June 20, 2018



  • Securian Moves Into Multi-Employer Retirement Plan Market
    Securian will fund the plans with group annuity contracts from Minnesota Life. Read more.
  • Where Your Clients Work May Affect How They Retire
    One important factor to consider when analyzing your clients’ planning needs is occupation. Read more.
  • 4 Sales Lessons from the Irish Farewell
    One secret to having a great meeting is having a plan for a great exit. Read more.
  • Companies Form Lifetime Income Outreach Alliance
    The list of founding organizations includes many major annuity issuers. Read more.



American General

  • Now your clients can have cash accumulation and guarantees!
    That’s right…your clients can have their cake and eat it too! GUL eliminates risk, but see how this 50/50 solution offers potential for balancing:

    • Moderate risk with attractive guarantees
    • Cash accumulation goals with long-term death benefits
  • Foreign Nationals Underwriting Checklist
    This checklist is designed to summarize the key items needed to meet underwriting guidelines, identify verification information to submit along with pertinent notes related to the guidelines.
  • AGNewsJune 14th
    In this issue:

    • Startling insight on guarantees
    • Exclusive AIG Non-med Presentation
    • IUL for the small business
    • Generation Station – be sure to check it out!
    • Foreign National Underwriting Checklist
    • Acceptable Forms of Payment for Initial Premiums
    • Secure Survivor GUL II Face Amount Cap
    • New Supplemental Application Form
    • Service Request Form Revised
  • Secure Survivor GUL II Cap Removal & BackdatingRead the update.
  • Announcing the Alliance for Lifetime Income
    AIG is a founding member of the new Alliance for Lifetime Income. The Alliance for Lifetime Income brings together 24 of the nation’s leading financial services organizations with the shared purpose of helping Americans address the risk of outliving their income, and educating them on the value of having protected lifetime income in retirement. Through a nationwide multi-year educational campaign, the Alliance for Lifetime Income will engage consumers and financial professionals in new ways to help solve these challenges, as well as provide valuable retirement income education Americans need – especially as they seek to convert accumulated retirement assets into income that must last a lifetime. The website – www.RetireYourRisk.org – is designed to inform consumers about the importance of protected retirement income.

  • Annuity rateseffective June 11thView them now.


American National

  • American Nationals’ Accelerated Underwriting programs keep speeding up the underwriting process! Learn more.
  • Puerto Rico Required TrainingRead the reminder.



  • The Importance of Diversification in Retirement Planning
    Diversification is an essential strategy for helping protect clients against a wide variety of risks to their retirement income. Find out more.
  • Brighthouse Simple Underwriting
    For high net worth individuals looking for death benefit protection, liquidity and cash value growth. Find out more.
  • Anti-Money LaunderingSee the training requirements.


John Hancock


  • Accumulation IUL
    Not only does John Hancocks’ Accumulation IUL deliver greater income potential and strong protection against market downturns, but it also offers a full suite of industry-first riders that can benefit your clients throughout their lives. Learn more.
  • Spotlight NewsJune 11th
    In this issue:

    • Protection for today; income for tomorrow
    • More choices for your Accumulation IUL clients
    • Free webinar: The wellness-integrated life insurance that’s taking the industry by storm!
    • Breaking new ground with Protection SIUL
    • A retirement income “Backstop” approach
    • Correction: Replacement Form requirement in Missouri


Lincoln National


  • What’s new in Business Insurance Solutions?
    An executive bonus plan to provide benefits to a select group of key employees. The business uses tax-deductible funds to reward their top executives with life insurance that can supplement the executives’ retirement income and provide financial security for their loved ones.

  • WealthPreserve IUL now available in NYLearn more.
  • MoneyGuard II has a smarter, faster, more customizable application process!
    Lincoln MoneyGuard has exciting improvements that streamline the process. Listen to the message below to learn how these enhancements will result in a better overall Lincoln MoneyGuard experience for you and your clients.
  • 2018 tax reform: Comprehensive resource
    Visit this site for valuable information about new tax laws and planning tools for you to succeed in:

    • Business planning and taxation
    • Estate planning and taxation
    • Individual taxation
  • LFN Now GA NewsletterJune 12th
    In this issue:

    • Now Available in New York – Lincoln WealthPreserve IUL
    • NEW – An Upgrade of iPipeline’s Quoting Tool
    • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
    • Product Updates
    • Financial Wellness Solutions
  • Announcing the launch of the Alliance for Lifetime Income
    This is new, exciting initiative to change the narrative on annuities and bring increased awareness, education and information on the important role annuities can play in protecting income for retirement.  Lincoln Financial Group is a proud member of a first-of-its-kind industry organization, the Alliance for Lifetime Income, bringing together 24 of the nation’s leading financial services companies to achieve one shared purpose: helping Americans remove the risk of outliving their income so they can enjoy their retirement lives. Visit the new website – www.retireyourrisk.org – that will have tools and resources for financial advisors to help engage clients in conversations about protected lifetime income.


Mutual/United of Omaha


  • Express NewsletterJune 13th
    In this issue:

    • Exciting Updates to Flexible Pay Options
    • Mobile Quotes Update
    • Medicare Supplement rate adjustments for IN, OK, TN & WI
    • Help minimize tax risks in retirement with an IUL
    • Childrens Whole Life now available on e-Apps for Virginia
    • Plant the seed early for Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Critical Illness coverage – when MedSupp isn’t enough
    • Ultra Income annuity product is now available on CANNEX


North American


  • Save time with the duplicate case feature
    on North Americans’ digital business solutions
    NEW!Learn more.
  • Learn more about Builder Plus IUL
    Builder Plus IUL, is designed for death benefit protection and strong, long-term cash value accumulation. Watch the video below to hear the ins and outs of Builder Plus IUL and how you can help your clients achieve an above average future.
  • Form Updates

    • Revised HIV Consent Form in DCRead the bulletin.
    • Certificate of Corporate Resolution/Signing Authority Agreement Form
      Effective immediately, New Business will start requiring documentation for applications that list the owner as a business. Read the bulletin.
  • Help spread the word on annuity awareness month
    It’s annuity awareness month. This means it is a great time to spread your #AnnuityAwareness. For example, data shows pre-retirees who feel most prepared for retirement are 10x as likely to have an annuity in their financial portfolio. Join the online conversation by using #AnnuityAwareness, and check out the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council’s educational videos.




  • Interest rateseffective June 15th
    • New business interest rates for the Care Solutions product suite remain unchanged, effective Friday, June 15, 2018. View the rates.
    • Beginning July 15, 2018, the guaranteed interest rate will increase from 1.00% to 1.40% for new issues of the following products:
      • Indexed Annuity Care – in all states where sold.
      • Annuity Care II – in MA, NH, PA, VT & WI only. The new rate applies to both the base and LTC accumulated values.
  • Share the Annuity Care Campaign with your producers today! Click here for instructions.


Protective Life





  • New, lower pricing on PruLife UL Protector
    Click here to get reprice details, attractive product features, transition rules and state approvals.





Securian Financial


  • SecureCare available in FLeffective June 18th
    Offer a long-term care insurance alternative that’s within reach for more clients. SecureCare Universal Life is now available in Florida.