January 24, 2018



·         Life Insurance to Gen Xers’ Rescue
Somehow, time is catching up with the people born from 1965 through 1979.  how can life insurance come to the rescue? Read more.




  • TMA e-mail boxeseffective January 24thRead the important notice.
  • Engage Generation X with effective prospectingUse these tools.
  • Updated Foreign National Guidelines and Underwriting Procedures
    See highlights of the changes.
  • AGNewsJanuary 18th
    In this issue:

    • Prospecto Perfecto!
    • Tax Table Changes
    • Quick. Leads. Now.
    • California Broker Features AIG Life Sales VP, Paul Caspers
    • 26 Sales Flyers: Get Prospecting!
    • Parameds.com a Preferred APS Order Vendor
    • New ePlatform for AD&D Sales
    • Disclosure of Accelerated Death Benefits (ADB)
    • Internal & Affiliate Replacement Commission Adjustment Guidelines
    • Guide to Partial Surrenders & Loans for GUL & IUL Products
    • California Wildfires Disaster Notice
  • Annuity rate changes
    American Pathway  Immediate Annuity and American Pathway  Deferred Income Annuity rates will change Monday, January 22, 2018. Click here for the updated rate sheets.



  • Speed up underwriting with Xpress & Xpress+Learn more.





  • Simple UnderwritingNEW
    Effective February 12, 2018, Brighthouse will introduce an update to its’ Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL). In addition to simplifying the rating classes, they will add a new “simple underwriting” process. See the list of key features and benefits.
  • How to Keep Your Client Truly DiversifiedWatch the video.
  • Conversion Whole Life update
    Disability Waiver of Premium Rider now available in California. Read more.
  • Florida Consumer Notice mailing
    As mandated by the state of Florida, a notification is being sent to all current Brighthouse Financial policyowners of policies issued in the state of Florida. The notification describes the right of the policyowner to seek advice from a licensed insurance financial advisor before making changes to their policy and includes contact information for the Florida Department of Financial Services.





  • Integrity Marketing Group Acquires Neishloss & Fleming
    Integrity distributes preneed life and annuity products. Read more.
  • Help clients protect their digital assets
    Digital assets can be vulnerable. Help clients protect theirs using the new resources in Integrity Life’s “Elephant in the Room/Financial Plan B” value-add program. They cover concerns, outline actions and serve as an entree to related financial discussions.

  • SPIA update – 5, 6 & 7-year period certain now available
    Learn more about the IncomeSource Series.



  • New Year’s Resolution – save time & money with digital solutions
    LGA’s digital solutions make the process of buying life insurance easier and faster. With programs like AppAssist tele-application, Voice-Signature, Automated Underwriting, eDelivery and more, they continue to improve and streamline the life application process for advisors and customers. Agents save time and money, allowing more time for marketing, finding new clients and matching their needs with the right amount of coverage. Download the Digital Solutions Kit.



  •  Internal changes to Lincoln’s life insurance distributionLearn more.



  • LifeLines NewsletterJanuary 2018
    In this issue:

    • Maximize your clients’ policies with our three-bucket approach
    • Give your sales a LIFT
    • New! SecureCare customer service line
  • No jumping through hoops – get clients life insurance fast
    “WriteFit respects the importance and value of my clients’ time. Every opportunity we have to use it, we will.” – Financial advisor for over 20 years. Learn more about WriteFit.



  • Children’s Whole Life product enhancements
    Learn how this affordable express policy just got even better.
  • Living Promise iPipeline e-AppCheck out the new functionality.
  • Ten reasons to sell Life Protection Advantage IUL
    Life Protection Advantage offers many advantages to your clients who have a need for a protection-focused life insurance solution. Here are 10 reasons for your clients to choose Life Protection Advantage to provide them with protection through life.
  • Long Term Care
    • Rate adjustments for Virginiaeffective May 1stRead more.
    • Rate adjustments for Arkansas & South Carolinaeffective April 1stRead more.
    • Protecting your client’s retirement assets
      Learn how LTCi meets this need and more.
    • When Medicare Supplement Insurance isn’t enough
      Mutual of Omaha’s Critical Advantage provides Cancer and/or Heart Attack and Stroke policies to compliment your client’s existing coverage. Read more.
  • Medicare Supplements



  • The future of underwriting is coming
    If you’ve been waiting for a day when your healthiest clients can have the opportunity for accelerated life insurance underwriting decisions, your day is coming. Watch this video.
  • Rapid Builder IULimportant update
    North American is decreasing the current annual premium limit in all policy years on new indexed universal life Rapid Builder IUL life insurance sales from $1,000,000 to $250,000. Read the bulletin for important dates, illustration software and SimpleSubmit.
  • On-Demand WebinarsLog-in to get solutions in seconds!
  • A new way to talk about VersaChoice FIA
    Demonstrate potential benefits of di-Versa-fication. NAC VersaChoice 10 fixed index annuity offers competitive rates and the ability for clients to select multiple index account options and crediting methods. These pieces help you tell that story, digging into just some of the value the innovative product delivers.



  •  Voice Sign for PL Express AppNEW!Read more.



  • Protective/Liberty Life TransactionRead this important bulletin.
  • Ready to make life easier? Protective eToolsnow available
    • EZ-App: An enhanced drop-ticket platform. Watch the demo.
    • Life Underwriting Solution (PLUS)
      A new program designed to underwrite applicants with the least invasive requirements possible. See the overview.



  • Life Essentials NewsletterJanuary 16th
    In this issue:

    • Congress passes Tax Cut Act: Overview, Observations & Initial Action Steps
    • PruLife Founders Plus UL: A simpler story in 2018
    • Term Essential is now even more affordable
    • Life Insurance: The versatile tool for retirement protection
    • Four trends making budgeting more important than ever