April 6, 2016





  • Essentials of Fixed Income Annuities
    You’ll cover: what retirees fear and what they want, risks in retirement planning and income insurance options.

  • American Pathway SolutionsMYG annuity
    Learn about the features and options available.

  • Power Protector Index Series
    Learn about volatility control, the income rider option and get a products overview.


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7 reasons women face greater retirement challenges than men

When it comes to retirement, women are in even more trouble than men, says a new study.

Judge overturns MetLife’s SIFI label

The ruling undercuts the Obama administration’s plan to more heavily regulate four non-bank businesses it determined had the potential to destabilize the American financial system.

How to sell to seniors in 2016

Just because they’re retired doesn’t mean they’re financially fit.


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  • The Basics: LGA Procedures Manual has been updated – Get details.



  • Agent/agency print requirements for advertising in CA – Get details.






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  • W8/W9 requirements for applicants who don’t have a SSN – Get details.
  • We’ve all got issues!
    Have your agents share this video on generational issues with their clients to make those issues work for them Then, have them discover generational selling tactics on the Generation Matters site.
  • AG Select-a-Term offers market-leading prices and 17 tactical term periods; plus lower rated-case pricing – Learn more.
  • Burden or Benefit?
    Have your agents share this new video to help their clients view life insurance as an asset.


  • View the demo for the new ExpertIllustrator!




  • Vitality Program expanded to include people over the age of 71
    Now your older age clients can be rewarded with premium savings, and rewards and discounts for the steps they take to improve their health. Visit www.JHRedefiningLife.com to learn more.
  • John Hancock’s 20-year term rates capture the #1 spot – Learn more.



  • 25-year term – Have your agents use this flyer with clients to share case studies.
    Visit the term micro-site for even more marketing ideas and materials.



  • Get your agents up-to-speed on Indexed Universal Life!
    IUL University is a series of short, easy-to-follow training modules that can be viewed online anytime, from any web-enabled device. So in just a few minutes, your agents can get the basic information they need to approach IUL sales with confidence.  The first series – What is IUL – offers:

  • Reward Clients with Fit Credits – even on term insurance – Learn more.
  • The Guaranteed Refund Option Rider
    Learn how it works; and when your clients have the option to get their premiums back.
  • New ABR for Terminal & Chronic Illness are available for clients in CA – Read the bulletin.



  • New email address for submitting new applications – Get details.
  • Temporary Insurance Agreement (TIA) – View the updates for Kansas and Maryland.







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  • Annuity product enhancementscoming April 11th
    • A new income-focused Fixed Index Annuity – completely re-engineered to provide some of the highest guaranteed and stacked lifetime income options available
    • The industry’s leading accumulation Fixed Indexed Annuity will be enhanced with new index strategies and market-busting crediting rates you have to see to believe
    • A new Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity with the highest competitive rates currently available; plus multiple durations and flexibility to accept additional premiums
    • 2 new index partners and 2 new indices (exclusive to Athene) to power the growth of your clients’ accumulation and income strategies



  • Use the Annuity eApp for less paperwork, quicker turnaround & faster commissions
    Watch the video below to learn more.  And, write 3 annuity eApps by June 30, 2016 and earn $500!



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  • Underwriting enhancements for faster, easier processing – Learn more.
  • Privileged Choice Flex 3 is now available in New York – Read the bulletin.



  • Applying for Long Term Care Insurance just got easier
    Customers applying for a John Hancock long-term care insurance policy are no longer required to provide a blood and urine sample. Learn more.



  • New LTC Electronic Delivery Receipt Process to be piloted in 5 states – Learn more.
  • Product & Underwriting Guide updates – Get details.
  • LTC e-App Enhancements – Get details.


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  • New DI Product – Priority Income Protection – is here!
    Priority Income Protection, is a simplified, quick-issue policy that can provide affordable, basic income protection to clients in any occupation. View the quote and e-App quick start guide.


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·         Rate adjustments
June rate adjustment on Mutual of Omaha 2010 Modernized in Alaska; July rate adjustment United and United World in-force only in California; and rate adjustment 1990 Standardized for Mutual of Omaha California and Alaska and United World California and Alabama. Get details.


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2017 Marketing Conference in Los Cabos, Mexico
May 7-11, 2017

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2016)

Get complete details.




Leaders of Olympus in Prague

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2016)
Get details.


Perfomance LTC 2016 Producer Bonus Program

(Qualification period: March 1 – December 31, 2016)

Earn an additional 10% Bonus by selling
John Hancock’s Performance LTC product within the qualification period.


Get complete details.




Disability Insurance Growth Challenge

(Qualification period: January 1 – June 30, 2016)


Get rewarded for increasing your business in the first 6 months of 2016 in comparison to your business in the first 6 months of 2015.

Get complete details.






2016 EPIC Reward – Elite Producer Club

(Qualification period: January 1 – December 31, 2016)

Receive a 1% commission bonus on your annuity business this year.
Learn how.


Fast Cases/Fast Money Bonus Program

(Qualification period: March 1 – May 31, 2016)

Earn $500 or more in American Express gift cards – up to $5,000 total per agent! For every five term or whole life policies submitted through SBLI’s ZipApp drop ticket with an annual premium of $500 or more between March 1st and May 31st (and paid for by July 22nd), agents will earn $500 in Amex cards. Submitting five additional policies which meet these criteria will earn you another $500!
Get details.


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