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September 18, 2013

  • American General:
    • Lifestyle Income Solution
      61% percent of Americans surveyed said they were more afraid of outliving their assets than they were of death. Learn more about how Lifestyle Income Solution can help your clients protect against outliving their retirement income.
    • What will you do for clients who don’t qualify for life insurance?
      Offer value to clients even if they don’t qualify for life insurance due to:
      – underwriting denial
      – inadequate income
      – inability to buy additional coverage
      Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance (AD&D) is a great alternative. Look at AccidentCare Direct Plus…
      – no underwriting
      – no medical exams
      – guaranteed renewable for life
      – available for spouse or children
  • Genworth:
  • ING:
    • I.S.O.L.A.R Insurance ArrangementsNEW!
      Two Retirement Needs. Four Retirement Challenges. One Retirement Strategy! A flexible retirement planning strategy for the individual using ING IUL-Global Choice. Learn more about the Individual Self Owned Life and Retirement (I.S.O.L.A.R.) Insurance Arrangement.
  • Lincoln Financial:
    • Term Exception Requests
      Lincoln Life has seen an increase in requests to change Term face amounts post issue. The Customer Service Reps respond that increases or decreases are not allowed. Exception requests are then being received. An exception to increase/ decrease a term policy’s face amount is never allowed due to Product requirements. View the product reference guide.
  • MetLife:
    • One-Year Term – a potential solution when clients fall on hard times
      Because of continued economic uncertainty, some of your clients may experience short-term job loss. This will force them to make many important decisions, including how to replace their company-sponsored life insurance. Help these clients make at least one decision easier. MetLife One Year Term can provide short-term coverage to replace your client’s group coverage – at a premium they can afford while looking for or transitioning into a new job.
  • Protective:
    • Help put an end to Shock Letter Syndrome
      Every day, millions of mailboxes are exposed to potential damage from the effects of Shock Letter Syndrome (SLS). SLS occurs when unsuspecting term insurance policy owners receive expiry notices and target their rage at the nearest object-their mailbox.
  • Prudential:
    • Index Advantage UL & Custom Premier II re-priceeffective October 7th
      Effective October 7th, Index Advantage UL & Custom Premier II will be re-priced to offer death benefit protection with an emphasis on cash accumulation – specifically maximum income solves.
    • BenefitAccess Rider – a new living benefit you already have a market for!
      Adding BenefitAccess to a UL Protector policy means getting multiple levels of protection. UL Protector provides a guaranteed death benefit. And with BenefitAccess, clients can advance up to 100% of the death benefit if they ever need care for a chronic condition, or they’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • SBLI:
  • Transamerica:
    • New eligible carrier for TOP & TOP Plus
      Illinois Mutual is now an eligible term carrier for TOP and TOP Plus (previously issued policies must be dated prior to January 1, 2013). Transamerica offers two accelerated underwriting programs that enable qualifying applicants to receive up to $1M in additional coverage without the standard medical underwriting requirements.
    • Final Expenserequirement reminder
      Date of Birth is required for the Children’s/Grandchildren’s Benefit Rider on the Final Expense Immediate Solution. This is needed in order to determine when the rider coverage begins and ends. Policy pages will not generate until this requirement is met.
  • United of Omaha:
  • American National:
    • Annuity Cash is King (June 1 – November 30, 2013)
      Receive a cash bonus for Strategy Indexed Annuity (ASIA) PLUS sales.
  • Aviva:
    • Commission/bonus for TargetHorizon sales! (ENDS September 30, 2013)
      All writing agents TargetHorizon 10 and TargetHorizon 10 Select applications received
      between May 1st and September 30th (and funded and issued by November 15th), will qualify for 50 bps bonus.
  • John Hancock LTC:
  • Lincoln Financial:
    • Flex-Pay MoneyGuard Incentive Programs (May 1 – December 31, 2013)
      Earn an extra 20 points on paid first year target premium AND double PAP credit on all Flex-Pay MoneyGuard cases placed between May 1st and December 31st. Learn more about this and the Double Your Credit incentive.
  • North American:
    • 1% Commission Blitz Bonus (ENDS September 30, 2013)
      Receive 1% Commission Blitz Bonus Special on all RetireChoice applications received between February 11th and September 30th.
    • Annuity Sales Sizzler (EXTENDED to September 30, 2013)
      Don’t miss out on these great specials!
    • The Great Escape (August 1 – October 31, 2013)
      Write IncomeChoice Fixed Index Annuity business with North American and earn travel rewards! The more IncomeChoice Fixed Index Annuity business you write, the farther you can go! Receive a travel reward along with concierge travel services.
  • Transamerica:
    • Bonus Program (EXTENDED to December 31, 2013)
      Transamerica is offering this limited-time incentive bonus program on TransACE and TransACE Survivor life insurance policies.
    • 2013 Finish Strong Multi-Life Sales Contest (September 1 – December 15, 2013)
      Heat things up this fall with this special Executive Advantage Program sales contest. It focuses exclusively on Employer Pay All (EPA) sales. You will receive entries just by submitting your EPA cases through the Executive Advantage Program. You can receive entries based on cases and applications generated. There will be a new prize and winner every month and a grand prize at the end. You can win multiple times!