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February 5, 2014

  • AIG/American General:
    • Training Sessions for NEW AG Asset Protector
      Attend 1 of the remaining 5 sessions on AG Asset Protector – a unique package of living benefits allowing access to death benefits while living. Plus learn about an exciting new marketing campaign to help identify new sales opportunities.
      Dial-in #: 888-535-6454 Access Code: 9136363#
      Web Meeting URL: https://connect17.uc.att.com
      Meeting ID Number: 8885356454 Access Code: 9136363#
      Available dates and times are:
      • February 7th – 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST
      • February 7th – 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CST
      • February 10th – 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST
      • February 11th – 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST
      • February 12th – 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST
  • Minnesota Life:
    • Weekly 15-minute sales strategy calls – every Wednesday at 10:00 AM CST
      Hosted by expert life insurance case designers, you’ll learn actionable sales ideas in a short, easily digestible format. Each week, the sales idea call will create a valuable opportunity to add a new sales tool to your practice.
      Teleconference Number: 1.800.910.2399 Participant Pass Code: 224032
      • TODAY, February 5th – Insure Your Love
  • AIG/American General:
    • AIG announces Liza Tyler as Senior Vice President of Annuity Distribution
  • AIG/American General:
    • Case study – Optionality Pays Off
      This recent case that illustrates how to leverage the Enhanced Surrender Value Rider to win a sale.
  • ING:
    • Start selling IUL-GDB Legacy Max
      Get flexibility to the max with ING Indexed Universal Life-Guaranteed Death Benefit (ING IUL-GDB) Legacy Max. The potential for cash value accumulation can add the flexibility clients may want if their needs/circumstances change.
  • Lincoln Financial:
    • Tax Hike 2013 – what you can do
      Implement strategies to protect your clients’ portfolio and retirement income. The clock is ticking for high-income earners. New taxes will soon impact their investment earnings and eventually affect their retirement income. What’s in the portfolio today could trigger tax exposure when they retire. Learn the facts. Diversify their portfolios with life insurance. Understand how taxes will affect clients. Discover the potential tax advantages life insurance can bring to your clients’ retirement income strategy.
      • Case Study – Medicare and Income
        How new healthcare reform law and two new taxes will affect clients starting in the 2013 tax year.
      • Case Study – PEP and Pease
        How new phaseouts of deductions and personal exemptions will affect clients starting in the 2013 tax year.
      • 1040 tax guide
        A guide that can help you identify potential opportunities for more efficient tax planning with your clients.
  • Mutual/United of Omaha:
    • Why Quote Term Life Answers?
      Life insurance is essential to your clients’ planning and they rely on you to guide them and provide solutions. Term Life is basic, affordable protection that is essential to a family’s overall financial planning.
  • North American:
    • Three tips for using life insurance for smart money
      Help your clients gain death benefit protection and financial safety. Smart money is money your clients want to control and be able to access during times of need. While there are several places to store smart money, one option to consider is life insurance. Here are three tips to help grow your smart money:
      • Understand the concept: Permanent life insurance offers death benefit protection, cash value growth potential, and access to funds.
      • Identify the client profile: The typical smart money client is between age 50 and 80, has a need for death benefit protection, and has funds that are not meeting current needs for control and accessibility.
      • Know how it works: Typically, the life insurance policy is funded with a lump sum transfer.
  • Protective Life:
    • Protective ProClassic UL credited rate change
      As a result of present rates, Protective will lower the credited interest rate for in-force and currently marketed ProClassic UL products (including New York). Effective February 3rd, the new credited rate is 3.30%. For ProClassic UL policies issued with an effective date of February 3 and later, the new credited rate of 3.30% will be reflected in the illustration that is issued with the policy. For new clients or pending cases, you may wish to run an updated or revised illustration for your client to reflect the new credited interest rate. The illustration system was updated on January 2nd, to reflect the February 3rd rate change.
    • Indexed Choice UL – have you seen the whole picture?
      See how it stands up against the competition at the current illustrated rate.
  • Prudential:
    • Expand your business to the African American community
      • African Americans and Life Insuranceconsumer brochure
        Our new consumer brochure focusing on the African American market. It discusses how life insurance can help meet their protection needs.
    • The Hartford Products
      • The Hartford products Interest Crediting Rate update – effective March 1st
        Hartford Founders Plus UL and Hartford Joint Founders Plus UL:
        • The Fixed Account interest rate will change from 3.75% to 3.65%
        • The Plus Account Basic Interest rate will change from 1.25% to 1.15%
        • The current Index-linked Interest rate Cap in the Plus Account will remain unchanged at 6%
      • Hartford Frontier Indexed UL 2012:
        • The Index Growth Cap for the Cap Adjusted Index Account will change from 12.00% to 11.00%
        • The Participation Rates for either Index Account will remain unchanged
      • Transition Rules
        • Beginning February 1, 2014, The Hartford’s Merlin illustration system will be updated with new illustrated rates for new business illustrations.
        • For Founders products, in order to receive the prior interest rate, premiums must be received by the close of business on February 28, 2014. Any premium received on or after March 1, 2014 will receive the new interest rates.
  • Symetra:
    • Symetra Classic UL with Lapse Protection Benefitimportant updates
      Business Transition Rules
      Symetra has adjusted the design and pricing of its’ Classic UL with Lapse Protection Benefit – effective February 3rd. Learn more about Symetra’s competitive sweet spots and continued top-ranked position in the Guaranteed Universal Life market.
      • On January 31st, the new version of Classic with Lapse Protection Benefit became available for illustration on Winflex. The previous version of Classic with Lapse Protection Benefit will remain available for illustration through March 7th.
      • On March 7th, all formal applications must be received in good order at Symetra to receive the current rates. And, only the new version of Classic with Lapse Protection Benefit will be available to illustrate in approved states.
  • Transamerica:
    • From Clarity to Chaosblog
      This blog is a place to find content to help consumers better understand both long term and everyday financial decisions.
  • ING:
    • RenewalFLEX – available on Secure Index 5 & 7 – NEW FEATURE
      ING announces the addition of a bailout-type feature – RenewalFLEX! The rates are still being finalized and will be released soon. State approvals will be communicated accordingly. ING is excited to be adding this feature to new contracts written in the states that have approved the feature so far (view state approvals) with the official launch date of January 21st (view transition rules). The feature will enhance the already competitive ING Secure Series contracts by protecting clients from potential interest rate risk for when renewal rates are significantly less than previous contract years, giving them the option to liquidate those specific funds potentially affected by the reduced renewal rate without incurring a surrender charge or contract penalty. A few bullet points:
      • The feature will be added at NO COST and WILL NOT affect new money pricing.
      • The feature does include a specific rate per product and PER STRATEGY, which in turn would potentially liquidate funds ON A PER STRATEGY BASIS. Liquidation from one strategy may not mean that a client can take ALL their funds, especially if they are broken up into several index buckets/fixed account.
      • Any active advisor who has completed all the PST training will receive an email from ING, and once they OPEN that email they will get credit for training on this new feature. Any advisor not active or not updated on the PST training will need to go through training as usual, and the RenewalFLEX is being included in the full version.
  • LTC and Medicaid: planning is needed now more than ever
    Those who are taking the age-old advice of hiding assets along with income to qualify for Medicaid in order to receive “free long-term care” may want to sit down and read the fine print to the actual rules of Medicaid. Things have surprisingly changed, and what you and your clients don’t know will not only hurt you, but will also hurt others – or more specifically, your clients’ children.
  • Mutual of Omaha:
    • LTC Sales Idea: Tips for Selling LTC
      Explain to your prospective clients how the cash benefit keeps people at home.
  • American National:
    • Cash is King 2014 (1/1/2014 – 4/30/2014)
      Earn a CASH BONUS for annuity sales! Total of all fixed/ indexed annuities paid. Minimum of 3 applications.
      • $500,001 – $750,000 = $750 cash bonus
      • $750,001 – $1,000,000 = $1000 cash bonus
      • $1,000,000+ = $1500 cash bonus
  • Minnesota Life:
    • Earn an extra $700 (1/1/2014 – 3/31/2014)
      Beginning January 1, 2014, through March 31, 2014, you have the opportunity to receive up to $700 in Visa gift cards for the business you place with Minnesota Life.