August 9, 2017




  • August Webinar Schedule
    Click here to visit AIG’s Event Center and register for any of these upcoming webinars.

    • Unleashing the power of IUL
      • August 9th at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM CT
    • Life to the Max
      • August 23rd at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM CT
    • Why Life Insurance for Cash Accumulation
      • August 30th at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM CT



  • Introduction to the Indextra Series, a Single Premium Deferred Fixed Indexed Annuity



  • $99/month can protect a lifetime of dreams
    Just $99 per month can leave a lasting financial legacy for children and grandchildren. By purchasing a permanent life insurance policy, parents and grandparents can protect a lifetime of dreams at a minimal cost, while locking in insurability. All it takes is $99 per month.


  • The competing demands faced by the “Sandwich” generations
  • How to use the GAINFULLY social medial platform
  •  Is “Sandwich” generation advice getting lost in translation?


  • Learn about the Quest Series of Annuities
  • Learn about the Wealth Builder Series of Annuities


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  • 3 Essential Steps to Getting Out of a Sales Slump
    Having trouble getting the right people to buy the right annuities? You can fix that. Read more.
  • 5 Mistakes That Could Derail Your Clients’ Retirement
    About half of U.S. adults have not even tried to estimate how much money they’ll need to retire. Read more.
  • Life Insurance Can Be a Great Retirement Planning Tool
    It can protect clients against dying too soon, and it can help solve many other problems. Read more.
  • Individual Disability Insurance Can Help Family Caregivers
    A common, but under-used, protection product may be able to do more than you think. Read more.


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  • Named to Forbes’ 2017 “Most Trustworthy Financial Companies” List
    American National was recently named to Forbes’ 2017 list of America’s Most Trustworthy Financial Companies. Forbes chose the companies based on their accounting and governance practices. “Financial Strength and Integrity are two of American National’s top corporate values” said Jim Pozzi, President and CEO of American National. “We are proud to be recognized for staying true to our values.” Read more.






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  • Independence Voice NewsletterAugust 2017
    In this issue:

    • HIV……A Case Report from Dr. White
    • Section 162 Executive Bonus Plan
    • 401(k) Plan 2017 Deadlines
    • New Accelerated Underwriting Program: Xpress Plus
    • Other Announcements



  • Take 5 – Quick Hits NewsletterJuly 31st
    In this issue:

    • Getting to Gold is Easy!
    • Helping Clients Live a Healthier Life
    • Protection SUL – A Leader in Estate Planning
    • Unlocking Success in the Business Planning Marketplace
    • Cross Endorsement Buy-Sell Tool Kit





  • LFN Now GA NewsletterAugust 1st
    In this issue:

    • New GA channel e-mail address – update your contact list!
    • Product Updates
  • Lincoln Leader NewsletterJuly 31st
    In this issue:

    • New Self-Service Underwriting Quick Quote Tools
    • DesignIt Illustration System Updates – effective August 14th
    • Midstream Illustration System – Conversion to Lincoln DesignIt Illustration System
    • Billing Lead Time – Request a change
    • Not In Good Order (NIGO) – Customer Solutions Process Enhancement
  • One Meetingreplay and materials
    VP & Chief Medical Director – Dr. John Greene – provided a history on mortality; while also taking a journey into the future of Lincoln’s underwriting programs through advances in technology like predictive underwriting.



  • Use illustration concepts for maximum impact
    Life insurance concept illustrations connect client goals to policy benefits. Minnesota Life’s customizable illustration concepts help your clients understand how life insurance policies can help them achieve their financial goals. Their illustration concepts cover general life insurance needs, business strategies, supplemental retirement income, estate planning concepts and more. Log in to their site to view the concepts.





  • Replacements in Missouri
    Missouri adopted the NAIC Life Insurance Replacement Model Regulation. Read this bulletin for form requirements.
    As an important part of underwriting process, here is some information about MIB.
  • North American NewsJuly 2017 recap
    In this issue:

    • S&P MARC 5% ER index arrived August 8 on IncomeChoice & Performance Choice
    • White papers to give you something to talk about
    • Suitability comparison form required starting September 1
  • Introducing  Legacy OptimizerNEW PRODUCT
    North American new Indexed Universal Life insurance product is now available! Download this bulletin to learn more about product highlights, marketing materials, product details, webinar dates, and more!
  • New products and rates
  • Sales Concept Playbook
    Help build deeper relationships with your financial professionals with this Sales Concept Playbook. The playbook goes beyond standard training by providing client profiles, key selling points, illustration tips and more.



  • Greater cash-value potential for clients
    Clients interested in growing cash value with their life insurance policy are more likely to get what they expect out of a Protective Life solution – because they build their policies realistically. Learn more.


  • Life Essentials NewsletterJuly 31st
    In this issue:

    • Illustration enhancements in WinFlex
    • PruLife Essential UL approved in California
    • Medicare – A Guide that puts it in plain language.
    • Tremendous opportunities in the Multicultural Market
    • Closing the retirement income gender gap
  • Pricing changes to SUL Protectorcoming soonRead the bulletin.




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  • Need ideas?
    Good info and insights can be invaluable. See the latest edition of Advisor Ideas for news you can use.



  • Great rates on their most popular productsLearn more.


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  • LTC Concept Material
    It’s hard to sell without a story. Mutual offers this collection of material that will help you understand selling concepts and explain the need for LTCi protection to your clients.


  • Care Solutions NewsJuly 2017
    In this issue:

    • Q3 campaign: Joint Life Asset-Care
    • The gift of Care Solutions: Sales ideas to help secure peace of mind for loved ones
    • Asset-Care and divorce: Sales ideas to help maintain joint life policies after a divorce
    • All LTC protection is not created equal
    • Revamped Asset-Care IV funding options brochure
    • Asset-Care New Business submission guide


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  • Critical Advantage Express & Simplified Underwriting
    A Critical Advantage policy offers two fast underwriting programs – Express and Simplified. Learn more about the Critical Advantage product portfolio and these underwriting programs.


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  • New Medicare Supplement Plans for MI & SC Get details.
  • Rate adjustments for AL, AR, IA, ID, IN, MT, NJ, ND, OR, PA, SC & WV Get details.


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2018 IMG Conference – Riviera Maya

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2017)

Earn your way to the 2018 Independent Marketing Group Conference at the Grand Velas Resort in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya Mexico.

Get complete details.

Earn an Apple Watch

(Qualification Period: May 1 – ENDS August 31)

Earn a chance to win an Apple Watch by submitting life applications through ExpertApp.

Get complete details.


2018 Independent Leaders’ Conference

Spend five days and four nights from May 15-19, 2018 at one of the finest hotels Maui, Hawaii has to offer – the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.

Download the venue brochure.
See the producer qualifications.
See the Marketing Organization qualifications.
Check out this video to learn more!


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