April 25, 2018



  • For Single Women’s Confidence, Try Annuities
    LIMRA has posted survey data showing that annuity use may do more for women’s outlook than for men’s. Read more.
  • 5 Factors That May Double Your Chances of Selling a Life Policy
    Analysts have sifted LIMRA survey data to find out what closes sales. Read more.
  • 3 Top New Life and Annuity Ad Campaigns
    New spots from Brighthouse, Lincoln and Symetra could get consumers more interested in the idea of talking to you. Read more.




  • Now available in New York
    Beginning April 16, 2018, the Chronic Illness Rider – Accelerated Access Solution (AAS) – will be offered on Secure Lifetime GUL3 in New York. AAS is a life insurance rider that accelerates a portion of the death benefit when an insured meets the health impairment criteria.
  • Non-Medical Underwriting on Max Accumulator+
  • AGNewsspecial edition
    In this issue:

    • Quick Tips for Faster IUL Processing
    • How AIG is leading the competition
    • Non-medical underwriting guide
    • April 25th Training for Non-med Underwriting
    • A number of product and new business bulletins
  • Annuity rates
    American Pathway Immediate Annuity and American Pathway Deferred Income Annuity rates improved on April 23, 2018. Download the updated rate sheets.



  • Mid-Month Agent Update
    In this update:

    • Pre-Appointment Background Check Requirements
    • Century Plus Annuity will be approved for MD, NJ, WA & WI on 5/1/2018
    • Reminder: Palladium Century will be withdrawn 5/1/2018
    • Reminder: Palladium Century will be withdrawn 5/1/2018
  • Century Plus Annuity w/Lifetime Income Riderready to take on the competition
    Click here for a comparison, more about the product and the required training.



  • Writing business is a snap with new Athene e-appCheck it out.
  • Updated Athene paperwork
    Athene incorrectly stated the revision date for their updated Product Comparison Worksheets. The version you should be using is dated 03/18. They apologize for any confusion. The updated forms (Ver. 03/18) will be available on Athene Connect after 4pm CT on April 13, 2018, and should be used immediately. Applications with outdated or missing forms received after that time will be considered “not in good order.”





  • Lifetime Builder ELITE is designed for impressive performance
  • What does the autobahn have to do with life insurance?
    While you should probably have a life insurance policy if you choose to drive in a lane with no speed limit, like you can on the autobahn, you can also use the autobahn as a metaphor for an illustration using the max illustrated rate.

    Check out this new Spotlight on Sales piece that shows the effect of choosing different illustrated rates on the competitiveness of Lifetime Builder ELITE, a life insurance policy built to perform at any speed!





  • Spotlight NewsApril 17th
    In this issue:

    • Celebrate the end of 2017 tax season!
    • Upcoming Webinar
    • John Hancock Vitality with Apple Watch video
    • Protection UL – shift gears as needs change
    • Living Benefit riders – offering greater coverage across the board
    • Estate and gift tax return preparation tips that can help avoid an audit
    • Now is the time to review income tax withholding



  • Quarterly Digest
    In this issue:

    • Updated key contacts
    • Updated “The Basics”
    • New consumer marketing materials
    • NAIC Illustration Regulation Disclosure
  • LGA works hard to save the earth all year long
    LGA beleives that to be successful you must actively contribute to your local communities and take measures to care for human and natural resources. See the steps they take.



  • Lincoln Leader for LifeApril 16th
    In this issue:

    • What’s new in the world of Foreign Nationals?
    • Lincoln among first to offer ‘Chat’ customer service
    • Self-service illustrations support center
    • A new look and mobile-friendly pending case website
    • MoneyGuard LTC claims update
    • Advanced Markets Resource Center now available!
  • LFN Now GA NewsletterApril 17th
    In this issue:

    • Make the LTC Conversation an Integral Part of Retirement Planning
    • Responsibility of Love
    • Product Updates
    • Social Media 101: Resources & Recommended Content
    • Foreign National Submission guide:
    • Why Lincoln? flier for foreign national



  • Life LinesApril 2018
    In this issue:

    • Having trouble closing permanent life sales?
    • Chronic illness coverage that can outlast term policies
    • S&P raises Securian’s financial strength to AA-
    • Administrative announcement: address change confirmations



  • Income Advantage IUL – A Road to Retirement Protection
    Clients will face a number of risks in retirement. This new package of “Map Your Course” materials helps explain eight risks -and, more importantly, how these risks can be minimized with an Income Advantage IUL policy. The curriculum includes a main brochure that addresses all eight risks and standalone brochures that provide more in-depth information about individual risks. Take a sneak peek at the client brochure. For the rest of the materials, visit Sales Professional Access.
  • Lap the competition with Accelerated Underwriting
    With accelerated underwriting for Term Life Answers (TLA) policies, qualified clients (Standard, Standard Plus, Preferred and Preferred Plus classes) can get an underwriting decision for TLA policies in 48-72 hours!  View the Accelerated Underwriting Guide for details.
  • Life Protection Advantage re-price
    Life Protection Advantage IUL policy guarantee-to-85 premiums decreased. View the new competitive comparison flyer that shows how it stacks up to the competition – both with premiums and in how long the coverage is projected to last.
  • IUL Philosophy: Simplicity and Transparency
    Mutual doesn’t believe that confusing crediting strategies are needed in order for your clients to have upside potential. Learn how Life Protection Advantage IUL and Income Advantage IUL offer upside potential while remaining client-friendly.
  • Term Life Answers
    Make the move to Term Life Answers for needed protection at competitive premiums.
  • Have you checked out our new placement and persistency reports?
    You can now stay up to date on your sales performance with placement and persistency reports available on Sales Professional Access.
  • Long Term Care
    • Rate adjustmentseffective July 1stGet details.
    • MutualCare Solutions Underwriting Guide Updateseffective May 1st
      The MutualCare Solutions underwriting guide has been revised to provide you with the most updated information about uninsurable medications and updated medical impairments and requirements. Review the updates.
  • Overcome DI objections with Priority Income Protection
    Show clients that income protection can be affordable.
  • Medicare Supplements
    • Welcome to MedSuppsSee the services and resources.
    • Premium SavingsFour ways to save clients cash.
    • NY Rate Filing Notice
      Policyholders in New York will be receiving an Initial Notice that Mutual of Omaha will be filing Medicare Supplement rate adjustments in the state of New York on all Standardized and Modernized business for Mutual of Omaha with a planned effective date of October 1, 2018. Read more.
    • Rate adjustments for CA, DC & TNGet details.
  • Mobile Quotes updateSee the compatible operating systems.



  • Introducing Builder Plus IUL – NEW PRODUCT!
    Builder Plus IUL is designed for death benefit protection with stronger performance and marketability. Read this bulletin for more details; including how to access marketing materials and sign up for web training. Watch the video below to learn what this product brings to the table.



  • IUL forms update
    The following forms have been updated and will now be required with ALL indexed universal life (IUL) insurance products as of April 16, 2018. The prior versions will no longer be accepted as of May 16, 2018. Read the bulletin.
  • WriteAway for permanent products
    WriteAway accelerated underwriting process is now available on permanent products. It is also now available in Georgia. Read the bulletin.
  • Empowered – Women and Retirement
    Gain insight on women’s growing responsibility as financial decision-makers.





  • ProClassic LegacyNEW PRODUCT coming April 30thLearn more.
  • E-Signature process enhancementsLearn more.
  • Simplify the IUL conversation…now
    83% of consumers want a life insurance policy that’s easy to understand. With Protective Indexed Choice UL, you can offer clients a more straightforward approach to IUL that will be easier for them to understand. Help your products start the conversation by customizing and sharing this resource that provides clients with a quick overview of IUL.



  • Life EssentialsApril 23rd
    In this issue:

    • New-Founders Plus Single Deposit Premium Solution
    • Consumer-Approved Case Study Talks Life Insurance and Market Volatility
    • April 2018 Illustration Enhancements
    • Planning Your Retirement? Expect the Unexpected.
    • Quarterly Retail Market Commentary from Dr. Quincy Krosby
    • Who Can Access Customer Information?