April 4, 2018




  • 4 Ways to Create a Sense of Urgency
    It’s never the right time for prospects to buy, except that you’ll make this the right time. Read more.




  • Turbocharge your IUL pitch
    Life To The Max” visually educates clients on the power an IUL policy can have in their portfolio, and explains the need to diversify assets for retirement – a perfect intro to your pitch. Use the Life To The Max interactive presentation tool to drive your client meetings. Our web-based resource simplifies complex concepts into layman’s terms with easy-to-understand charts and graphics. Page through various scenarios and see creative ideas to address common retirement challenges.
  • Secure Survivor GUL II face amount capped at $5,000,000Read the bulletin.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Training
    AIG’s list of approved Anti-Money Laundering training vendors has been updated to include Quest CE and WebCE. Click here for more information about this change; as well as additional details including LIMRA’s 2018 refresher course.
  • Annuity BulletinMarch 2018
    In this issue:

    • RMD FAQ’s
    • Forms updated to for NY Regulation 60 requirements
    • AML training update
    • Social Media Playbook – NEW!
    • Updated the Deferred Income Annuity marketing materials to reflect new QLAC limits
    • High-level overview of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
    • PIMCO Global Optima Index
  • Improved annuity ratesView the updated rate sheets.
  • A powerful combo for clients’ retirement strategy
    It’s all about balancing risks with growth potential. Help reduce portfolio market risk with The Power Series of Index Annuities and add steady growth potential with the ML Strategic Balanced Index. Share the consumer brochure.
  • American Pathway Fixed Annuities updates
    Given recent changes in the interest rate and economic environment, AIG is either increasing the interest rate for the contractual Minimum Withdrawal Value (MWV) or increasing the Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate (GMIR) for some of their products. In addition, they’ve updated the New York Owners Acknowledgement document due to New York insurance regulation changes which require new company procedures and disclosures. Learn more about the changes.
  • Revised NY Reg 60 formsGet details.



  • Introducing the newest ExpertOffice tool – your|New Business
    Take a few minutes to view a walk-through to see how your|New Business will make managing your digital briefcase more efficient.
  • Independent Voice NewsletterApril 2018
    In this issue:

    • Century Plus Annuity Suitability Training
    • New Tool: your|New Business
    • Know Your Machine
    • How a 401(k) Plan Can Help Attract and Retain Good Employees
    • Signature IUL as Part of Special Needs Trust Plan
    • Upcoming webinars
    • Palladium Century will be withdrawn 5/1
    • Updated Annuity Applications
    • OR & IA: ASIA PLUS 10 Approved
  • Century Plus Annuity with a Lifetime Income RiderNEW! Get details.
  • Opportunities for April
    Get details about:

    • New Fixed Annuity
    • New Interest Rates
    • Last Chance for Cash Bonuses



  • Rates increased for Athene MaxRateeffective March 30thGet details.





  • Protection UL is designed to outperform!
    With extended guarantees, often to life expectancy and beyond, Protection UL is more competitive than ever! Learn more.





  • LFN Now GA NewsletterMarch 27th
    In this issue:

    • LFN Strategic Alliances
    • FPA Membership – How to Join or Renew
    • Announcing 2017 Quarterly PPAC Winners, Nominations for 2018 First Quarter PREMIER PARTNERS Award are due by April 6, 2018
    • Product updates
  • Convertible Term with lower rates
    Flexible, convertible term for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years! For clients who want affordable, temporary protection until the mortgage is paid off or for business key person coverage, consider LifeElements Level Term. It also gives clients the flexibility to meet their changing needs.  And, Lincoln pays commissions on term conversions. Learn more.



  • Protect your clients’ insurability for chronic illness
    Help protect your clients’ chronic illness coverage by adding the Chronic Illness Conversion Agreement (CICA).

    • Available on Advantage Elite Select Term policies, the CICA is for clients who plan to convert their policy to permanent coverage in the future and desire chronic illness protection.
    • This agreement guarantees your client’s right to add the Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness Agreement (CIA) without evidence of insurability at the time of conversion.



  • Sweet New IUL Rates
    On April 1, 2018, Life Protection Advantage IUL premiums were lowered to guarantee coverage to age 85 for most scenarios – in some cases, by as much as 25 percent! Learn more about the sweet new rates and see how they compare!
  • Generous Conversion Privileges – Good for Clients. Good for You.
    Many term clients are looking beyond the life of their current policy. They’re looking for something permanent in life insurance, so liberal conversion privileges are something that can be appealing. With an option to convert term to an affordable option later in life, Term Life Answers & Term Life Express are attractive options. View the conversion guidelines.
  • New Senior Assessment
    A Senior Assessment is now required in certain age/face parameters on fully underwritten Life products. It will be completed at the time of the paramedical examination. This testing will assess a client’s cognitive ability, memory functions, mobility testing and ability to perform Activities of Daily Living.

    What you need to know:
    –  Ages: 66 and over
    –  Face Amounts: $500,000 and over
    –  Products: All fully underwritten Life products (IUL, GUL, AccumUL, and TLA)

    This change impacts all applications signed April 1, 2018, or after.

  • Accelerated Underwriting for Term Life Answers
    Learn how you can get an underwriting decision for your clients in 48-72 hours.
  • Try the LTC e-App on your next sale
    Advisors who are using the e-App agree – it’s the best way to submit LTC applications. Find out why.
  • Critical Illness offers Return of Premium
    If a client is cost-conscious about the price of the Critical Illness policy or possibly never using it, here is a way to address that concern.
  • Medicare Supplement in-force rate adjustment for CAGet details.



  • The value of a few dollars
    A number of life insurance products can provide guaranteed death benefit protection. However, for what usually amounts to a few dollars more per month, clients could receive guaranteed death benefit protection, living benefits, and the potential to build long-term cash value accumulation. Check out this new flyer to see how a few dollars can make a difference.
  • Help women attain and maintain financial empowerment
    Women’s History Month have wound down, but the Empowered campaign – and all it can do for women and couples – is just beginning. Watch the video to see what’s ahead.
  • Acceptable Forms of Premium PaymentRead the bulletin.
  • North American Annuity NewsMarch 30th
    In this issue:

    • How empowered are your clients?
    • Court ruling could impact DOL Fiduciary Rule
    • FIA and MYGA rates on the rise
    • Our SPIA rates are top-tier, too
    • RMD concepts cover wide variety of product possibilities
  • MYGA rate increaseeffective April 5thGet details.



  • Share the Asset-Care campaign with your producersLearn how.
  • Care Solutions News
    In this issue:

    • Check out the NEW Asset-Care campaign!
    • Change to approved vendors for ordering medical requirements
    • NEW! 1035 exchange resources
    • OneAmerica in the news
    • Care Solutions rate calculator
    • A fresh new look – consistently great protection!
    • Sales Ideas
    • Webinars & Events





  • Accumulator IUL – now offering Select Index StrategiesLearn more.
  • Sales FlashMarch 2018
    In this issue:

    • Select Index Strategies for Accumulator IUL – NEW
    • Case Study: A dual solution for Chronic Illness Flexibility
    • Take action with Trust Owned Life Insurance Policy Reviews
    • In-force case management for SUL-G – coming soon