April 18, 2018



  • How to Help Clients Use Family Caregiver Benefits
    Here are critical things to know about how disability insurance policies can do more. Read more.
  • Boomers With Advisors, Annuities Are More Retirement-Ready: IRI
    One finding: Boomers with annuities are more likely to have at least $100,000 saved. Read more.




  • Give prospects that “Aha” moment
    Tap into AIG’s most effective videos and customizable infographics. They’re easy to use and all in one place – ready to plug into your next prospecting campaign. Download any of the consumer-friendly visual resources to get started today.
  • AG NewsApril 12th
    In this issue:

    • Non-medical Underwriting for IUL
    • Life insurance fundamentals
    • WinFlex Web Illustration Enhancement
    • AG Quick Ticket for Max Accumulator+ IUL
    • Updated Guide to Policy Dating and Draft Timing
    • NY Form Revision
    • Important Notice for Insureds re: Recent Flooding in Indiana
    • Important Information for Insureds Living in Ohio
    • Anti-Money Laundering Training for 2018
  • Annuity rateseffective April 16thDownload the rate sheets.



  • Spanish brochures are here!
    Click here for the new brochures available in Spanish for:

    • Accelerated Benefit Riders
    • Signature Term Life
    • Signature Guaranteed Universal Life
    • Signature Indexed Universal Life
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIA)Compare ANICO’s to the competition!



  • Smart Strategies NewsletterApril 10th
    In this issue:

    • The Best Tax Breaks for People 50 and Over
    • Take Emotions Out of Retirement Planning
    • Find the Right Gym for You
    • Power Up and Connect With Your Grandkids
  • Bottom Line NewsletterApril 2018
    In this issue:

    • Athene continues national advertising campaign
    • Updated Athene paperwork
    • Survive a Stock Market Dip
    • Legal and Compliance Update
    • Improved customer and producer portals – coming soon



  • Maximize your clients’ benefits
    For couples, the Shared Benefit on the enhanced Privileged Choice Flex 3 product offers a great way to optimize their benefits. With this optional benefit, couples can combine their benefits and either spouse or partner can access those benefits when they need them.

    Unique to Genworth, if one of the spouses or partners uses all of the benefits, the other one will have access to half of their coverage amount even though it was already used if they have a long term care need. Check out this case study to see an example of how the Shared Benefit could work for your clients.



  • Indexed rateseffective April 15thDownload the rate sheet.
  • Retaining Heirs – and Assets
    A relationship built over decades can disappear at a client’s death. This new “Family Conversations” piece provides tips to help you retain heirs – and assets – in the future.





  • 2017 GA Channel Leaders
    The Marketing Alliance (TMA) is the 2017 Top GA Organization for Lincoln. Read the announcement.
  • Got a large case? Need business solutions?
    Rely on Lincoln’s large case know-how. They’ve made updates to their LifeElements Level Term rates, but cost isn’t the only reason to choose them for your large case needs.

    • Reinsurance capacity for coverage amounts of $100 million+
    • Competitive pricing on convertible term coverage* for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years
    • Key person coverage of up to 20X income available
    • Concierge underwriting with the same dedicated team working on your term and permanent business
    • Fund buy-sell and key person plans



  • Writefit – a faster underwriting process for more clients
    WriteFit Underwriting makes the underwriting process easier and faster than ever before. And the benefits have been extended to more clients by increasing the limit to age 60. Learn more.
  • Underwriting experience now enhanced
    To improve the underwriting experience for clients, the APS (Attending Physician Statement) requirement has been removed for clients up to age 60 and face amounts up to $2 million. Learn more. In addition, the EKG is no longer an age/amount requirement.





  • Get some clarity on WriteAway accelerated underwriting process
    Feeling a little hazy about WriteAway? This new Top 6 Quick Tips flyer can help bring some additional clarity to the new accelerated underwriting process for life insurance; and hopefully alleviate any confusion or questions you may have about how WriteAway works.



  • Share the Asset-Care campaign with your producers today!
    Now is the time to share the Asset-Care campaign topic 1 email (PM-915) with your producers; according to the recommended promotional calendar. Learn more.
  • Build your LTC knowledge with Care Solutions webinarsGet details.



  • Your producers have gained access to SellWhatMatters.com
    Effective April 17, 2018, your producers can customize consumer-approved life insurance resources and share with clients. You’ll notice a different experience on SellWhatMatters.com where you’ll be prompted to identify yourself with a BGA before entering the site. If you want to avoid that step-no problem. Just save this link to your bookmarks.