• Genworth will require Paramed, Blood and Urine on all new applicants beginning April 15. Most states will also have the new product Privileged Choice Flex 2 at the same time. Regardless of the availability of the new product which does have Sex-distinct rates, the new full Paramed requirements will be necessary on ALL Applications! The new product remains very competitive, and full commissions have been restored.


  • John Hancock will follow suit on April 29 requiring the same full Paramed unless a current APS doctors visit within the last 18 months can be obtained.


  • It is very important that you revisit every lead, every prospect, and every quote in your system. There is a very short fuse on this transition. IN the case of Genworth, apps must be signed prior to April 15th to avoid the new Underwriting requirements!! Please notify all brokers to take action immediately.