December 13, 2017

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·         5 Things an Asset-Based LTC Veteran Sees Today
Pat Foley sees different types of solutions appealing to different types of financial professionals. Read more.
·         9 ‘What Ifs’ That Can Help You Protect More People
Insurers are considering more scenarios these days. Maybe you should, too. Read more.
·         How to Tackle Hard Conversations about Alzheimer’s and LTC
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  • Max Accumulator+ – competitive cash accumulation
    Max Accumulator+ has several key strengths when positioning a sale for cash accumulation. View the competitive analysis.
  • Go online to quickly produce a tailored pitch for clients
    AIG’s new client meeting prep tool provides a fast track to tailored sales strategies based on client generation, life stage needs, income and more.



  • Independent Voice NewsletterDecember 2017
    In this issue:

    • How the Republican Tax Plan Could Change Federal Income Tax
    • Insured Solutions
    • An Index Allocation for All Markets
    • Sample Sales Letter: $1 Million Guaranteed Plan!
    • What’s New
  • 8.65% Cash Flow on SPIAs! Learn more.





  •  Compensation statements are now ONLY available onlineLearn more.
  • Give your sales a LIFT
    New marketing components have been added to the LIFT sales strategy. This new client flyer simplifies the discussion on why your clients should consider a variety of tools for their retirement strategy. This new content has also been added to the LIFT calculator.



  • IUL product design
    Learn what sets United of Omaha IUL products apart; and the features that were designed to benefit your clients.
  • Living Promise e-App updatesLearn more and get transition details.
  • Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance Buyers
    Get help finding the right people to talk to about long-term care insurance.
  • Disability
    • Priority Income Protection approved in New York
      Priority Income Protection (PIP) helps you serve your middle-income clients who need to protect their most important asset – their paycheck. Learn more.
    • Underwriting enhancementsGet details.
  • Medicare Supplements
    • 2018 Part B Premium Income LevelCORRECTION
      Information provided last week regarding the Medicare Part B premium income levels for 2018 were inaccurately reported. Get the correct information here.
    • Rate adjustment for Plan N in VirginiaGet details.



  • Underwriting enhancements mean better offers!
    How can these enhancements help you and your clients in the real world? Check out these five case studies that show how these enhancements might change the game for you.
  • My $86 Haircut, Minivans, IUL, and GULarticle
    North American Vice President of Life Insurance Sales, Charlie Gipple’s article “My $86 Haircut, Minivans, IUL, and GUL” was recently featured in Broker World Magazine. Learn about time value of money, opportunity cost, and why Charlie spends $86 on his haircut.
  • Quick Quote request updates
    The Quick Quote Request Criteria has been expanded to help serve your underwriting needs. There is also a new method to answer your underwriting questions. Learn more.
  • The year in review and a look ahead
    In the Case by Case season finale, very special guest Rob TeKolste, president of the North American Annuity Division, looks back on the year that was at North American and in the industry. He also talks about what he sees coming in 2018. Listen now.
  • Annuity updates



  • Upcoming changes to ImmediateCare Plus conversion
    ImmediateCare Plus was discontinued for new sales on April 10, 2017, and is only available via conversion from Legacy Care. As of January 1, 2018, the ImmediateCare Plus conversion option from Legacy Care will be changing to a new, simplified approach using the Chronic Illness Rider on Legacy Care.

    The only payout option available to a Legacy Care policy owner wishing to utilize his/her Chronic Illness Rider will be Life with 100% Cash Refund at Death. Only Legacy Care contracts in force at least six months, neither annuitized nor matured, are eligible for conversion and the 5% of net single premium bonus under the Chronic Illness rider.

    As always, the policy owner must be certified as chronically ill by a licensed healthcare practitioner. There will be no need for an estimate or assessment under this new process.
    Also as of January 1, 2018, conversions will not be eligible for commission payments. Download the announcement.

  • Care Solutions Interest rateseffective December 15thView rates.





  • Higher Maximum Annual Withdrawal (MAW) rates
    Changes have been made to the MAW rates on the optional myIncome Withdrawal Benefit Rider available on the Voya Quest 7 Index Annuity.
  • Annuity NewsDecember 8th
    In this issue:

    • Build wealth plus income with caps up to 7% and a 2% annual bonus on the income value benefit base
    • Offer competitive returns with 100% downside protection
    • Give your client’s a 4% fixed rate boost
    • Important Year End and Operations Information
    • Voya Select Advantage IRA Mutual Fund Custodial Account Update
    • We’re moving
    • New webinar series- Art of the rollover