritten business in AL, NH, NM, SD and VA. Learn more.
    • Idaho Med Supp Household Discount for Idahodiscontinued
      The seven percent household discount for Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement new business in Idaho was discontinued on December 15, 2017. Read the bulletin.
    • Standardized rate adjustment in February/March 2018
      for Florida and HawaiiLearn more.



  • Website and Commission Statementsupdates coming January 2018
  • See how Guarantee Builder IUL stacks up
    Life changes, and so do clients’ needs. Guarantee Builder Indexed Universal Life insurance provides permanent death benefit protection, affordable premiums, liquidity, and living benefits.
  • Share Legacy Portrait client materials on social media in no time at all
    Log-in to the Gainfully page. You can share manually or set up the scheduling function to regularly post client-friendly content on your social media channels.
  • Complements of NACon-demand-webinars
    Do your clients have multiple needs that don’t fit in a single box? For complex challenges, sometimes a single product isn’t enough. Complements of North American is a new On-Demand Webinar looking at product combinations, mixing and matching annuities in complementary ways to help meet your client’s needs. This event features VersaChoice 10 and BenefitSolutions fixed index annuities. A pairing able to help with accumulation, income, legacy, and liquidity needs. As a bonus, download this flyer and sample illustrations for NAC VersaChoice and NAC BenefitSolutions.



  • Grow your business with free customized materials
    Head over to the enhanced SellWhatMatters.com to find a collection of life insurance resources that you can customize and share with your agents.



  •  Grasp the power to retain and recruit top agentsLearn more.



  • IUL: Does a high cap make a difference?
    A high cap on a client’s index universal life insurance (IUL) policy can make a difference. Transamerica’s Global Index Account uses an interest crediting method that caps at 15%. Find out for yourself why agents are choosing Financial Foundation IUL more than any other IUL*.